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Putin who is on the horoscope? Date of birth of Putin. October 7 - who is on the horoscope?

Many representatives of the powerful this world often ask advice in this or that situation from astrologers, predictors and psychics. The current president of the Russian Federation hardly believes in fortune-tellers. In all matters, he was accustomed to be guided by his considerations on this or that question. But ordinary people are interested in everything that is somehow connected with the surname Putin. Who is on the horoscope? Who is he according to the year of birth, according to the Eastern calendar? Psychics and predictors? Let's try to answer all these questions.

Horoscope by date and time of birth

It is known that the current President of Russia was born in 1952 on October 7. Who by the horoscope he, it is easy to determine. If you look at the calendar of the signs of the Zodiac, you can establish that its symbol is Libra. The exact time of his birth is unknown. However, some sources report that it was at 9.30 in the morning.

Putin's birthday can tell us a lot about him. At least, so say astrologers. They say that a person born on this day and at this time has all the chances to fully reveal his personal potential. This statement is conditioned by the fact that at the time of the President's birth, the Sun in the Libra sign was surrounded by a number of planets (Mercury, Saturn, Proserpine and Neptune), which in the future will directly influence its fate. Let us consider this in more detail.

Saturn's position at the birth of the President promised him career growth. Proserpine is a planet of logic, order and discipline. As can be seen from the incident of several years of Putin's rule, he managed to stabilize the tense situation in the country, create a strong vertical of power and bring order to the state. Mercury is connected with the thinking of man and his mind. He reveals in it a deep analyst. And they say that this is a planet of wisdom. People born under this luminary have only one weak point - health. Perhaps that's why Vladimir Vladimirovich respects sports, giving a lot of time for wrestling and skiing. After all, these classes, as you know, perfectly strengthen health. Neptune awakens intuition and sensitivity in a person.

What prompts numerology?

Our distant ancestors also knew about the influence of numbers on the fate of man. Let's try and find out with the help of numerology: Putin - who? He is a Libra by the horoscope. This sign of the Zodiac gave him certain qualities and destiny. We'll talk about them later. In the meantime, we will compile a numerical map for him.

Date of birth is as follows: 10/07/1952. The numerological code will be as follows: 0 + 7 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 2 = 25; 2 + 5 = 7. So, the defining number in the life of this person is the seven. It is important for every individual. So, for example, the introduction of a fertilized egg into the mother's womb, usually occurs within 7 hours. Then there are important periods of development for the embryo: 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months. The life of a person is divided into seven stages: from 1 to 7 years - infancy, from 7 to 15 - adolescence, from 15 to 23 - youth, from 23 to 32 - courage, from 32 to 40 - maturity, from 40 to 53 - Perfection, from 53 to 74 - old age, from 74 to 95 - decrepitude. Every seventh year, as a rule, in the life of every person is unsuccessful.

Thus, it can be seen that the number 7 for each is of great importance. And in the case of Putin, you can see that he has seven in his birthday too. What does this number promise for him? Such people born under him are very strong with their intuition. They can trust her with 100% certainty. This numerological code is often found in people engaged in mental, intellectual work. In the case of Vladimir Putin, one can see that this statement is true.

Even astrologers say that the seven affect a person in such a way that in life he often becomes a loner. For such an individual, his own world is much more important with his experiences, feelings and aspirations. He will not want to give up on him in order to maintain a relationship with others. Is this why, in the life of the President, an event occurred that shocked most of our society? It is about his divorce with his wife Lyudmila. Apparently, this turn in the fate of Putin was a foregone conclusion.

The day of the week matters

It turns out that it is not only time and the date of birth that can tell a lot about a person. Of great importance is even what day of the week he was born. We will not go into depth and consider all the details in detail, we will only touch directly on the President.

If you look at the calendar, you can find out that October 7, 1952 is Tuesday. People born on this day of the week are characterized by the following positive character traits and characteristics: eloquence, developed intelligence, activity, purposefulness and creativity. Given this, it can be said with certainty that all these qualities are really inherent in our President. Perhaps, they contributed to the fact that in his time, a high post was taken by Vladimir Putin. Who by the horoscope he, we will talk later.

Among the negative aspects here we can distinguish the following: excessive curiosity, secrecy, importunity, and sometimes deceit. Astrologers say that such people are perfectly adapted to live in any conditions. To old age, as a rule, they accumulate an impressive capital. True, others may not know about it, thanks to their ability to be secretive and silent.

