Care for aubergines in the greenhouse: tips for the vegetable grower

In the greenhouses of the Russian truck farmers for a long time prescribed such vegetables as eggplant. Care and cultivation of this wonderful plant requires a careful approach, as the eggplants are quite demanding. But the result is undoubtedly worth it - violet oblong fruits have a wonderful taste, they can both be cooked and eat immediately, and make various salads and preparations with them in the winter. So, what should be the care of the aubergines, so that they will please the rich harvest? Let's try to answer this question.

The care for eggplants in the greenhouse begins with the proper preparation of the soil. To do this, it is necessary to remove the remains of last year's plants from the ground, and then a couple of times to arrange an intensive shower for it. This procedure will help remove excess fertilizer. Further, disinfection is carried out - the ground is treated with a solution of copper sulfate (2 tablespoons of the substance per 10 liters of water), after which it is necessary to loosen the soil to a depth of at least 25 cm.

After preliminary preparation, you can plant the seedlings - the eggplants are planted in one row, a maximum of two, the optimal distance between the holes is 45 cm, since this plant is very branchy and likes to grow in sides.

The care of aubergines in the greenhouse presupposes compliance with the rules for watering this crop. It is best to draw up a schedule. This culture loves moisture, but without stagnation of water, so water should be seldom, but abundantly, so that water can penetrate to the roots, to a depth of 22-25 cm. In early summer, the eggplant should be watered once a week, and after the first fruits grow - two times a week. In no case do you need to wet the leaves, the water should be poured directly to the base of the bush. Do not forget about the temperature regime - the optimum temperature is 23-28 degrees, if it is higher - the flowers will fall from the plant, if below 13-14 degrees, the eggplants will not develop further.

Care for aubergines in the greenhouse necessarily includes periodic feeding. It should be conducted 4-5 times per season. The first fertilizing is carried out a couple of weeks after planting seedlings, mineral fertilizers. The second - substances rich in phosphorus. Do not abuse organic fertilizers, as this leads to the growth of the bush, but it negatively affects the process of ovary formation.

And do not forget to conduct the formation - this is the process of removing the apex points of growth. This increases the branching. The procedure should be carried out when the bush reaches a height of 20-30 cm (depending on the variety). Approximately at the same time, you can hold a garter, although many gardeners do it much later, when the fruits are already large enough. But you can not do without a garter - the aubergine branches, as well as the pepper and tomato branches, are very fragile and can not withstand a lot of weight.

The main problem with which there is a risk of encountering in the cultivation of aubergines is the appearance of aphids. The main method of combating this pest is rapidly disintegrating insecticides.

If you follow all the tips on how to properly care for the eggplants in the greenhouse, at the end of the season they will please you with a rich harvest.

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