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Nina (name): meaning, character and destiny

Now it is rare enough to meet girls and women, whose name is Nina. The name, whose meaning is of particular interest, has now become rare in our time. But its popularity, perhaps, will soon increase. People like unusual and mysterious names. Nina is one of them. This name has an obscure etymology and an ancient origin. It came in Russian from Georgian, and is translated, presumably, as "queen". However, it is possible to tell about it much more interesting facts.


It dates back to the distant IV-III millennium BC. Nina is a name whose meaning has to do with the culture of the ancient Sumerians that existed at that time. It was they who invented cuneiform writing, thanks to which we got a lot of information about those times.

According to the facts, the element "nin" (in the translation "mistress") was present in the names of many gods and goddesses. From him, by the way, certain epithets of Inanna began. She was the central female deity in the Sumerian religion and mythology, and also the patroness of love and food.

Reference to the Sumerian gods

It is worth paying a little attention to history. It is interesting. So, for example, the Sumerians had a god Ninazu, personifying rejuvenation and healing. Ningal, the interpreter of dreams, took special care. Ningishzid was a watchman of evil demons and heavenly gates. Ninisina was the goddess of healing. Ninlil was called Mistress Air and Open Field. She patronized fertility. Ninurta was the god of a happy war and brother of Ninaz. Ninsun was the patroness of herds and shepherds, as well as the mother of the hero Gilgamesh. And Ninmakh was revered as a mother goddess.

So, as you can see, Nina is a name whose meaning, unequivocally, is positive. Historical facts allow us to see this.

Positive traits of character

Now you can immerse yourself in the study of the mystery of the name. Everybody knows perfectly well that people who are equally called, have something in common. This is not surprising, because the name gives them some common features.

Nines have a lot of positive qualities. These include energy, diligence, diligence, dedication, efficiency, prudence and healthy realism. These women do not belong to dreamers. They do not build unrealistic plans. And they know exactly what they are capable of.

Also, these individuals are distinguished by their independence. All life difficulties they decide themselves, and they do not even think of asking for help or advice. And this is not arrogance, but simply responsibility for one's life, adherence to principles, and also the habit of relying on oneself and experiencing independence.

Negative features

They also carry the female name Nina. The meaning of negative qualities in a certain measure is always reflected in the personality. In this case we are talking about self-esteem, pride, as well as jealousy of others' successes and envy.

In addition, Nina have an acute need for material values. Often in the life of a woman named by this name, expensive things are above the cultural and spiritual aspects. This eventually becomes an obstacle to its self-realization, as Nina turns her life into a race for material values. No matter how many of them are there, she will always be given little, which will make the woman pissed off. And the envy of the more successful and successful people will firmly settle in her heart.

About little Nin

The girls named by this name are good children. In any case, this happens most often. The mystery of the name of Nina and its meaning is manifested even at the earliest age.

These girls please their parents with their amazing practicality for such a young age. All the toys they bring home, at school are excellent. Write off is not given, considering its control of intellectual property, but they themselves will not look at someone else's notebook.

True, Nin distinguishes a certain stubbornness, self-esteem and lack of restraint. With the opinion of seniors, these girls are rarely considered. But they are not bespredelschitsy, it's just that their strong-willed qualities begin to manifest too soon. In addition, they are doing great! Realizing this, the Nines begin with an early age to try to be the best in everything. And in this it is necessary to help them.

The most important thing is not to compare Nina with anyone. She will take it as an insult and can be very offended. True, a little older, the girl will learn to control herself and understand that the successes of other people also deserve attention.


When a person named by this name becomes older, her previously mentioned value of the name Nina begins to manifest in her character. For a girl, all the qualities that are reflected in her are very important. After all, we are talking about really significant features.

From Nina grows industrious and practical girl, not building air locks. She chooses a good profession and is not mistaken in this regard. Here, she is helped by the discernment that has been developed since her childhood. Thanks to this quality, Nina knows exactly what it is worth to do, to stand firmly on her feet, not depending on anyone at all.

Such a girl is distinguished by adherence to principles and responsibility. She is confident in herself, but does not aspire to leaders. However, the reins of government themselves come to her in the hands precisely at the expense of these qualities. So the career growth of girls with this name often develops successfully.

Women's fate

As it was said before, Nina is a name whose value brings a lot of good to its owner. But in her personal life, it can not all develop as successfully as in a career.

This woman is responsible for choosing a spouse. Ideal, she will never find, because it is extremely demanding of people. Even if a man is good at everything, sooner or later she will reveal a defect in him and he will definitely indicate it to him. However, for her the most important thing is that he should be faithful and faithful. She can never forgive a change. If the fact of betrayal opens, Nina will immediately file for divorce.

By the way, to express feelings, women born under this name are mean. However, next to them you feel some kind of security and comfort. Perhaps that's why they often choose men who are weaker than them.

What about compatibility? Interesting moment, and it is also worth mentioning, telling about the name of Nina. The origin and meaning of it is specific, and it is believed that the girls named by him should avoid relations with Fedorov, Ivanov, Dmitriy, Vladimirov, Filippov, Romanov and Anatoly. But they develop a marriage with Maxim, Sergei, Seeds, Georgians, Michaels, Victorians and Valentines.


