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The Atlantic Watch Company, which manufactures the Atlantic watch, is on the list of the few companies that still manage to remain independent manufacturers of Swiss chronometers. Watches of this brand have enjoyed success for consumers for more than one hundred years. During its existence, the trademark has presented to men more than a dozen collections of watches, which evoke delight with a variety of models. Modern admirers of fashion know the watches from Atlantic as a high-quality accessory, the reliability of which is beyond doubt.

Brand History

With the arrival of the summer of 1888, the history of the Swiss company begins, which develops the Atlantic watch - the best chronometers on the planet. On the first of June of the year, Eduard Kummer organized Eduard Kummer Bettlach (EKV) concern, which developed parts for pocket chronographs. The company was set up in the small town of Betlach in Switzerland. The diligence and tenacity of the entrepreneur allowed him to create a profitable firm. Initially, there were only 20 employees in its staff who produced parts for the watch. But by the end of the XIX century the company staff exceeded 700 people.

In 1928, Eduard Kummer Bettlach produces watches under the labels Artiflex, Ariston and Opus. And four years later, the brand appears Atlantic. The first hours of the Atlantic had chronographs with an increased degree of water protection. These accessories have begun to enjoy immense popularity both in Switzerland itself and in many European countries. The "Atlantic" chronometers became so popular and successful that in the early 1950s the company changed its name to Atlantic Watch Ltd. And the main activity of the enterprise was the construction of watches with an increased level of moisture resistance.

Technical progress integrated into hours

Eduard Kummer has always been a passionate admirer of technical progress, so at his factory he regularly introduced innovative technical developments, most of which are still relevant today. So, in the 20-ies of the last century the company EKV was included in the list of companies, which among the first created waterproof chronometers. In the thirties, a special model from the firm Atlantic appeared for the first time - men's watches with automatic winding.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the company developed another unique innovation - speed-switch system - a system that changed the date in automatic mechanisms.

Special collections of watches

Atlantic watches belong to the average price range of branded Swiss chronometers. They are made on the basis of exclusively original mechanisms when applying the Group's own resources. The company has developed many different collections of chronographs. Each series is unique and has its own characteristics.

The Seagold line consists of models that have jewelry features. The watches feature a gold case and a self-winding movement. For straps, a genuine leather with simulated spraying is used.

The Seabreeze line-up is a product with a classic and elegant appearance, in details of which there is nothing superfluous. Among them, there are things with steel bracelets and leather straps. Such watches are equipped with an ordinary mechanism and supplemented with a window that shows the date. Classic bathing models are not designed because they have a basic degree of water protection.

For sportsmen and active people, the collections of the Atlantic watches Seashark and Searock are suitable. This can be both mechanical and quartz offerings with a high level of resistance to wet conditions. The water resistance of the watch from these collections exceeds 20 atmospheres.

Advantages of Atlantic chronometers

All wrist watches Atlantic have undeniable advantages, among which one can distinguish:

  • Long service life without major machine failures. This was achieved thanks to a quality assembly of parts;
  • Stylish design of each product makes it possible to always have confidence that the chosen model corresponds to the refined classical style, which at all times was a sign of irreproachable taste;
  • Stability of the case and glass from sapphire to various mechanical damages. This is important for those who are committed to an active lifestyle;
  • All the chronometers "Atlantic" are waterproof. This quality makes watches in demand among swimmers and fans of water sports.

The "Atlantic" chronometers in our days

Today, the Swiss watches Atlantic are popular among professional sportsmen and among people who appreciate the true Swiss quality. For the production of products exclusively precious metals are used, as well as stainless steel, which provides models with durability and wear resistance.

Some models have bracelets and cases with PVD-coating, which acts as a guarantee of hypoallergenic and anticorrosive qualities. Most watches are equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal .

The best words about the best watches

Atlantic watches get amazingly good. People who own these chronometers say that the world has not yet come up with the best clock. According to the owners of the watch "Atlantic", they are not afraid of anything: no water, no sharp objects, no drops. The watch is really moisture resistant, they do not scratch and are not afraid of minor damage. They always go very accurately, so you can be sure with them that you will not be late for an important meeting or for a date.

The owners of such accessories also praise their design, which corresponds to all modern fashion trends. Such watches emphasize the style and emphasize the excellent taste of its owner.

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