Hypotensive drug 'Andipal'. Indications for use

"Andipal" is a complex preparation, which contains several active substances, which determine its pharmacological properties. The drug belongs to the pharmaceutical group of non-narcotic analgesics, antispasmodics and barbiturates. Instruction for the use of the drug also indicates a set of its pharmacological actions, the agent has a pronounced analgesic, sedative, vasodilating and antispasmodic property.

Medication "Andipal". Indications for use

Due to the complex composition of the drug "Andipal" recommendations for taking the drug have a broad focus. The active substances of the drug are sodium metamizole (analgin), bendazole, phenobarbital, papaverine hydrochloride.

Many patients note the high effectiveness during treatment with the drug "Andipal", indications for the use of the drug are due to its pharmacological properties. The medication is prescribed in the following cases:

- to relieve the pain syndrome. The drug has an effective analgesic effect for spasms of peripheral arteries, cerebral vessels, smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract;

- with arterial hypertension;

- with migraine.

The recommended dosage of the drug is a three-time intake of 1 tablet of the drug.

Medication "Andipal". Side effects and contraindications

Despite the high effectiveness of the Andipal drug, the use of the drug in some cases may have an adverse effect on the patient's body. Contraindications for use include:

- special sensitivity to the components;

- if the patient is diagnosed with renal or hepatic insufficiency ;

- with cardiac pathologies, such as acute heart failure, tachyarrhythmias and angina pectoris;

- intestinal obstruction ;

- megacolon;

- hyperplasia of the prostate.

In view of the fact that the drug "Andipal" lowers the pressure, its reception is not recommended for pregnant women. With special care should be taken to prescribe drugs to children under the age of 8 and nursing mothers.

In medical practice, there are cases of side effects during the administration of the drug "Andipal", sometimes in patients there is increased drowsiness, allergic reactions occur, the psychomotor function decreases, constipation and nausea are noted, kidney or liver function is disrupted.

Medication "Andipal". Indications for use with other drugs.

This drug refers to drugs that enhance the therapeutic effect when interacting with other medicines. This is observed with the simultaneous reception of the drug in question with analgesics of narcotic origin, there is an increase in the hypotensive properties of diuretics, antispasmodics, beta-blockers, nitrates.

As a special instruction, the instruction calls for a decrease in the effectiveness of the Andipal preparation (the indications for use are taken into account in this case) by reducing the degree of absorption during simultaneous intake of adsorbents, which have an astringent effect and envelop the drug. There is also a need to establish strict control over the hepatic function and over the peripheral circulation, if treatment with Andipal medication takes more than a week.

There are limitations related to the management of potentially hazardous activities, which is associated with concentration of attention, high speed of psychomotor reactions (for example, it is not recommended to drive a car during long-term drug treatment).

The form of the drug "Andipal" is a tablet with a different number of pieces in one package. There are no special instructions to the storage conditions of the medicinal product, it is sufficient to observe the expiration date of the preparation indicated on the package and to remove it to a place inaccessible to children.

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