The figure of the "hourglass": the secrets of the right wardrobe

"Hourglass" is a figure that artists and poets praise for centuries. Therefore, we can assume that the owners of such silhouettes are lucky. What features does the hourglass figure have? First of all the following:

  • Middle or broad shoulders and back;
  • Large or medium breast size;
  • slim waist;
  • Hips, whose width is almost equal to the shoulders.

When choosing a wardrobe for the described silhouette, you need to focus on emphasizing the proportionality of the figure and the subtlety of the waist. And now let's talk about the individual features of choosing trousers, dresses and skirts.

Figure "hourglass": trousers

In this case, you always need to remember a simple rule: "The fuller the hip, the simpler the trouser style should be." Too narrow models should be avoided, because they will make the hips even wider.

Straight pants, tightly fitting to the waist, will be an ideal option for the silhouette of the "hourglass". The figure will not lose its merits in broad trousers. But they should cover the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. A good addition to them will be an extended jacket of a jacket cut. The full belly can be hidden with the help of trousers with a low waist or with a wide waistband.

Jeans should be wide and straight with a classic or low waist. Do not look any worse and jeans-pipes. As for models tightly fitting the abdomen and thigh, in most cases it is better to abandon them. Do not fit the name of the type and trousers with a landing on the hips.

The figure of the "hourglass": skirts

Ideal for this type of figure option is a skirt-pencil made of a medium-density stretch. The model, which has a wide waistband, will emphasize the successful proportions of the body and the torso.

No less harmoniously in the wardrobe will fit the skirts of the sun-klesh. But it's better to choose models that have a small belt insert that will keep the lines of the figure clear. In some cases, such an insert will be superfluous. For everyday wear, the trapezoidal models are suitable. At the same time, it is worth remembering that skirts made from dense fabrics will best emphasize the virtues of the silhouette "hourglass".

The figure of "hourglass": dresses

Dress - this is the most winning form of clothing for the described silhouette. Dresses for the figure "hourglass" can have almost any style. Although the models, which are clearly marked with a waist, are an integral part of the wardrobe for the named silhouette. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to a variety of dresses-cases with a belt, accentuating attention to the waist.

Do not forget about the trapezoid dresses. The top of these models can be decorated in a minimalist style, and the bottom is made in the form of a flared skirt. In this case, you can also use the belt. For the summer season, fit dresses sports cut. The bottom of this model can be either straight or with a skirt-sun.

Owners of the silhouette of the "hourglass" must supplement their wardrobe with new look, which in the 50s of the last century created the inimitable Christian Dior. In addition, you should buy dresses with a bodice, sitting on a figure, and a lush skirt just below the knee. And, of course, models in the form of "hourglass", supplemented by a belt and a skirt tapering downwards, emphasize the feminine form of the hips and the thinness of the waist.

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