Antiparasitic preparation "Frontline" for dogs and cats

The preparation "Frontline" for dogs and cats is described by the instruction as a highly effective and safe antiparasitic remedy for prolonged action. The manufacturer presents it as a new generation drug in the fight against various external parasites. Using Front Line for dogs and cats allows you to reliably protect your pets from ticks and fleas, and minimize the risk of contamination of surrounding objects in an apartment or house.

Form Release Features

This antiparasitic drug is produced in the form of a spray and in the form of drops. They, unlike, for example, from special collars, do not cause any inconvenience to the animal and, as a result, do not cause any concern. In addition, the spray and "Front Line" drops (the instructions to them confirm this) are valid for a longer time, regardless of the lifestyle of the pet (frequency of exposure to outdoor sun or bathing).

Antiparasitic drops

Drops are produced mainly in the form of a 10% solution intended for point application and prepacked by the manufacturer into polyethylene pipettes with a thin tip. Before the direct use of the drug, it should simply be broken off. After this, it is necessary to move the hair between the shoulder blades and, pressing lightly on the pipette, squeeze out the Front Line solution. Drops after application within twenty-four hours will gradually spread throughout the skin.

Antiparasitic spray

The frontline spray is available as a clear, colorless solution that has a specific odor and is packaged in 100 or 250 milliliters bottles. Before processing, the packaging should be thoroughly shaken, then remove the protective cap supplied and carefully insert the special spray head. Then you can start to spray the animal (from a distance of ten to twenty centimeters), trying to evenly moisten the entire skin-hair covering, including the limbs and stomach. Particularly it should be emphasized that using the "Frontline" spray for dogs and cats, the bottle must be kept strictly vertically. In this case, the spray of the nebulizer should be directed against the growth of the hair. At the final stage of the treatment to accelerate the penetration of the solution, you can gently rub the preparation, pre-donning rubber gloves for this .

Basic Precautions

After using the antiparasitic "Front Line" for dogs and cats, the manufacturer does not recommend bathing the animal for the next two days. In addition, after using it, you should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Do not drink, eat or smoke while processing with the spray or "Front Line" drops. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the manufacturer advises to carry out all procedures in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.

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