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Contraceptive pill "Model Trend": reviews

The "Model Trend" drug, which you can read about in this article, is a hormonal contraceptive that works by suppressing ovulation, changing the endometrium and increasing the viscosity of the uterine secretion.


Contraceptive tablets "Model Trend", reviews about which are positive, are very effective drug. According to studies, out of a hundred women using the drug, the maximum one becomes pregnant. According to doctors, the risk of becoming pregnant increases only in cases of irregular use.

Women who use this contraceptive notice that their menstrual cycle is very quickly stabilized, while menstruation becomes less painful. Thanks to this, the amount of blood released is significantly reduced, which helps reduce anemia. In addition, according to scientific studies, this drug can reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Contraceptive "Model Trend", the reviews described in this article, has drospirenone, responsible for the preservation of body weight, as well as preventing the appearance of swelling associated with malfunctioning of female hormones. According to female reviews, this component refuses an excellent effect on premenstrual syndrome. In addition, drospirenone actively fights with acne, as well as with fatty skin and hair.

The drug "Model Trend" has the form of tablets, covered with a film shell, painted in a light pink color. Inactive tablets are painted white.

Indications for use

The drug "Model Trend" consumer reviews characterize mostly positively. However, this does not mean that the contraceptive can be prescribed independently. Before using it, it is necessary to pass certain tests and consult a doctor.

This drug can be prescribed by a gynecologist in such cases:

- the main method of contraception;

- Contraception and the way to combat acne;

- Contraception and method of treatment of severe course of premenstrual syndrome.


"Model Trend" - tablets, the reviews about which are written in this article, have a large number of contraindications. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to use them for self-treatment.

But nevertheless it is not necessary to apply a preparation in such cases:

- all kinds of thromboses, and their previous condition;

Migraine of incomprehensible origin;

- diabetes;

- serious liver and kidney disease;

- malignant diseases of the genital organs;

Bleeding from the vagina of an unidentified nature;

- During pregnancy and breastfeeding;

- allergy to the components of the drug.

"Model Trend": the instruction

Tablets should be used exactly as recommended by a specialist. Try to carry out this procedure every day at the same time, washing them down with a small amount of liquid. Do this continuously for twenty-eight days. The new packaging should be started the next day. The exact date of treatment will tell you the doctor.

Initiation of the drug

"Model Trend" - contraceptive, reviews of which confirm their effectiveness. They are very popular with young women. Begin to use the drug is on the first day of the onset of menstruation. It can also be done on the second and third day, but in this case you need to use other methods of contraception. Do this for the entire first week after starting the drug from the first package.

Acceptance of missed tablets

If you forgot to drink an inactive pill, then nothing terrible will happen. But in any case, it is better to discard them, so as not to extend the period of their use. The remaining recommendations apply only to active tablets.

If you forget to take the pill within 24 hours, do not get discouraged. Just accept it as soon as you remember it. The next pill should be drunk according to your schedule.

If the term is more than forty-eight hours, then in this case the risk of pregnancy begins to increase. The more pills you missed, the more likely you are to become pregnant.

Pay attention to two factors that are responsible for the non-occurrence of unwanted pregnancy:

- in no case do not stop taking the drug for more than four days;

- Do not miss the appointment in the first week after the application.

How to change the day of bleeding?

In order to delay the period of menstrual bleeding, it is worth continuing to take tablets from the second package, while skipping inactive tablets from the first. Due to this, you can extend the cycle for the desired period. Applying the drug from the second package, you can notice the smearing bloody discharge.

If you continue to use tablets in the usual mode, the cycle will immediately recover.

Special Recommendations

Before using the drug, you need to conduct a detailed examination of the female body. To do this, check the heart rate, body mass index, pressure. A prerequisite is a gynecological examination. This includes examining the mammary glands, excluding pregnancy, as well as examining the cervical scraping. Screening tests should be done at least once every six months.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the drug absolutely does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Side effects

Like any other medication, the "Trend Model" contraceptive can have side effects. This should take into account every woman before taking the pills. Most often, the patients noticed the development of allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. There were cases of constant depression, decreased libido, insomnia or, on the contrary, increased drowsiness.

From the gastrointestinal tract can be observed diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. In some cases, the development of anorexia or increased appetite.

It is worth noting that for every woman the drug has a special effect. Therefore, before its use, a compulsory medical consultation is necessary.

Contraceptive pill "Model Trend": reviews

This drug is very popular among women as the main and auxiliary method of contraception, and also as an excellent means for normalizing the hormonal background. Most women agree that the drug is a very effective method of contraception, which does not require additional protection.

"Model Trend" - tablets, customer testimonials about which indicate the effectiveness of the drug. They are often used by women to normalize the hormonal background, and also as an additional method of getting rid of acne.

However, those women who prescribe drugs to themselves, very often faced with all sorts of health problems. Therefore, strongly recommends not to engage in self-medication.

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