What you need to build nails

It happens that a girl can not always boast of beautiful nails by nature . Those who are familiar with this problem have chosen nails for themselves, materials for this are used very differently. Now the new technologies serve as guardians for our beauty, so there is no need to cut off all the nails, if suddenly one broke.

For a long time humanity has come to the method of nail extensions. The beginning of this technique was laid back in 1952, and since then among ladies it has already managed to gain popularity. At the moment there are different options. Acrylic and gel techniques can be distinguished as the main ones. Next, we will talk about these techniques, as well as what is needed for nail extensions.

Of course, for this, quite specific materials and tools are needed. Depends on the set of everything you need only from the build-up of what nails you plan to produce - gel or acrylic. Instruments for nail extensions are the same in both cases. You may need a variety of abrasive nail files, scapula, nippers, tips or shapes, brushes, brushes. In addition, starting and finishing gels, an antiseptic, cuticle oil, as well as materials that will be used for the design of ready-made nails, are needed.

To begin with, you can consider what is needed for nail extensions in the gel version. At the moment there are many techniques. They depend on the quality and structure of the gel, which will be used in the work. There are several types of gels. The first is a kind, before applying which is required to be applied to the nail "Premier", and the other kind in this procedure does not need. The gel in this case can be applied directly to the nails.

Before you begin the procedure, you need to take into account some rules for building. During work, sterility must always be observed. This is the only way to get rid of unwanted fungal diseases, getting bacteria under the nail with its subsequent flaking. Before applying the gel, it is necessary to push the cuticle with a special stick. Now the surface of the nail should be slightly sawed until a slight roughness appears. This should be done to ensure that the gel is much better in contact with the nail plate. After this, under the nail should fix a special shape, with which you can then choose the desired length. But this is not all that is needed for nail extensions.

After this, as accurately as possible, with smearing movements, it is necessary to apply the gel to the nail and the shape, roughly the length that is supposed to result. After application, the nail should be placed under the ultraviolet lamp to solidify the gel. When it hardens, a second coat can be applied. After that, put your hand under the lamp again. When the required length is reached, it will be possible to start grinding, shaping and coating with the finishing gel. When all this is done, the nail is placed under the lamp for a minute, after which you can start decorating.

Now you can consider what is needed for nail extensions in the acrylic version. With this method, it is possible to achieve an almost ideal nail plate, which is almost indistinguishable from the real one. This method is easier than gel. Used for this liquid or powder. The advantage of acrylic is that it is a very strong material, so it is so popular. Modern acrylic helps create a beautiful nail with virtually no harm to it. The nails beneath it breathe and their structure does not collapse. The speed of the work is another plus, this is due to the fact that the ultraviolet lamp is not needed. In the process of building nothing is complicated, everything is done exactly the same way as with gel, but acrylic stiffens itself.

You have to decide which method of building you will choose, since you will have to enjoy this beauty, first of all, to you.

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