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For what killed Gaddafi: everything that had been a secret before

Post-factum, the US president announced the triumph of democracy and justice. He was not particularly shy, explaining to the world why Gadhafi was killed. One of his statements on the resumption of American leadership in the world says enough to cool other "hotheads." So, in order.

"Democratic" position

To their voters, NATO and the US drew a picture acceptable for the start of the bombardment. According to their very one-sided opinion, "democratic changes have matured" in Libya. The people want a new political order in the country, and the dictator Gaddafi, naturally, slows down these processes. His regime went with arms against the defenseless people. Only killing Gaddafi can change the situation. Everything, like, is clear. Only the result turned out to be completely different, not fitting into the painted television "truth". The death of Muammar Gaddafi has long been a fact. Is it easier for the people of Libya? Definitely not. Thousands of victims, destroyed cities, grief - this is the result of "peacemaking" Obama. In what was said to voters, the truth was only hatred for Gaddafi: fierce, huge ... Why?

For what sins killed Gaddafi

In his dying message, the leader of Libya spoke about how he cared about his people, what are the goals of the reforms proposed (but not implemented) by him. Against the background of bombings and victims, and even the screams of "democratic" media, this message was not given importance. To understand later. As it turned out, the murder of Gaddafi was predetermined by his too independent ideas. His sins before America were just that he wanted a decent life for his people. It was perfectly clear to the wise leader that his country was being plundered, unscrupulous and unprincipled. He planned to change the situation in favor of the people of Libya. The forces playing the role of puppeteers did not tolerate protest. The murder of Gaddafi was predetermined. About "sins" it needs to be told in more detail. The death of Gaddafi is not just an indicator of America's very strange interpretation of the principles of democracy. Rather, this is the moment when masks in world politics were lifted. Each player demonstrated to the public an open cynicism, the true reasons for his "game".

The first sin is economic

Arguing why Gadhafi was killed, it is impossible to get around his idea of developing his own country. Libya is mostly a desert, but rich in oil. Hence, money is found there. Consequently, this is an excellent sales market for corporate goods. Than the last and used, earning considerable profits. Change the situation Gaddafi tried by creating an irrigation system. Water from a huge natural underground reservoir had to green the desert, become a source of developed agriculture. It did not involve foreigners in the project. Those immediately calculated the losses from reducing their sales. Conclusion: is it any wonder why Kaddafi was killed? Nothing personal, as they say, just business. Corporations do not need losses. They are not going to share the market with anyone. For the same reason, they do not need developed economies in other (backward) countries.

Sin the second - a raw

Libya is an indecently rich country. Such, according to the West, should be strictly controlled. Money can not belong to anyone, except for quite certain personalities who decide destinies, so to speak. The leader of the country was at some point too intractable. He decided that only a third of the revenues from oil production should remain in the country! Not completely, as it would be logical to assume, but only a part! But this has already been enough to create "resistance" in the country, which seeks to overthrow the "bloody regime"! It is already clear why Kaddafi was killed? He encroached on the holy of holies - the incomes of corporations. On the other hand, it was not necessary to unleash a war. It was possible to simply "squeeze out" deposits. It is unlikely that his army would have the strength to fight the NATO units. Yes, and the wise leader would not resist, plunging the country into chaos. Why was it necessary to organize this massacre that destroyed the state? So, we come to the most interesting.

The third sin is the most unforgivable

The world is ruled by the dollar! This is the truth known to all. If you want - axiom. Only the mechanisms of his "leadership" are not too eager to disclose. And the meaning is simple: the dollar rules as long as it is a world currency. Moreover, since the seventies of the last century, he was in a certain way tied to oil. It is worth only a couple of barrels to sell for other signs, as the dollar begins to lose its "crown". His domination will be in jeopardy. This was perfectly understood by Muammar Gaddafi. For which they killed a self-sufficient leader, it becomes understandable, it is only necessary to recall his idea of creating a Pan-African currency, unlike a dollar provided with gold. The idea, which is very promising in itself, has jeopardized the well-being of those who live off the "loan interest". Now the answer to the question "what killed Qaddafi" becomes clear and simple. He dared to encroach on the Western system of the world, on the distribution of cash flows. The emergence of a new currency pounded the ground from under the unsecured dollar. Long would he have held out, if a different, stable to the gold, stable money supply began to walk the world? Of course not. Here for these sins killed Gaddafi.