What does the year of the Dragon promise?

What else can you say about Putin's birthday? Here it is necessary to recall what kind of period this was for our country and the world as a whole. This is what year? 1952 on the horoscope of China - this is the period of the fifth sign of the eastern calendar. The mythological animal to which it corresponds is the Dragon. People born this year are bright, extraordinary personalities. They are characterized by such qualities as egocentrism, purposefulness, exactingness, obsession with the thirst for power. Such individuals often become major officials, military, directors of various enterprises. In support of this we recall the people born in the year of the Dragon: Nicholas I, Nicholas II, Arkady Gaidar, Maxim Gorky, Eduard Shevardnadze, Omar Khayyam, Joan of Arc, Charles Darwin, Christian Dior, Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln, Friedrich Nietzsche, Pele and many others. Concerning our President this statement is also true.

Astrologers warn that people born in the year of the Dragon, often in situations where they have a hard time finding a common language with others. It is vital for them to make a challenge to the fate that often favors them. If we apply this to Putin, we can note that today's events in the Crimea and Ukraine really do not leave the possibility of doubting this statement. Today it is not easy for our President to establish a dialogue with the United States and Western Europe.

Celebrities born in 1952

In order to clearly imagine what kind of person is hiding behind this or that person, it is useful to find out who is popular now or in the past people was born at the same time. We have already determined which year 1952 is the horoscope of Ancient China. It turned out that this is the period of the Dragon. As you know, this sign often gives birth to "the powerful of this world." They are big politicians, various managers, servicemen, famous creative people and so on. In 1952 the following were born:

  • Irina Allegrova is a famous pop singer.
  • Gus Van Sainte Jr. is an American screenwriter and film director.
  • Rimas Tuminas is a famous Lithuanian director.
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Khotinenko is a Russian film director.
  • Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin is a prominent statesman.
  • Mickey Rourke is an American movie actor.
  • Grigory Alekseevich Yavlinsky is a politician.
  • Emomali Rakhmon is the president of Tajikistan, has been holding a post since 1994.
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gusinsky is a large businessman who was previously a media magnate.
  • Alexander Zolotinskovich Ankvab is the president of Abkhazia.

Horoscope by the sign of the Zodiac

Someone believes astrologers, some do not. But even skeptical people sometimes look through their horoscopes to avoid trouble. Let's see what Vladimir Vladimirovich promises his sign of the Zodiac. The birthday of President Putin falls on a period corresponding to a symbol called Libra. The planets of this sign are Chiron and Venus. The element of it is Air. The most successful days of the week for people born under the sign of Libra are Friday and Saturday.

What about their personal qualities? People born under this sign are characterized by sociability, cheerfulness, the ability to think creatively in some situations. But they are not at all frivolous. Their reasonable arguments can convince even the most determined opponents.

Stars about the character of a person

How much do we know about the personal qualities of our President? How will Vladimir Putin lead himself in stressful situations? Who on a horoscope he, we already found out. It is possible that it is his sign of the Zodiac that will be told to us about him that is so carefully hidden behind the figure of a always serious and businesslike person.

Astrologers say that Libra is a dual personality. Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand. They are kind, talkative and affable, and then sullen and severe. The biggest plus of them is the ability to appreciate people, carefully choose their surroundings. In most cases, they try to avoid any conflicts, trying to balance all the components. It should also be noted that the men of this sign are excellent organizers. If we talk about our President, then all these qualities are revealed in him as much as possible.

But Libra also has disadvantages. Such people can be very secretive and deceitful. At the same time, they clearly go to the goal. About such people in the people say: "Softly steklet, but hard to sleep." It is possible that sometimes these qualities allow the man-Libra to become a leader in his environment and a talented organizer.

Stars about private life

And what does the President of Libya promise the Libra sign on the love front? It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin looks very young at his age of 62. His date of birth is the year of the Dragon in the Eastern calendar. And, as you know, people who were born under this mythical symbol are very bright personalities. Often charisma, charm and inner appeal of such individuals compensate for not very expressive appearance.

The appearance of Vladimir Vladimirovich is hardly attractive. Slight growth, lack of memorable features in the face ... But many women find it attractive for men. If you believe a horoscope, then in life this person is very romantic. Vladimir Putin is capable of long-term relationships. Birthday, his horoscope, natal chart - everything says about it. But he chooses his woman very carefully. In this case, the man will be amiable and smiling with all the surrounding charmers. But one will not choose one right away.

