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The world community - what is it? Which countries are part of the world community. Problems of the international community

The world community is a system that unites the states and peoples of the Earth. The functions of this system are to jointly protect the peace and freedom of citizens of any country, as well as in solving emerging global problems.

The interests of the world community are expressed in the activities of organizations of different countries that have common goals, for example, the UN, UNESCO, etc. They just express a common international opinion. The main goals of the world community are: to preserve peace, to develop friendly relations between peoples, to settle and prevent disputes and conflicts, to monitor the observance of human rights and to help solve global problems.


The world community includes more than two hundred countries around the world, each of which has its own political, social and economic development features. It is the diversity of needs and the economic benefits that lead the countries to interact with each other. Trade in goods is complemented by the exchange of specialists, information and knowledge.

Thanks to the dissemination of information, the economy of another country receives the technologies necessary for the further development. Sharing knowledge leads to new discoveries. And thanks to this, the state can more effectively cope with the problems that arise in it.

Today all countries of the world community jointly regulate and coordinate the main directions of the economy. The need for the exchange of goods, knowledge and information is dictated by joint developments of global global projects. This, for example, the development of other planets, the oceans, the study of Antarctica, etc. Many projects require global financial costs, and often one country simply can not allocate the amount necessary for research or development. And it is precisely the joint work with other states that provides the necessary investments and specialists in various fields.

Russia in the world community

The place of Russia in the world community is one of the leading. She is a permanent member of the UN. Russia is the owner of one of the world's largest nuclear potentials. Also on its territory is a huge number of oil and gas fields, precious metals.

Russia is the largest state in the world in terms of territory and population. The federation borders on Europe and Asia, which gives the country a geopolitically favorable position. In addition to the above, Russia also has a high technical potential.

Despite the fact that after the collapse of the USSR in Russia there were many problems, it still has not lost its position in the world community. A part of the important territories for the country was lost, but nevertheless the place of Russia in the world community still remains one of the leading.


Evolution does not stand still, humanity develops, while using natural resources in its own needs. In this regard, the problems of the global community are global. Among them, environmental protection comes first. This problem is so urgent that it is not necessary to cope with it in individual countries, but together with the world community. Clogging of soil, air and water more and more leads to cataclysms on the planet.

The deposits of natural minerals also do not last forever, and someday they will end. According to scientists around the world, this may happen very soon, so the world community is trying to find other ways of extracting the resources necessary for life. New types of fuel are being developed, and chemical reagents are being replaced by natural compounds, so that they do not harm neither man nor nature.

The world community of states identifies many other global problems. This is also a food issue, which is still acute in some countries. This is the demographic problem - population decline, regulation of international migration, mortality. And also diseases that have neither nationality nor citizenship - alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction.


The term "global" means "affecting all countries of the world", "global". To date, there is practically nothing left that would not have fallen under the influence of globalization. It affected financial flows, computers, viruses, programs, new technologies, epidemics.

The international community of states is concerned about numerous crimes and terrorism, which are expanding on a huge scale. Recently, no country can no longer isolate itself from globalization. It unites all countries not only economically, but also social, political, and so on.


This concept is the opposite of globalization. This is the process of economic isolation of the country. In the main, autarky prevails in countries that are in the early stages of economic development. The reasons for it always were manual labor and low productivity, and very small needs of the population. Usually the goods were just enough to trade within the country itself.

At the moment, there are very few such countries. Virtually all states that are part of the world community have experienced scientific and technological revolutions, which have increased productivity many times, and hence the quantity of goods. As a result, domestic and foreign trade expanded.

The needs of people have increased and become more capricious and selective. As a result, to meet their own resources, the country was clearly not enough, hence the need to enter the world market, to join the world community.

Internet in the world community

Great importance was attached to the whole world community by the global Internet network, which was able not only to unite all countries, but also increased trade turnover around the world. Knowledge exchange and information are transmitted almost instantaneously to any point of the globe, which greatly facilitates cooperation between countries. Thanks to the Internet, many emerging global problems in the world are being solved with the greatest efficiency, and at the moment it is only the threshold of even greater world discoveries and opportunities.

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