Modular origami inshell chicken: scheme, master class

Modular origami is aimed at children of middle age and younger age. It is an additional education, a creative hobby and a method for developing fine motor skills. Such souvenirs made of paper will be an excellent gift for parents and friends. Origami can decorate a corner with hand-made articles or a shelf with indoor flowers. This article will tell you how to make modular origami chicken.

The amazing art of origami

Modular origami is the national Japanese art of folding various animals or figurines from paper. The art of this hobby is a mystery to all adults. Such technology as a magnet attracts children of all ages. They are happy and curious to create incredible objects from the paper. In the bent sheet various images of animals, buildings, cars can be hidden. In the imagination of children these images come to life. They experience mixed feelings of joy, childhood, satisfaction from a hand-made craft. To make chicken origami modular, the assembly includes several simple steps. In the first stage it is necessary to prepare a special paper in advance for the manufacture of the craft.

Preparation for work

All children love small, fluffy yellow chicks. Such beings evoke tenderness, tenderness and a desire to protect them from the outside world. Especially joyful emotions occur in children, whom parents call "my little chicken." Modular origami chicken is a symbol of childhood, bright sun and summer. To make this unpretentious crafts, you will need:

  1. Cardboard or dense colored paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Stationery glue.
  4. Stand or computer disk.
  5. Ruler.

So that without any complications the chicken turned out to be modular origami, the master class should not last more than 1 hour. Children need a break. Otherwise, such a process of making crafts can negatively affect the eyesight of children. The workplace should be flat and with good lighting. It is best to master the art of origami on the desktop. The surface is pre-covered with oilcloth, so that it does not get stained with glue.

Manufacturing of modules

Modules are small triangles. They are made up of cardboard or colored paper. To make a modular origami "Chickens", you need yellow paper. The aspect ratio of the sheet should be equal to 1.5x1. Most often these rectangles are made up of A4- sized album sheets . It is divided into 4 equal parts vertically and 4 equal parts horizontally. A total of 16 rectangles should appear on one sheet. All sides are drawn with straight lines. Each rectangle should be approximately 74x53 mm. If the horizontal side is divided into 8 parts, rather than 4, then the size of the rectangles will be equal to 37x53 mm. It is allowed to fold origami modules from half a square. To do this, you need to use blocks for records.

  1. The rectangle folds in half.
  2. In the middle one more line is drawn and again bent in half.
  3. The workpiece turns to itself.
  4. Edges bend to the middle.
  5. Then the module turns over.
  6. The edges rise upwards.
  7. The corners are bent through large triangles.
  8. Then they unbend.
  9. Triangles are added along the lines.
  10. The edges go up.
  11. The workpiece is bent in half.
  12. The correct module should have two small pockets and two corners.

To connect the modules to each other, they are inserted with long and short sides. Depending on the scheme, different three-dimensional figures are obtained. Next we will talk about the production of bulk chicken.

Assembling the trunk of a chicken

To get a modular origami "Chicken in a shell", the scheme includes 315 bright yellow modules and 7 red modules. Their size should be equal to 1/64 of the album A4 sheet. The first, second and third rows are collected simultaneously. To do this, you need 66 modules of 22 per row. In the first row, the modules are mounted on the short side, and on the second row, they are installed with a long lateral side down. In the third row, the modules are also worn with the longest side down.

Then they should be closed in a smooth ring. The resulting circle is turned inwards in such a way that the long side of the modules is directed outwards. The 4th row also uses 22 modules. They are stacked long side outward. To make a chicken - a modular origami, the scheme similarly repeats the following 5.6 and 7 series. The body is given a round shape to the trunk.

Assembling the neck and head of a chicken

In order to make the neck, you also need 22 modules. In the 8th row they are worn short side outward. Put them vertically. To decorate the head, you need 22 modules with a long side outwards. Identically, the following 5 rows are worn. In total, 14 rows should be made. The head is given a rounded shape. On the 15th row, the number of modules is reduced by a factor of 2. They are put on each second lower module. Then they should close closer to the center. It should turn out the ideal modular origami chicken.

Origami with wings and tail

Instead of the beak, a red module is glued. It is located in the middle of the created chicken head. To create a scallop in a column, 6 modules are assembled. They need to be slightly arched. Then the scallop is gently stuck to the head of the chicken. For this, clerical glue is used. To create a tail and two wings, two modules are glued together.

Then three more are glued on their upper side in such a way that the middle module is in the middle. Then the created wings need to be inserted between the trunk. They are glued neatly with glue. Behind the figure is a ponytail.

Making origami eyes and eyelashes

To completely create a modular origami chicken, you need to make black eyes. To do this, you need tight cardboard or colored paper. Two small pieces with a diameter of no more than 4 mm are cut from the material. Also a rectangle is cut out. Then it must be cut in such a way that the cilia turned out. Eyes and eyelashes are glued to the chicken.

On black mugs you can drip with office glue, white paint or glue on them another circle of another color. So the eyes will be more alive. Should be a modular origami "Chicken in a shell". Also for the decor allowed to use the purchased eyes. Usually they are sold in sewing or stationery stores.

Decoration of the production of grass

From the green cardboard you need to cut even rectangles. Their size should not exceed 3х5 cm. Then one edge of the rectangles is cut into several equal parts. It is a fate that you can not reach the edge more than 5 mm. Then the cut rectangles are wound with scissors. On the edge of the sharp side. Small paper curls are obtained. Then they can be glued on a plate, cardboard or a computer disk.

The chicken is attached to the center of the support. On such grass you can paste butterflies, flowers, dew. To create a modular origami "Chickens", the craft can be made several times. Then we get a whole family of unpretentious yellow chickens. And to create a mom and dad, you just need to take a little bigger modules. Then crafts will be larger.

Decoration crafts shell

To make a modular origami "Chicken in a shell", white paper is needed. It is added to special modules. Then 36 modules are stacked short side up. On the second row 36 long modules are superimposed on them. It is necessary to carefully bend the resulting article in a semicircle. The modules are fixed with clerical glue. After they are identically added to the 3-10 row. To create the effect of a broken shell on the last row, the modules are inserted through one. To get the perfect modular origami "Chicken in a shell", the scheme for creating the second part of the craft is identical.

To create a cap, one piece is put on the bottom of the craft, the second - on the head of the chicken. But it is worth noting that in this case it is not necessary to make a scallop, since it will be covered with a shell.

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