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Amazing properties of a cubic zirconia stone

Fianit is a precious stone. He often decorates jewelry. His extraordinary sparkling can revive even the most boring necklace or ring.

Properties of the cubic zirconia. Variety of colors

This mineral, obtained synthetically, can be not only transparent. So, in the jewelry business, cubic zirconia is used in a variety of shades. Especially popular are green, bright red and pink minerals. In appearance, they are not inferior to natural gems. Of particular interest is the fianit mystic. This is the name of the stone obtained as a result of the deposition of titanium or gold on its surface. As a result, the colorless mineral acquires a few shades, amazingly shimmering during daylight.

An interesting fact is that the properties of the cubic zirconia stone are valued not only in the jewelry industry. This mineral is also used in optical technology in the manufacture of lenses. Due to its refractoriness, it is used in the chemical industry.

The magical properties of the cubic zirconia

This mineral is known as a beautiful amulet. It should be chosen as an amulet if an important trip is to be made abroad. Fianit, if required, will allow you to visit many places in the shortest possible period. This stone helps journalists in their professional work. It allows its owner to always remain active and open to receiving new information.

Fianit is interesting in that it represents an empty vessel filled with the energy of the owner and his emotions. Mineral promotes multiple strengthening of the potential of its owner. To achieve the goals with the help of cubic zirconia, you need to transfer your wishes to him. Dream about what you so want to have, looking at the stone, and better holding it in your hands. Even if you get off the road, this mineral will lead you to success.

The amazing properties of the cubic zirconia allow it to be considered the key to luck and happiness. Astrologers do not refer it to a certain sign of the Zodiac, since the mineral has no natural origin, but an artificial one. However, this fact does not detract from the ability of this stone to bring peace of mind and balance.

Nowadays black fianit is gaining increasing popularity. It is obtained as a result of heat treatment of a colorless material. The mineral is able to neutralize all negative emotions directed against its owner. That is why it is so often chosen as guardians of the stage and public figures.

The healing properties of this stone are still heated debate. Some argue that an artificial mineral can not influence the course of illnesses, while others believe that, despite the industrial origin, the fianite has already managed to gain healing qualities. So, some lithotherapists hold the opinion that this stone is capable of stopping the development of malignant tumors in the human body. However, no one disputes the fact that it is better to wear phianites not permanently, but from time to time.

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