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Denzel Washington: Filmography and biography. List of the best films with the participation of Denzel Washington

Today everyone in Hollywood knows who Denzel Washington is. The filmography of this actor is very impressive. In addition, he managed to succeed as a director and producer. The actor is also a laureate of several prestigious awards.

General information about the actor

Full name of the actor - Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. And today he is perhaps the most successful and famous black actor in all of the United States of America. It should immediately be said that this man made an invaluable investment in the development of the film industry, as he was one of the creators of a fundamentally new image of a black actor.

A famous actor, a talented director and promising producer - all this is Denzel Washington. His height, incidentally, is 185 centimeters, which, with his manly appearance and athletic build, made him an excellent contender for the role of the heroes of the militants.

Denzel Washington: Biography

The actor was born on December 28, 1954 in the city of Mount Vernon, which is in the state of New York. By the way, he was named after his father. The boy's mother worked in a beauty salon, and in his teens, Denzel often worked there after school as an apprentice. Father - a priest who instilled in his children a love of religion.

At school, Denzel studied well, so after graduation without any problems he entered the Fordham University of New York. At first the guy wanted to become a doctor, so he intensively studied medicine. Later he was interested in biology, and then in journalism. Washington Jr. graduated from the University in 1977, receiving a bachelor's degree in journalism. It was in his student years that Denzel first became interested in theatrical art.

Thanks to his academic achievements, he received a proposal to continue his education at the American Conservatory, which is in San Francisco. But there Denzel studied for a year, because he was determined to continue to improve acting skills. To this end, he quits his studies and moves to New York.

First Career Steps

In 1977, a young actor arrives in the "big city", where he tries to start a career - then no one knew who Denzel Washington was. His filmography nevertheless begins in the same year 1997, as he managed to get a role in the sports drama "Wilma". The big commercial success of this picture has not reached, but it was crucial for the further life of the actor.

It was on the set of this film that Denzel met his future wife. In addition, it was here that the guru of the film industry first considered its potential. In 1981, the actor is offered the main role in the film "The Replica". In 1984, he plays a supporting role in the film "The History of the Soldier." In 1986, the screen displays the film "Power", where Denzel plays Arnold Billing. In 1987, the actor receives the main role of Steve Biko in the film "The Call of Freedom." In 1988, the British drama "For the Queen and the Country" appears, where Denzel also gets a role.

It should be noted that there are other projects in which Denzel Washington was filmed. His filmography includes the series "St. Elsvere", in which he participated for six years. By the way, it was for the role of Dr. Philip Chandler in this medical drama that the actor became famous among the American population.

Denzel Washington: Filmography

In 1989, the film "Glory" was released, which tells the story of one of the volunteer regiments of the army. Here the actor played the role of Private Trip. By the way, this picture caused a lot of excitement and received a lot of honorable awards, including several Oscar statuettes.

In 1990, Denzel received the main role of the young trumpeter Blika in the film "The Blues of a Better Life". In the same year, the picture "Heart condition" appeared on the screens, which tells the story of a racist policeman who was transplanted to the Negro's heart . In 1991, the actor received a major role in the film "Mississippi Masala", as well as playing the young policeman Nick Stiles in "Ricochet".

In 1992, the actor played the famous black leader Malcolm X in the eponymous film. Great popularity Denzel brought the film "Philadelphia", appeared on the screens in 1993. Here he played the role of a homophobic lawyer, who, in spite of his own prejudices and fears, agrees to defend a gay patient with AIDS in court.

In 1993, the film "Much Ado About Nothing", which is a screen version of a well-known play by Shakespeare, is released. In 1995, the actor plays Lieutenant Ron Hunter in the "Crimson Tide." In the film "The Priest's Wife" (1996), Denzel got the role of the angel Dudley. Two years later, another picture with Washington appeared on the screens - "Fallen". And in 1998, the actor starred with Milla Jovovich in the drama "His Game".

In the film "Hurricane" in 1999, the actor played the main role of Rubin Carter - the famous boxer, who served 19 years for a crime he did not commit. Already in 2001, Denzel again appears on the screen in the image of Alonzo Harris (by the way, this is the first negative role of the actor). And in 2006 there are two paintings with Washington - "Not caught - not a thief" and "Deja vu".

New movies with Denzel Washington

Naturally, there are many other films in which Denzel Washington was filmed. The best films with this actor include the picture "Uncontrolled", " Which was released on the screen in 2010. Here, Denzel plays the machinist Frank Barnes, who, along with his young partner Will, is trying to stop the train with toxic waste.

In 2012, on the big screen came the dramatic film "Crew", in which the actor inherited the main role of William Whitaker - the pilot, because of harmful attachments which nearly crashed the plane with passengers.

In 2013, the actor pleased his fans with a major role in the comic action movie called "Two Barrels".

Director and Producer

Actor Denzel Washington not only starred in the movies, but also takes part in other projects. The producer's career began in 1995, when the film "Hank Aaron: Catching up a Dream" was shot, which tells the story of one of the most famous baseball players. And in 2000 the picture "Life and work of Gordon Parks" was published.

Two years later, Denzel's work, History of Antoine Fisher, appeared on the screens. Here Denzel Washington made his debut as a director. In 2007, the film "Big Debaters" was released, where the actor played a major role and worked as a director. The plot of this picture raises extremely important questions about racial discrimination and other problems of the modern world.

In 2009, a new film "The Book of Eli," where Denzel was not only a producer, but also the main character. The year 2012 was marked by the appearance of one more work - "Cape Town Access Code".

Awards and Prizes

Watching a movie with Denzel Washington in the title role is a pleasure. And his numerous awards show that the whole world had time to assess the potential of the actor. For the first time he was nominated for an Oscar in 1987. And two years later, in 1989 he received a cherished statuette as "Best Supporting Actor" in the film "Glory." In the same year he got the "Golden Globe" in the same category and for the same picture.

In 1992, he was again nominated, but already in the category "Best Actor" for his role in the film "Malcolm X". In 1999, Denzel received the second Golden Globe as the best actor for his participation in the dramatic film Hurricane. And already in 2001 the actor became the proud owner of the second figurine "Oscar", but already as "Best Actor" for his role in the film "Training Day".

It is worth noting that Denzel Washington became the second black actor who received the Oscar. In addition, he was the only African American who received two Oscar awards in the history of cinematography.


Like many of his colleagues, Denzel Washington is actively engaged in charity, taking part in various events and fundraising. For example, in 1995 he sponsored the creation and construction of the Church of God in Christ in the territory of Los Angeles (it cost about 2.5 million dollars).

In 2006, the actor donated a million dollars to Save the Children in Africa. And two years later, together with a delegation of African-American artists, Washington visited Israel to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of the Jewish state.

Personal life of the actor

Immediately it is worth noting that Denzel is a devout Christian. In many interviews, he confirmed that he was a parishioner of the Church of God in Christ and every day he read the Holy Scriptures. From time to time it even seems to him, he had to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a preacher.

Denzel Washington is an exemplary family man who honors the sanctity of marriage according to his religion. In 1982 he married Paulette Pearson. Three years after the wedding, the couple had a son, John David, and in 1988 - his daughter Katya. In 1991, the family of Washington increased, as the couple was born twins - Malcolm and Olivia. By the way, the actor with his family almost every year goes to rest in Italy.

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