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Symptoms And Treatment Of Scabies

The disease develops with severe itching, at night in particular, skin lesions caused by those very scabies that are oval shaped, about 0.1-0.5 millimeters long and 0.14-0.36 millimeters wide. It would seem strange, but only the larvae and males of these mites live on the surface of the skin, and the females drill the passages in the skin, parallel to the surface and lay eggs there. After all this, from the eggs laid by the females, the larvae hatching on the surface of the skin hatch, thereby causing a itchy itch. The entire cycle of development takes about two weeks, and the larvae in the eggs are about three days. This is only the initial symptoms and the treatment of scabies will be discussed further.

The vitality of these organisms is surprising, they persistently tolerate changes in temperature, in one direction or another, are also resistant to a variety of different disinfectants. They bend at a temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius, for several minutes.

Self-infection of the disease occurs due to contact with the patient, for example, through any kind of linen (bed, underwear, underwear), towels, and also during sexual intercourse. Another, the fact of infection, can be the use of some brooms and brooms in a public bath, and, in rare cases, the infection can be transmitted through simple handshakes, and children are able to get infected and through toys. Symptoms and treatment of scabies depend on the immunity of a person.

Incubation, in such cases, is from seven to ten days.

In addition to sharp itching, especially at night, the skin shows a rash, in the form of small paired-point elements, which, due to itching, are combed by the patient, forming spotted bloody crusts and combs.

As a characteristic feature of scabies are scabies. At the place where the female has penetrated under the skin, a bubble with contents of transparent color and size, no more than oatmeal, is formed. When the female lays eggs, an itch is formed, leaving on the surface of the skin in the form of a thin strip of gray color, measuring up to one centimeter. At the very end of this turn is the bubble, inside which the female sits.

These scabies are most often found on the skin of the hands, especially on the lateral surfaces of the fingers. Also, they can manifest themselves on the front areas of the wrists and on the genitals. Less often, the strokes appear on the abdomen, buttocks, on the inner sides of the limbs. In older people, the skin of the neck, face, armpits, area of scapula, palms and soles are not affected. In children and adolescents, itching can occur on the palms, soles, face.

How to cure scabies or in addition to the symptoms and treatment of scabies.

Just so, in itself such a scabies disease, can not disappear on its own, that is, without any intervention it will not pass, and therefore treatment with specialized skin care (ointments, gels, etc.) is required. This ailment has been successfully treated for several days. One of the most important factors in the treatment of scabies is the most complete disinfection of the room in which the infected person lives infected and, without delay, warn all his loved ones who, "just as well", could take this disease. All the underwear should be boiled, and children's toys and things that do not boil are not possible, packed in bags and taken out to the street in the cold.

Today, there is a huge amount of effective remedies against scabies that need to be used only a few times, the number of which depends on the degree of infection. To avoid infection with scabies, carefully wash clothes and take a shower daily. Such precautions will not prevent anyone. The main thing, only to watch for yourself and the symptoms and treatment of scabies you will not need.

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