What are the tattoo values: birds

What is a tattoo? For some, it is a testimony of the criminal past, and for others it's just a beautiful picture, which is applied by masters to the skin. For a modern society, tattoos are becoming more important, and their application has turned into a real art.

Typically, most tattoos are applied to the wrists, shoulder blades or forearms. Such an arrangement is preferred, as a rule, by representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The bird tattoo on the hand has a special meaning, but some do not attach much importance to this interpretation, because sometimes it's just a picture that looks beautiful, cute and effective. However, there are very interesting versions of images that a person applies to his body is not accidental.

Among tattoos, the meaning of birds has a very deep and philosophical meaning. Its image is a symbol of freedom, flight of spirit and thinking. The Egyptians linked the image of a departing human soul after death with a hawk. Ravens and vultures also have a close connection with the dark side and dark mysticism. So you should be very careful about choosing a tattoo and think through a sketch, because not every image of a bird can carry a positive charge and be suitable for a tattoo. The values of a bird can be very diverse and contradictory, so it is better to choose a specific representative of the feathered family.

The options for drawing tattoos can also be different: the master can use the technique of realism or add dark contours that will eventually make the tattoo less bright and clear. In any case, the final result should turn out to be concrete and interesting, only then the tattoo will become purely individual.

For those who have long wanted to decorate their wrists, the tattoo "flying birds" can choose, the meaning of which is very positive and has a profound philosophical overtones. But in this case the birds should be small. Drawing such small details is very difficult, so it's better to depict one bird. It will look much clearer and brighter.

Tattoo: the meaning of a bird. Which option to choose?

A stork is a symbol of eternal life, as well as the attachment of children to their parents. This noble bird has strict, but very pleasant outlines. Thanks to this, the image of the stork will look very delicate in the form of a tattoo.

A sparrow personifies sexual energy. This little bird in China had a very specific meaning. Therefore, before drawing tattoos on the hand , it is necessary to take an interest in their true meaning, since this part of the body is always in sight.

And if there was a desire to decorate the body with an original pattern, then for such purposes the tattoo, the values of the bird in which have a very positive energy: a crane, a pigeon, a swallow, can fit. Do not opt for the image of a swan. From several sources it is known that this individual is associated with tragedy and even death. But an ordinary chicken for Africans is a guide to the world of the dead. For men, eagle tattoos are most suitable . He embodies honor, pride and courage. But the owl will become a harmonious decoration for well-read and erudite personalities.

Whatever the tattoo does not adorn the human body, it should be chosen consciously, and not become the result of minute weakness. And its value should always be known in advance.

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