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Fishing: sazan in the lower reaches of the Volga

What is fishing? Hobby? Meaning of life? And, maybe, this is a need? So what is fishing for those who are truly passionate about it? Of course - everything! In the literal sense of the word. And hobbies, and need, and physical education, and counseling psychologist. Strangely enough, but it is from this ancient occupation that people derive their energy and live a full life. Believe me, arguing with a fisherman about the meaning of his occupation is simply useless. Fishing is a disease (with a plus sign, true).

The only thing that can be discussed in the light of this time is the humanity of catching fish from water bodies, especially since many fish are almost immediately released back. And yet there is something in this competition for agility, ingenuity and endurance. Fight fish and fisherman. And very often you do not immediately see who is smarter and trickier. It sounds wild, especially for those who are keen on fishing at the level of ears. For the rest it is a real, full-fledged party, where the strongest will be the winner.

The beautiful river Volga. Decoration of our country. It is not only navigable, full of water, but also rich in rare breeds of fish. There is someone to try their hand at. The most famous is fishing in the lower reaches of the Volga. Famous Astrakhan fishing: catching carp, bream, sterlet, pike ...

It is in the lower part of the river that the richest catfish catches. There are many reasons for this. The main thing, of course, is that a large number of rivers and streams have already fallen into the Volga, bringing along with their waters and inhabitants. In the lower part the river becomes truly powerful, and catching carp, carp, crocheted, carp is an exciting activity.

The richness of the catch depends on many factors. The first is the place and time; The second, of course, is experience and equipment. By the way, disputes about the equipment are kept constantly. Many believe that old (time-tested) fishing rods are not inferior to modern spinning, and catching carp on donku is also appropriate, as well as fishing with special equipment for catching carp.

Everyone's favorite carp is a schooling fish, growing to huge sizes. The average weight of an individual reaches 10 kg, there are "heroes" and 40 kg. Tracing the place of "meal" of the pack, it is recommended to feed them in advance. Catching wild carp can not tolerate noise and fuss. It is important to choose the right gear and have patience.

At the end of June, the fish begin to eat actively after spawning. She bites well, especially if it's a clear, quiet, sunny morning. You can try your luck in the late autumn. Catching wild carp, accumulated at winter huts in deep pits under driftwood, is quite an exciting activity.

Fishing of an individual can be a real test, especially if the fish is large. Fight for their freedom carp will be long (often - making unpredictable maneuvers, which you must react to without delay).

Successful catch of carp will be depending on what you are going to catch it. Many experts recommend using cake. But, considering that sazan uses animal food in its food, for example, insect larvae, small fishes and shells, catching on bait can become more promising. Successful fishing and pleasant emotions!

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