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AS Pushkin, "Madonna": an analysis of the poem

Pushkin poured all his love experiences, failures and successes on paper. "Madonna" refers to the poet's love poetry, this is one of the poems dedicated to Natalia Goncharova, the wife of Alexander Sergeevich. It was written only six months before the wedding, in 1830. Pushkin repeatedly asks his chosen one to become his wife and this time receives consent. The poet is in a state of euphoria, prepares for the wedding and looks forward to a happy and prosperous family life.

Natalia Goncharova, along with her parents, leaves Moscow for a short while, Alexander Sergeyevich writes her letters, informing him that he hung in the house a portrait of the blond Madonna reminding him of the bride. The girl answers that soon he will admire his wife, not a picture. These lines from the letter inspired the man so much that he wrote his famous work "The Madonna". Pushkin, whose verse radiates an atmosphere of harmony, pacification and happiness, always dreamed of a successful marriage built on love and mutual respect.

In his poem Alexander Sergeevich claims that he does not need the old paintings of famous artists. He dreams of only one, on which would be depicted an ideal married couple - "he with reason in his eyes, and she with greatness." To live with your chosen one in peace and harmony is a long life - this is all that Pushkin dreamed of. "Madonna" is a picture of his future life, which the poet sees as if from the side.

It would seem that a man is really lucky, because Natalia is young, educated, intelligent and beautiful. Alexander Sergeyevich thanks God for sending him such happiness, while not suspecting that it will be a very short time and he will be ready to terminate the engagement. The poem "Madonna" Pushkin wrote in anticipation of a miracle, he hoped that his life with the advent of the family will radically change for the better. Goncharova was from a noble family, but impoverished, so for the poet it was an unpleasant surprise that, along with the bride, he would be hanged by a bunch of family debts.

Between the young there was a major scandal, Alexander Sergeyevich even wrote in a letter that the bride of St. Is obedient from obligations to him. Despite some disagreements, the wedding was still held. It is known that after the wedding, no one dedicated his poem to his wife Pushkin. "Madonna" appeared before him is not so holy and undefiled, so her image is significantly dimmed. The poet was a very superstitious person, and for him it was a real blow that during his wedding he had a candle in his hands, and his bride dropped his engagement ring. These events considered Pushkin a bad omen. "Madonna" and remained only a picture of a happy family life. The poet loved his wife, and to the last she remained for him the most desired woman on earth. But still Alexander Sergeevich treated marriage as an unavoidable penalty, and not a heavenly gift, and he was not mistaken in his forebodings. It was because of Natalia Goncharova that he went to a duel with Dantes to defend the right to own his wife. Perhaps, if not marriage, then Pushkin would have lived a longer life ...

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