This area is also worth mentioning, talking about girls with the name of Nina. The meaning of the name, character and destiny are closely related to each other. And since life is the most important part of the social and physical life of every person, in it all of the above can not but be manifested.

So, all the above mentioned does not mean at all that these women are severe owners of a cold heart. No, they are magnificent and efficient housewives. True, all household chores are solved single-handedly, so they are attracted to them by the household.

Children, by the way, Nina brings up strictly. And often they break down because of their disobedience. But she is able to express love. Children feel it. Sooner or later it becomes clear to them that their mother simply has a difficult character and an incredible desire to make her family perfect.


The personal life of the girls named Nina is very meager on romantic adventures. They do not give sex any special significance. There is no passion in them, and these girls go as close as possible to rapprochement with men. In this, again, the peculiarity of their demands is manifested. Nina can only be with someone she likes very much, with someone she considers worthy of herself.

In sex, Nina does not tolerate fuss. As in everything else. And it is important to specifics. She can even specify in advance the wishes and preferences of her partner. And if something does not suit her, she will tell about it at once.

By the way, caresses for her are more important than sex itself. Perhaps, because in reality her tenderness and sensuality are hidden somewhere deep down. A sex - a way to show these qualities and get a return.

Friendship and communication

We should also talk about the importance of Nina's name in this sphere of life. The girl, named by them, will never be the soul of the company. Although friends and comrades can often gather in her house, because she needs their recognition and presence in order to feel better and above them. Nina can even despise them a little in the depths of her soul, chuckling at some qualities.

However, it may seem that it is characterized by humanity. In the help this girl will not refuse. It is true to its word and its obligations will be fulfilled. But this will only amuse her ego. Such a person likes to realize that they have turned to her for help. Because of this, it feels even more unique.

However, there are times when Nina suffers because of her inability to let people into the soul. She understands that she does not have a person with whom you can sincerely share something or talk heart to heart. But nevertheless, Nina is unlikely to revise her attitude to communication and to people.

What brings good luck

Talismans - another topic that I would like to note with attention, telling about the meaning of the name of Nina. For the girl, fate will turn out well, if certain factors manifest themselves. In any case, experts say, studying this topic.

Here, for example, is the sign of the zodiac. They say that if the girl, born under the sign of Aquarius, is called Nina, then the positive qualities of the given name will be revealed in her character most fully. Activity, good health and personal integrity will accompany her through life.

Blue, lilac and red are considered as happy colors. The totemic animal is a deer. It symbolizes well-being, abundance, renewal and spirituality. Like many of the previously mentioned Sumerian deities, by the way.

A totem bird is an owl. A contradictory symbol, like the character of Nina. On the one hand, this bird personifies longevity and wisdom, and on the other - loneliness and sadness.

The talismans for Nina are carnelian and sapphire. The first of these is able to bring good luck in your personal life, contribute to aggravation of intuition, as well as the development of eloquence and the disclosure of emotions. And the second symbolizes chastity, modesty and loyalty. What Nina appreciates in people most.


They also play a role. And they are also important to note with attention, telling about the name of Nina. The meaning of the name and fate often depends on the time of the year in which the girl was born. It is a fact.

Winter Nina, for example, are quick-tempered natures, who are simply unrealistic in some ways. Compromises for them - a completely unfamiliar phenomenon.

Spring Nines are intriguers and selfish people who hate monotonous life. They need constant changes and vivid impressions. Their principle is to live every day as if it were the last.

But the summer Nina is very cold, vindictive and secretive. They like absolute loneliness. In it, they feel as comfortable as possible.

Their complete opposite are autumn Nines. They are distinguished by their ability to find positive and positive in everything. They are cheerful, interesting, attentive to the others. Such girls are ideal companions and sensitive companions.


Everyone knows that the horoscope is the most reliable, when it takes into account not only the sign of the zodiac, but also a host of other personal characteristics. Among them is the name.

What interesting can tell astrology about a girl named Nina? The meaning of the name character, of course, determines to some extent, but the sign of the zodiac can be "rebuilt" at the root.

Taurus, for example, is very communicative. Nina, born under this sign, can be charming. But they are characterized by exacting, self-esteem and other previously mentioned qualities.

Nina-Aries become strong-willed, prudent and somewhat adventurous. Gemini distinguishes self-will, secrecy, arrogance, unpredictability and capriciousness. Nina-Raki, in turn, are very closed and scrupulous. They value loved ones more than anything in the world and are ready to turn mountains for them.

Nina-Lions, in turn, are extremely picky, powerful and proud. Virgos, on the contrary, are balanced, delicate and patient. Nina-Libra surprises with her activity, correctness and looseness. Scorpions are proud and independent, and Sagittarius are thorough and persistent. Nina-Capricorns are distinguished by their reliability and benevolence, Aquarians can boast of cheerfulness and friendliness. But the most sincere and grateful are the Pisces.

This is how the name Nina manifests itself in absolutely different aspects. The meaning of the name and Fate are really very complex and interesting concepts, and looking at them from another sphere can reveal them in a completely different direction.

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