Night Vision Device PNV-57E: description, characteristics, reviews

Hunters, fishermen and other lovers of outdoor activities and tourism in the bosom of nature during the night were sure to think about purchasing a night vision device. After all, it is not easy to orient yourself to many people in the dark, and artificial lighting is not always convenient, since it attracts extraneous attention, or repels fish with game. In the domestic market, there are many ready-made solutions from both the domestic manufacturer and under foreign brands, so there will be no problems with choosing a decent product.

The focus of this article is the device PNV-57E, which is represented on the market by the Russian military-industrial complex. The description, characteristics, feedback of owners and recommendations of experts will not leave any reader indifferent to this wonderful device.

How it works?

Naturally, users are interested in the principle of operation of this device. After all, the device is made in the form of a helmet, which must be worn on the head. Immediately it is worth noting that no radiation does not radiate the night vision device - everything is based on the physical laws of optics. In fact, the device enhances infrared and ultraviolet rays invisible to the human eye.

Electron-optical converters capture the light reflected from objects and transmit its photocathode, which has a light-sensitive matrix (as in SLR cameras). The photocathode, in turn, transmits the picture to a luminescent screen, which is capable of increasing the brightness of the image due to the constant movement of electrons from the cathode.

Convenience of this technology

The reader has noticed that the market is dominated by solutions from foreign manufacturers, which are made in the form of monocular. They are more like an optical sight and are designed for mounting on a rifle or used as a telescope. A device PNV-57E, whose price is an order of magnitude lower (10 000 rubles), is binocular, that is, allows the user to see in the dark two eyes in real time.

As users note in their reviews, this solution is not only convenient, but also allows the owner, through some manipulations with the optical device, to change the tactical and technical characteristics of the device. After all, this is military equipment, which was created for centuries. No expansion cards and tricky devices are the usual designer for Russian people: metal structures, optical devices and several wires.

Disadvantages of the device PNV-57E

Naturally, any product of a military industrial complex has a number of shortcomings, which many users pay attention to. First of all, the drawbacks are the weight of the device. Still, the metal structure of the PNV-57E device makes itself felt. Responses of owners assure that for work with the device at night time it is necessary to have not only steel nerves, but also muscles in the cervical spine.

A low resolution picture, which affects the detail of the drawing of the image over long distances (over 20 meters). To the negatives, many have attributed the effect of the fish eye, which slightly deforms the visible image. There are problems with the sharpness of the image when viewing objects at close range (up to 5 meters).

Tactical and technical characteristics

The PNV-57E device provides a field of view of at least 35 degrees - this is a serious advantage if compared with monocular systems. The optics of the device has a small increase, which does not exceed the limits of 1-1.2 times. Eyepieces have dioptric settings, allowing the user to adjust the sharpness of the picture in case of poor vision. The focal length of the lenses is 37 mm, and they consist of nine lenses. The optical axis of the device PNV-57E is equipped with a floating connection, as it is implemented in ordinary binoculars, so any person, regardless of age, can use this device.

With regard to the power supply system of photocells and a fluorescent screen, it is carried out with a voltage of 12-15 V or 24-30 V. Switching between power supplies is automatic. The power consumption of the device at maximum load does not exceed 6 watts.

First meeting

Users who had to deal with military products of domestic production know for sure that all devices are delivered to the market in protective metal boxes. Apparently, this is branded packaging from Russian industrialists. And with transportation, there will never be any problems - the device is securely fixed inside the case, so that no hits and falls from the heights are not terrible.

In the box there are: PNV-57E, instruction on safety and operation, the summer helmet of the tanker, a set of glasses for the blackout of headlights, an adapter for connecting the device to the power supply of motor vehicles. By the way, there are glasses for blackout, both for conventional headlights and for halogen ones. Pleases the future owner and a spare set of glasses, which he will find in one of the branches of a capacious metal box.

Encyclopedia for the beginner

Very interesting and cognitive instructions for the device PNV-57E: power of internal elements, the device of optical devices and the principle of action are described in the manual at the level of the school course, that is, in accessible language. Start better with the service - any owner can easily completely disassemble the device, clean its elements from dust, lubricate and assemble together. Perhaps this is due to the presence of the complete device circuit in the instruction and the availability of the assembly / disassembly algorithm.

Also, the manufacturer suggested that the helmet of the tanker may not appeal to all users of PNV-57E, so the night device is provided with a universal mount, which can be adapted to a helmet or other helmet. Naturally, the possibility of tilting up the optics is provided in all cases.

