ASB cable: characteristic, price, decoding

Mounting in any part of the room and under ground conditions allows making an ASB cable, the abbreviation of which is as follows:

A - a conductor made of aluminum;

C - lead sheath;

B - additional steel protection.

You can also find such a variety - a product with the designation ASBl. In this case, "l" is a bitumen tape that is under the armor.

There are many names of power cables. Therefore, an additional one can be added to the main letter code, for example "ozh" in brackets means one vein.


To transfer the voltage of electricity with a frequency of 50 Hz and voltage from 1 to 10 kV, the ASB cable is used. Bringing it to the desired installation, use an underground gasket in the ground or in a trench. Corrosion protection in this case can be small or medium. It can also be laid in places with possible mechanical influences, because the ASB cable is protected. But even the booking is not able to save from tensile loads and from a stray current. This should be taken into account when laying.

Mounting conditions

Operate the cable ASB, the characteristics of which comply with GOST 18410-73, can be in different conditions: in any part of the building and on the surface of the walls. It can be called universal, because it is not afraid of extreme temperatures. Their range can be -50 ... + 50 degrees, humidity can reach 98%. Its installation is carried out at zero air temperatures even without preheating.

Allow heating up to 70 degrees during operation, up to 90 degrees in emergency mode, with a short circuit, it can withstand 200 degrees. It is impossible to allow excessive bending of the radius, which is for cables with one residential 25 diameters, and for multicore - no more than 15 diameters.

The warranty period is 5 years, and the service life exceeds 30 years. Store products in the open way can be no more than 2 years, in the construction with a canopy - 5 years, in a closed warehouse - 10 years. Generalized electrical data for the ASB cable, whose technical characteristics have been considered, can be presented in the form of a table.

Resistance of cores at a temperature of 20 degrees, 1 km in length (Ohm)



Other wire


Insulation resistance per 1 km of length at a temperature of 20 ° C, (Ohm)

Cables with voltage 1 kV


Cables with voltage 10 or 6 kV


Product design

The power module is placed inside the compressed tube from the lead. Protection from bitumen is needed to prevent corrosion of metal, the same task is fiber polyethylene terephthalate and crepe paper. Several layers of steel tape form armor, and fiberglass and bitumen represent the outer layer.

The distinguishing features of the ASB and ASBL brands is their use in soils of low and medium corrosion activity, with a significant value of the ASB2l brand products.

What does it consist of?

The ASB cable consists of the following elements:

- Heart - current-conducting veins from one or several wires made of aluminum or copper.

- The next layer is insulation. Its role is played by paper, which is impregnated with a specialized composition, it is wound in several layers.

- There is a belt insulation. In this case, the paper is impregnated with a non-sticky, viscous composition.

- Protection of cores and insulation is performed by a tube of lead.

- Crepe paper with bitumen or polyethylene terephthalate fibers is used to strengthen and protect against corrosion of the steel tube.

- The next layer is armor with steel ribbons.

- The last one is external, made of bitumen or fiberglass.

Operational conditions

Apply a product with impregnation of a viscous substance without a retaining clutch due to restrictions on the levels of installation. Their difference should not be more than 15 meters between the top and bottom points. If it is low-voltage armored products or having a shell of aluminum, then you can admit a difference of not more than 25 meters.

A different number of cores and a cross-section has an ASB cable. Its weight directly depends on these parameters and the external diameter. The larger the cross-section and the diameter, the greater the mass of the product.

Manufacturing process

The shape of the conductor core depends on the cross-section. If this parameter is up to 16 mm 2 for stranded and all sections of the same core, then its shape is necessarily round. The design of this design allows the ASB cable with a parameter not exceeding 50 mm 2 .

The shape, divided into segments or sectors, should be present at the vein with a section equal to 25 mm 2 , having a belt seal. Seal during production necessarily requires cables with segmented and multi-wire cores.

Single-wire with a sector radius of curvature is made not less than 0.5 mm 2 . In the process of impregnating cable insulation from paper with compounds on a viscous basis, the tapes must be even without wrinkles or tears. And the liquid itself should not be spilled, even if the veins are heated.

It is forbidden to coincide more than 3 tapes, which are superimposed one on one, when the paper is insulated with ASB with a voltage of 6 kV. If we are talking about tapes that lie directly to veins and screens, then the allowed coincidence is not more than 2. One coincidence can be considered cuts and folds over 50 m of two belts that are located one above the other.

Stranded ASBs with isolated elements are twisted by paper bundles, filling the space between them. The conductors, isolated by sector in the case of multicore cables, can not be twisted without filling during 1 kV.

In our time, many companies produce a cable ASB. Its price will depend not only on the manufacturer, but also on the field of its application. The average cost is from 250 to 800 rubles per meter.

Marking of cores

Cable ASB, whose technical characteristics are marked, has the following designations in different elements of its design. The insulated conductors must be different in color or with special numbers. The designation applied to them is not erasable and can be read well. Marking is done by ribbons, different in color. The designation of figures is done with the help of special embossing or by printing. The shade differs from the vein itself. The numbers are the same color.

Cable ASB. Decoding of the marking on the tape

The value is set from 1 to 4, starting with the insulating surface or tape that is on top. Each number has its own shade, 4 - black, 3 - red, 2 - green or blue, 1 - white.

The vein zero is not always indicated, and its color may be different. On the insulation of the vein, between the figures, a certain distance is provided, which is not more than 35 millimeters.

At least 3 meters later, information that contains information about the date of issue and the manufacturer is indicated. To make an ASB cable with a diameter of more than 20 millimeters inside the shell, use a thread of difference of different colors. Cable tape is made of paper in natural color. Its absence over a meter in length can not be tolerated. Its width is not less than a centimeter, the height of the cipher is not less than 6 millimeters.

A specialist will make the right choice of cable. Only he can understand the variety of brands and their purpose. Also, the master can make the necessary calculation of the sufficiency and expense of the material.

So, we found out what the ASB cable is, and examined its technical characteristics.

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