How to straighten hair at home without damaging it

Owners of curly or curly hair, wishing that their curls become smooth and obedient, often wonder: "How to perfect hair straightening?" Not only the final result, which may be imperfect, is problematic. Expensive salon procedures not everyone can afford, and various chemicals can severely damage the health of hair. But how to straighten hair at home so that the hairdress in the end looked perfect, and money and health remained intact? We will show you some interesting ways.

The classic and immediately coming to mind method is straightening using ironing or curling iron. Surely you know how to straighten your hair ironing: you should carry the device from the roots to the tips, not long lingering on one site (otherwise you risk burning your hair). This method has an important drawback - ironing and plojka with frequent use spoil the hair structure and make them brittle and dry. To strongly not harm the hair, you should look at other options.

It is useful to know how to straighten hair at home using a hairdryer. This method is not as harmful as the previous one, but with a skillful application it yields not the worst result at all. First of all, for the newly washed and still damp hair should be applied a styling aid. Then the hair should be divided into separate strands, each of which must be pulled by the comb, while blowing air from Dryer. Each strand should be completely dried in this way. The obvious drawback is that this procedure takes too much time, and it will not be possible to resort to it every day.

Not only modern technologies can come to your aid. How to straighten hair at home using affordable folk remedies, which may not be as effective, but at the same time completely safe? Holders of dry hair can use for this purpose olive, castor or burdock oil. The method of application is extremely simple: the product must be applied to damp hair, combed and wait until it dries completely. Unfortunately, because of the oil, the hairdo might look dirty, especially if you do not have the recommended hair type. Too often washing your head is also harmful, so consider E few recipes.

The tea blend is good for normal and dry hair. In a glass of hot, freshly brewed tea, you should add one teaspoon of sugar and mix thoroughly. The correct proportion is very important, so that the hairdo as a result does not seem oily. Obtained remedy similarly to the previous method must be applied to damp hair. If you did everything correctly, the result can be preserved for several days.

How to straighten hair at home, if it refers to a fatty type? In this case, you need to make a solution, mixing apple cider vinegar with still water in a ratio of 1: 1. Then everything should be done in the same way as in the above situations: apply the mixture on the hair, comb it and let it dry naturally.

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