The enormity of "democracy"

It is clear that Gaddafi turned into a "bloody dictator" because it jeopardized the incomes of Western corporations. Why is it simply not "cleaned"? Why was it necessary to organize a real carnage, to kill thousands of innocent people? A normal person does not understand the logic of "animals" fighting for their incomes. How could you practically erase a normal country from the face of the earth? To plunge her into the horrors of civil war. It's no secret that Libya did not rest after the death of its leader. His sons and devoted supporters do not stop the struggle against "democratic forces". The country is destroyed. Cities have turned into ruins, kill children and women, the population suffers and starves. The economy ceased to exist. Oil is produced by corporations, and Libya does not leave anything out of revenues. The country only receives humanitarian aid, for which it is also supposed to be paid. The impoverishment of the people is the goal of "democratic change"?

What Obama did not hide

The main "looking" for democracy in the world is quite unambiguously deciphered, for which Gaddafi was killed. To others it was ungodly to flaunt the dollar! The world can not change. The elite will not allow this. Order is defined for ages. All roles are distributed. Loan interest, according to them, should guide humanity until the end of its existence. Anyone who is against turns into a deadly enemy of the "democrats" from the United States. The lesson is presented. Leaders of other countries are invited to think: is it worth becoming patriots, or is it better to continue selling our countries? Obama said very clearly: the US proved that they are the main country in the world. They will not tolerate resistance. Revenge will be cruel. Just a death no one will do. For dissent from the face of the Earth will wipe the country, to destroy the people. The Western version of the structure of the political and economic system does not recognize pity and compassion. The world must remain unipolar under any circumstances. Means and forces, and most importantly - human lives, no one will be sorry.

Lessons from Libya

The world heard. The dollar was left alone for a while. The fate of Muammar Gaddafi does not want to repeat. Although the latest events in Ukraine were held according to the Libyan scenario. Only bombings were avoided ... for now. The lessons learned from the Libyan events have benefited the world community. They learned the method and learned how to react correctly. Well, in the end, how much can you "breed" the population according to the same scenario? The world froze in anticipation. Who is the first to venture to step in the direction of the fall of the States? Obama was wrong. The desire to show what will happen to dissenters only has shown the renewed planet the weak spots of the world elites. It's time to use them. Only who dares?

The world is becoming multipolar ... A dream?

Bold found! China gradually began to abandon the dollar. While the calculations in RMB are conducted only with Japan, but this is the first step! It will not be possible to quickly create a "stronghold of democracy" in this country with a huge population. There is no suitable soil, too strong an internal political regime. Beijing does not welcome revolutionaries on its territory. And he does not look at the West ingratiatingly. Once. China works by creating a large part of the world's product. The refusal of the dollar in the calculations began to state and other countries. So, Britain has dared to realize some ideas of Gaddafi. They began to trade with Japan in national currencies. Do not have time to "look" to establish order. It is too difficult to keep the world community in check when your weak spot has ceased to be a secret.

Russia's Response to the Murder of Gaddafi

Libya, Syria, Ukraine ... "Democratizer" has become too transparent and undisguised. He feels that dominance eludes him from his paws. Already in Syria, it became clear that the world community no longer tolerates lying and violence. Tales of bloody regimes no one else takes on faith. And terrorism, artificially created and maintained to intimidate the public, no longer acts on the minds. Obvious and latent goals and methods for achieving them. The effect of killing Gaddafi was exactly the opposite of the alleged. This is especially evident in the events in Ukraine. "We do not abandon our own" is Russia's response to a "democratic" coup in a neighboring state. The world will never again be unipolar. Bloody terror must sink into oblivion. It is necessary - the "nuclear shield" will be used. It's time to stop "looking", which drowns the country in blood for profit. All peoples have the right to their own view of things. We are different. And this is the beauty of the world. The life of Muammar Gaddafi showed that patriotism and love of the Motherland have a right to exist. His death is the path by which people should go for harmonious development.

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