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Cooking rolls with salmon

Until quite recently, Japanese cuisine was something exotic and unreal. We did not know at all what different sushi from rolls, that there is simply a huge number of recipes for a wide variety of rolls: with salmon, mussels, eels, various vegetables and even fruits. And, of course, with deliciously gentle Philadelphia cheese!

And now at every corner we are met by cozy Japanese restaurants, we are offered to order a wide variety of culinary delights of Japanese cuisine from the pages of newspapers and leaflets . Dishes seem so complex, beautiful and original! Is it possible to prepare rolls yourself? Of course you can! So, let's begin.

Rolls with salmon. Recipe at home

What additional equipment do we need?

The most important device for making a roll is a bamboo mat - makis. It is a rug made up of many small bamboo plates. It is with the help of mat formation of rolls.

How to cook rice?

Rice is the basis of many Japanese dishes, and rolls are no exception. The whole process depends on the right choice of rice and its preparation. If the cooking stages are broken, then the dish just will not work.

It is better to immediately acquire the Japanese rice. It differs from the usual to us its stickiness, and hence rolls with salmon will keep the shape and do not crumble. If there is no opportunity to purchase a special one, then as a replacement it is possible to use a high quality ordinary round.

First of all, it is necessary to rinse the rump very carefully. As a result, the water must remain completely transparent, so that all the starch dust has gone. After washing, let stand for about an hour.

For cooking it is better to use an enamel saucepan. In it to fall asleep rice, for one glass of groats there should be a quarter of a glass of water. Put on a plate, close the lid tightly, boil after boiling for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and allow to stand for another 10 minutes, the rice will infuse and absorb all the necessary moisture.

We prepare special vinegar. Take in the proportions of two cups of rice, 50 ml of vinegar, and in it to dissolve 30 grams of sugar and 10 grams of salt.

Mix the rice and the cooked vinegar and leave to stand a little.

Rolls with salmon. Formation

We cut the salmon. Take a piece of fillet and cut off from it stripes one centimeter thick. The length of the chopped slices is adjusted depending on the width of the nori algae.

Cooking process. Put a mat on the table, wrap it with food film. On the film, lay the nori sheet with a matte side up, and glossy down. Wet your hands in warm water and start laying rice evenly on algae. The layer should not be too thick, nori should be seen through it.

Salmon put in the center of the mat and begin to gently roll the roll, shape it with a mat, gradually moving from one edge to the other. Each turn is fixed and shaped, it is necessary to press it more tightly so that the structure does not fall apart. To ensure that the salmon rolls are not disconnected, the edges should be watered with water and vinegar.

Cutting. Before cutting, the blade of the knife should be moistened, the knife must be sharp. First it is necessary to cut the roll exactly in the middle into two parts, each of which again cut in half. It turns out four parts, they also cut. As a result, you get eight rolls.

In exactly the same way, you can prepare rolls with salmon and cucumber. Just cut the cucumber stripes and put in the filling along with the salmon. In general, this dish can be called a flight of fantasy, you can invent a variety of fillings. Even a roll with chicken or bacon and, for example, spicey mayonnaise turns out not less tasty.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Bon Appetit!

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