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Information for tourists: how to apply for a passport without queues

Recently, Russians have the opportunity to issue an international document without queuing queues and an unnecessary headache. To help those wishing to travel around the world, the Federal Migration Service developed an electronic resource called the "Unified Portal of Municipal and Public Services". How to apply for a passport through the state service? We will consider this question in the article.

How to apply for a passport through government services: procedure

The first thing you need to do in order to take advantage of the possibility of issuing such a document through an Internet portal is to go through the registration procedure on the site. In addition to personal data, the applicant will need a pension certificate number (a green card called "SNILS"). This number will be the login for entering the personal cabinet on the portal. After entering all the necessary data, the registration is not considered complete, since it will still be necessary to enter a unique activation code. It will be sent to the applicant by registered mail, and he will be able to receive it in 7-10 days at the nearest post office. If there is no possibility to wait for the code for so long, since it is necessary to issue the passport immediately, you can apply to one of the offices of Rostelecom - so the password will come within 2-3 days.

When the sent code is entered into the appropriate field on the site, the personal cabinet of the future traveler is activated. Now he will be able to use any of the possible services, including such as to issue a new passport (with biometric data, for 10 years) or old (for 5 years).

To do this, go to the appropriate section of the portal and fill out an online application form. It is better to save it directly to your own computer, it can be useful in the future. At the end of registration of the questionnaire, the system will ask for the upload of the applicant's photo (any business photo with a 3.5 x 4.5 aspect ratio and up to 300 KB in size - photoshop for help) will do.

In 10-15 minutes after the online application is filled in, an email confirming that the questionnaire is accepted for consideration should come to the e-mail specified during registration. This will take several working days. After this time, you can expect a response from an employee of the FMS who has studied the questionnaire. He can either appoint an applicant to the meeting at the passport office, or ask him to complete the questionnaire, make the missing data (now the saved questionnaire will come in handy, it will not be necessary to fill it again). The letter should also contain a list of documents that you need to take with you to the meeting. She will be appointed for a specific time in about 15 days, so there will not be a queue, which, of course, can not but rejoice! In resolving the issue of how to issue a passport, there is still a little bit - to go and pick up the long-awaited document.

Terms of obtaining a passport

The administrative regulations for the provision of FMS state services for the design of foreign passports are designated for different categories of applicants:

  • If the documents are filed at the place of his residence - not more than a month;

  • If there are documented information that the applicant or his close relative needs emergency treatment outside the Russian Federation, up to three days;

  • If the passport is issued by an individual who has access to particularly important data or classified information classified as a "state secret" - about three months;

  • If the documents are not submitted at the place of residence - four months.

The answers to the questions put at the beginning of the article are found, so those who wish to travel outside their home country have nothing left to do, how to arrange a passport and go on an exciting trip.

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