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The child gnaws at the nails: how to wean the baby from a bad habit?

Bad habits do not appear with the person. They are acquired in the process of development, as well as useful skills. Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes a child learns not only good, but also acquires such habits as nibbling nails.

If a child gnaws his nails, how can we wean him?

Previously, for this habit, parents punished children. Many books describe the process of how parents from the most good motives scolded their child or applied hard methods - smeared fingertips with iodine, mustard or other bitter substances. When a child gnaws nails, treatment with such methods was considered justified, because the consequences of such a habit are not very good:

- Firstly, in itself, it is unaesthetic. The child can not adapt in society because of it, because children are cruel, they can ridicule even such a trifle as ugly fingertips;

- Secondly, the nails themselves from this impact are destroyed, become brittle and brittle, subsequently grow poorly and have an ugly form of the nail hole. It can be very tragic at a young age for a girl or a boy;

- Thirdly, under the nails accumulate all kinds of bacteria, eggs of worms, intestinal rods and other microbes harmful to the body, which, when gnawed, enter the baby's intestines.

All these arguments convince us as responsible parents that it's time to take some measures and think: if a child chews his nails, how to wean him? To get an answer to this question, you should understand the very mechanism of this habit of your baby.

All psychologists agree in the same opinion - if a child bites his nails for 3 years, it means that he is in a state of stress. The latter may have external and internal causes. Before asking questions about what the consequences of the fact that a child gnaws nails, how to wean it, you need to understand the reasons for this habit. Perhaps you sharply answered the kid on a question, scolded him for something too strictly or simply did not pay attention to him, and he decided that in this way you punished him for disobedience. To distract from these experiences and relieve tension, the child pulls into his mouth a fist and gnaws at the nails. The internal causes of this phenomenon are also tied to punishment - perhaps your child himself is punishing himself for the offense that he allegedly committed. Perhaps he has problems communicating with other children, and he blames himself for it. Then the kid punishes himself - gnaws at the nails to hurt himself.

What if your child chews his nails, how to wean him? In no case do not scold. Do not punish him for a bad habit. Better calmly explain why it should not be done. Show how to properly care for the hands, so that the nails were beautiful, and suggest doing it together. In addition, offer him, if there is a desire to chew on his nails, remove this tension in other ways, for example, by squeezing and unclenching the jaws. You can try to draw together the reasons why the baby wants to gnaw his nails. And in the future to offer him, as soon as the hand reaches for his mouth, immediately draw what he is experiencing at the moment. Such therapy can help parents understand the fears of their child, and the baby - to remove stress in such a harmless way. And in order to prevent such a habit, never refuse to give the child a friendly and full-fledged communication with you.

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