How to write a resume and behave in an interview?

Our century is the age of the Internet. The age of every possible, accessible to every information. The network presents a huge number of different kinds of manuals and guides on how to behave and how not to behave when you are hiring. We also already wrote an article - "How to write a resume for work", the same topic was opened - what to consider when writing a resume, how to write a cover letter, etc.

It would seem that with such an abundance of resources, all should be arranged for the desired job without any problems. But, unfortunately, reality shows the opposite. If you observe the majority of job seekers during an interview, this is not surprising.

Part of the applicants allows themselves to come for an interview late. Someone in the process of interviewing with a negative connotation responds to a previous employer. Such applicants are actually quite a lot. Of course, hardly a competent employer will take them to work.

Below, several important expert advice will be listed, explaining how to avoid behaving in an interview.


Only force majeure circumstances will be a valid reason, from a moral point of view, to come for an interview late. It is better, as they say, perebdet than not to endure. Come for an interview in advance, even if you have to sit and wait. It's okay if you read a newspaper or have a cup of coffee. Yes, and tune in for the interview time will remain. Traffic jams, a capricious child, whom you have been collecting for a long time in a kindergarten, are not a reason for being late.


We all have moments when everything around is annoying. Especially when one after another piles of a whole bunch of troubles: the car broke down, with a partner quarreled, on the way the cell phone sat and stole a purse. Even such a "bouquet" of events that occurred at the very beginning of the day does not give you the right to pour out your anger on others, and especially on the potential employer during the interview. Perhaps, in general, you are very good-natured and positive person. However, the first impression is important. At the link of the forum, we looked at some of the main points in the resume.


As a rule, in 90% of cases when interviewing, the question of the previous place of work sounds. Many candidates start complaining and negatively reacting to the past of the employer and the company as a whole. However, this is fraught with the fact that the chance to get a new job is reduced at times. Judge for yourself. Your interviewer does not know you at all. He does not know whether you are telling the truth, or simply pouring out anger, being dissatisfied with the fact that you, for example , have been unfairly (according to your subjective opinion) fired. It is possible that he will assume that you will respond in a similar manner to the new company, in case you still get a job on it, but in the future you may be dismissed or leave yourself.

Talk on mobile phone

Before the interview, the mobile phone should be turned off at all. Or put on silent mode. Since you forgot to do this, in case of a call during an interview, apologize, and turn off the phone. Do not allow yourself to answer the call. By this you will demonstrate demonstratively to the potential employer that the conversation with him is not very important for you. And besides, take away his time. What is unlikely to describe you in the context of employment on the positive side.

That's it. Follow these rules, and get a job will be much easier! Good luck!

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