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All about fishing: spinning spoons

Rotating spoon-bait for today are recognized as the most reliable, and most importantly - universal bait for catching almost all species of river carnivorous fish. They show excellent results both in the period of intense zhora and during relative no glare. They can actively harvest almost all types of water bodies. Many of both beginners and experienced anglers often ask why spinning baits are more effective than hesitant ones. After all, even at first glance, it becomes clear that the latter simulate a small fish, which, as a rule, predators hunt. In this matter, it is worth investigating in more detail.

Well, firstly, during the wiring all rotating spinners are able to create around themselves a certain oscillatory circuit. It is to these waves that the fish react. It is able to detect specific fluctuations in the water, even at a considerable distance. But immediately it is worth noting that predators will react only to those waves that will most accurately simulate the vibrations of a wounded fish. It is these spoon-baits that will be attacked, and they will not cause any suspicion in the fish.

Rotating spoon-baits require a certain skill during wiring. An experienced angler is able to make the bait not only vibrate properly, but literally flutter in the water column, creating the complete illusion of a wounded and exhausted fish. It is best for such a spinner to take a high-modulus graphite rod with a sensory coil holder.

On the quality of the rotating bait, experienced spinners are judged on several parameters, which must correspond to a really catchy baubles:

- the force of vibration, which attracts the fish during the intensive rotation of the petal;

- The diameter of the magnetic field, which should occur during the game of bait;

- the style and quality of the game of spoon-bait during the different in speed postings;

- color and shape of the bait, but it should not coincide in all parameters with the living analogue of the victim, but rather, cause genuine interest in predators with their outlines.

Rotating spoons have another advantage that makes them as efficient and competitive as possible. As is known, in most reservoirs, be it a river or a lake, the water transparency rarely exceeds one meter. Therefore, the fish is most often oriented using a sensory organ, known as the lateral line. The predator catches the oscillations first, and only then, as close to the victim as possible, establishes eye contact with her. It is based on this principle that rotating lures are created.

To date, perhaps, the most popular in its group - spinning spinning Mepps. It is recognized as the standard of the flashed classic. Indeed, the quality and shape of the bow, divider, and petal make the model of its construction. Many companies copy it in the production of their own baits. Another quality sample - rotating spoon-bait Pontoon 21. These two types of baits have no equal in popularity and efficiency.

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