Features of the power system

Caring first of all about the reliability of fastenings in the device of night vision, the manufacturer forgot about the convenience of operation. We are talking about high-voltage rigid wires that connect the power supply and converters. But the battery in the autonomous mode of the device PNV-57E - "crown". A typical 12-volt DC-powered battery. Here the owners will be helped by a description of the change in the food system, which is promoted by enthusiasts in the media.

Hard and heavy wiring simply changes to ordinary copper wires in soft braid. The only recommendation, which should be listened to by all owners of the device, is to discard all attempts to manually interfere with the operation of the converter installed on the back of the device. It produces a high-frequency sound (like a faulty capacitor) - this is a normal phenomenon, you just need to get used to it.

Oh, those Russians!

Probably, only abroad it is accepted to shout about the dustproof devices working in a damp environment and capable of experiencing shock loads. All users are familiar with IP87 markings and their analogs. The device PNV-57E characteristics are several orders of magnitude higher.

  1. Protection from dust. Judging by the feedback of the owners who used the device for more than 100 hours for one year, there was no dirt and dust in the optical elements and on the power supply boards when servicing the device. Only in the places where the moving parts are lubricated are there accumulations of dirt.
  2. Protection from moisture. Fog, rain, accidental falls in the snow? No, this device does not allow water to enter the optical elements and does not cause a short circuit even at a 10-minute standstill in unsalted water.
  3. Protection against impacts. It is clear that the tank is easy to move the tank, but the fall from a nine-story house to the wet surface of the earth did not cause any disturbances in the device (it should be noted that the eyepieces were closed with rubber caps during testing).

Recommendations for hunters

Like any optical binoculars, the instrument has problems with detailed objects at close range. In fact, within 1-4 meters, the sharpness of the image is low. Some enthusiasts propose to reduce focus by shifting the lenses in the eyepiece. But then there will be another problem - the lack of detail at a great distance. This is unacceptable, especially if you use the device PNV-57E for hunting. There is a way out, it is interesting and has been appreciated by many owners, judging by their feedback, positively.

You can slide the lenses on one eyepiece, adjusting the focus so that the sharpness is 2-4 meters. And leave the second eyepiece unchanged. Yes, you need to get used to such settings, but it's worth it. With rapid movement through the forest in the pursuit of game, this solution allows you to better navigate the terrain and significantly saves the hunter's time.

Working together with the sights

The device of night vision of domestic production is clearly not intended for hunting with optics in the dark. It's not that you see an object at a great distance, and you can hardly look into the eyepiece. Therefore, it is better to leave this venture immediately. But the owners of the collimator a bunch of two devices will obviously have a liking. If the optical device has a self-powered power and illumination of the front sight, then the user does not need to center the PNV-57E eyepiece with a collimator. It is enough to be able to look at the device at a large angle and see the aiming point.

With laser guidance is even easier. Red target indicators are visible in the night vision device, like Jedi swords. Naturally, the point of guidance is easily located on the site, and to lead the target with it to the pleasure of any hunter. But the joint use of a laser and a collimator is better to exclude immediately. The fact is that through the optical device the red point of the target pointer acquires a huge halo, which prevents sighting.

Nearest competitors

For the buyers who looked for an active recreation device PNV-57E, the price (10 thousand rubles) played a major role in choosing a night vision device on the market. Therefore, it is better to start comparison with inexpensive devices (within 30,000 rubles). The telescope ZENIT NP-105, issued by the Krasnogorsky instrument-making plant, immediately got into focus. In addition to night vision, it still can draw objects (2.4x), and also has a light weight (1 kg vs. 3.5 kg for PNV-57E). But with the convenience of the pipe problems - running around in the woods for game, holding a rifle in one hand, and in another device is problematic.

Belarusians presented interesting Pulsar Edge GS 2.7 × 50 binoculars on the market. It allows you to see perfectly in the dark and has a slight increase. But again, it is intended only for observation. Ukrainian kid "Promin 'PN-3" has long been withdrawn from production, but is popular among hunters and fishermen due to its price (only 2000 rubles). It looks more like a portable movie camera, but looks, as always, are deceptive. On the functional, it is not inferior to the device PNV-57E.


As practice shows, it is not a problem to purchase a night vision device for personal use for many users. Even a representative of the military departments - the binocular device PNV-57E - is available in retail and does not require authorization documents. Yes, there are minor defects, and the device itself is inconvenient to operate, but in fact it was not intended for chase at night for game with a rifle at the ready - first of all it was developed for drivers of tanks, armored personnel carriers and airborne assault ships. And if the buyer believes that this night vision device is not suitable for quality and convenience, the solution of problems can be found in the price category from 100 000 rubles and above.

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