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Who is a necromancer? Is it worth it to be afraid?

There is such a word in fantastic literature, the press, and even a little where else. Only an understanding of the events described will be incomplete if one does not understand who the necromancer is. In fact, this image has long been used in horror films. Remember that evil magician, who leads a horde of dead men? This is precisely the idea of necromancy taken as the basis for creating terrible scenes. Incredible and incomprehensible to most people forces, subject to an even more strange creature, which It is difficult to call a person, what can be more terrible?

Who is a necromancer?

If we ignore the widely advertised image of the thriller, it turns out that we are talking about a black magician. Due to "professional" features, he has the opportunity to give and take away death! Most of the rituals of necromancers are related to murder. The victim does not necessarily become a person (now such an extremely rare). It is more traditional to obtain magical power by killing animals. This current is very ancient. Sacrifices were popular at all times. Even the Incas were engaged in this sinful affair. Killing with the goal of obtaining not wealth, but magical powers was practiced from the deepest antiquity. In one way or another, the ancient peoples believed that they received the vital energy of the deceased (animal or human).

Who is a necromancer in the modern world?

On the pages of books you can often meet such heroes. But do not think that mages now exist only in works in the genre of fantasy. Necromancer is a very real being. It's not very easy to meet an ordinary person with him. A real magician (necromancer) will not inform the public about his activities on the pages of newspapers or on the Internet. Yes, he does not need it. His life does not interest an ordinary person. The only thing that connects him to our world is the energy that he uses. She is like money to us. This is the only substance through which it does not bad exist, fulfilling its strange desires and achieving its own incomprehensible goals.

Is this magician dangerous?

It is believed that a necromancer is not dangerous to humans. He actively attack and take life away from you will not. For such an act, he needs very serious conditions. But even a child can push you from the balcony if you want to strangle him without asking who he is! Necromancer refers, rather, not to black, but to gray magicians. His main interest is concentrated where the sacrament of death takes place. But he can give life. This miracle is completely in his power. Therefore, more often people themselves are looking for meetings with him, trying to save from the death of relatives. On the transaction the magician is reluctant. They say that only a good mood can inspire him to help a despicable man.

What are necromancers?

Among the mages there is a division according to the "specification". Basically, it is due to the forces that they use in their activities. Between them they build their own relationships, which are not particularly understandable to man. For the most part, mages lead a closed life and strongly do not communicate with "comrades". One thing is certain: necromancers-alchemists and all the rest will appear only where there is death!

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