In marriage, he is delicate. But he does not tolerate hysterics and abuse at all. All the problems with it must be solved without going over to higher tones. The personal life of such a large manager as the President, as a rule, is hidden from the eyes of his fellow citizens. That's for our society remained a mystery, what reason was the reason for the divorce of Putin and his wife.

What does astrology promise in the professional field?

And now let's see how truthful is the horoscope of Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich concerning his work activity. The stars say that for Libra the most important thing for any sphere of their life is balance. They are constantly striving for him. But they do not like watching, carefully weighing all the pros and cons. They always have their own opinion, and they are ready to convey it to others. In every such person one can observe the beginnings of a leader. This explains the fact that among the Libra men there are so many different kinds of managers, military men, statesmen.

What is the horoscope of Putin for 2014? What do the stars promise him in the professional field in the near future? 2014, according to astrologers, is marked by a combination of planets called the "Great Cross." These are such celestial bodies as Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This will have its effect on such signs of the zodiac as Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. They will be in the thick of the events.

This year will be very difficult for Putin. It will take a lot of self-control and composure to cope with the problems that have arisen. Taking into account all the recent events connected with the accession of the Crimea and tension in relations with the countries of the European Union and the US, we can conclude that this statement is fair. However, astrologers hasten to console, saying that all the worst is over. Beginning in June 2014, all these unrest will be on the decline. And until the end of the period there will be no more shocks. True, the stars advise our President after the worries to pay attention to his health. The probability of a heart attack or hypertension is high.

Psychics about Putin

Not only astrologers, but also mediums, and clairvoyants are in a hurry to make their predictions for the President of the Russian Federation. Interesting predictions are not only those psychics who are practicing today, but also those who lived and worked for several centuries before the birth of our country's leader. The date of Putin's birth and the years of his reign fall precisely at that period, which Nostradamus once spoke of.

"He will rise high on the right side" - these words of the ancient predictor are associated with Vladimir Vladimirovich's support of the Orthodox Church. "Remains sitting on a square stone" - this statement of Nostradamus probably concerns the election of the President for a second term in 2004. "Square stone" is Red Square. "Sitting by the window, looking at the South" - and this can be interpreted as the tough policy pursued by Putin in relation to Chechnya. "With a staff in hand, with compressed lips" - apparently, there are those planned and persistent with which the Russian President is moving towards rapprochement with Europe.

And now we will listen to modern psychics who make predictions to Putin's rule. Most of them create their theory based on information about the date of its birth, considering what it was number, what month, what year. 1952 - a difficult period. It turns out that the year is a leap year. And as you know, for people born at this time, it does not bode well. In the olden days it was believed that children born in a leap year often do not live to be old, and generally do not differ in excellent health.

Here is what the famous parapsychologist and psychic Arina Evdokimova told about Putin: "He is a lone wolf. Catch and not share with anyone. But it looks like this "darling". God's chosen leader. But now in his heart he has devastation. Forces to go further simply are not present. A very strong person by nature. Money for him is not an end in itself. Obsessed with power. If you look at the natal chart of Putin, you can come to the conclusion that similar portraits loom in Stalin and Ivan the Terrible. "

What awaits in the future?

It's all about the present. And what awaits the President in the future? Which way will Putin go? Who on a horoscope he, we found out. His sign of the Zodiac suggests that he will try to smooth out many of the emerging world conflicts or, so to speak, balance everything.

Many people are interested in questions about how long Vladimir Vladimirovich will still be in power, what awaits Russia after the decline of his state career. Astrologer Mikhail Levin says that the last year of the current president's presidency is 2016. What will be the reason for his departure? Not at all a health problem. The growing wave of protests, the discontent of the people with the results of his rule: these are the main reasons why Putin wants to leave the political arena. Birthday, a horoscope, a natal chart-Levin relied on all this, making his prediction about Vladimir Vladimirovich's rule. What awaits Russia then? Nothing wrong. The authorities will shift from the presidential position towards parliamentarians. The country will change the Constitution. No financial crisis is expected in the near future.

We tried to figure out what Vladimir Putin is by means of astrology and numerology. Who is on a horoscope, who he is on the eastern calendar, what psychics say about him, all can be found in this article.

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