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Cheats on Saints Row: The Third. Full list of commands

Saints Row: The Third - original and inimitable action, which most gamers called a crazy remake of the GTA series. In this game, all the main ideas of the studio Rockstar Games, but flavored with an incredible amount of insanity. Passage of this adventure can periodically drive you into a dead end, but help out of the difficult situation special cheat codes on Saints Row: The Third. About them and will be discussed in this review.

Activating improvements

Of course, the use of codes by most gamers is not particularly welcome, because they lose some of the pleasure of passing. And you can hardly be proud of your achievements or skills, because they were received not quite honestly. But at the same time, such teams can bring some zest to the game.

In order to enter cheats on Saints Row: The Third, you need to go to the menu of the game smartphone. To do this, press the TAB key, then go to the "Extra" box in the window that opens. Select the "Cheats" field and the line "Add cheat" in it. In the next box you need to write down the necessary codes for Saints Row: The Third. The full list of cheats you will find next. But remember that when you use the codes, the game will not be saved automatically, and you will not be able to get achievements. So if you want to collect the entire collection of achivok, then forget about applying any additional commands.

Gameplay Codes

In this block, you will learn about the commands that affect the overall content of the game. Note that some of them can be applied only after installing additional DLC. Cheats at Saints Row: The Third:

  • To earn bad reputation from the police - pissoffpigs.
  • Become more wanted from bandits - lolz.
  • All the dead flies to heaven - fryhole.
  • Remove the police search levels - goodygoody.
  • Become invisible to bandits - oops.
  • Get 100 thousand points of authority - whatitmeanstome.
  • Endless run - runfast.
  • Invulnerability (available only with DLC) - dlc_never_die.
  • Inclusion of the fall is dlc_player_pratfalls.
  • Infinite ammunition - dlc_unlimited_ammo.
  • Cancel the recharge - dlc_unlimited_clip.

Cheats on Saints Row: The Third. Money, weapons, transport

In this block, we'll tell you about the commands that affect the content of the protagonist's inventory. The game has a lot of fun and even fantastic weapons, and if you want to get everything at once, enter the command - letsrock. If you want a certain gun, then you need to write the word give and after it the name of the weapon you need. For example, if you want to get the "Fist of the Apocalypse", then enter such a command - giveapoca, cyberpun - givecyber. So to get a weapon it is enough to prescribe its name in English after the word give. In the same way you can get any kind of transport. That is, if you want to acquire, for example, an ambulance, then write in the mobile phone menu giveembulance. Names of some items:

  • The police pistol is a kobra.
  • Baseball bat is baseball.
  • The electric shock is stungun.
  • Pistol "Shepherd" - sheperd.
  • Rifle "Hooks" - krukov.
  • Assault rifle - ar55.
  • Laser weapons - slm8.
  • Laser Shotgun - hammer.
  • The drone is drone.
  • Grenade launcher is rpg.
  • Sniper Rifle - sniper.

In addition, the game can change the performance of your transport. For example, to have your car destroy any vehicle on its way, write such a command - isquishyou. If you want to repair all the damage, then use the code - repaircar. In order to make your transport invulnerable, enter this cheat - vroom. If you are experiencing an acute shortage of money, then enter the cheese command. This action will add a hundred thousand dollars to your wallet.

Commands that change the environment

Cheats at Saints Row: The Third can not only give you weapons or transport, but also significantly change the passage of the game, for example, make all passers-by drunk or change the weather. Teams that change the situation:

  • Turn all passersby into zombies - brains.
  • Add immortality - turkeyburgers.
  • Perform a murder with one shot - goldengun.
  • Make all passers-by pimps or prostitutes - hohoho.
  • All the corpses explode - notrated.
  • Enable low gravity mode - dlc_low_gravity.
  • Increase the strength of the explosion four times - dlc_super_explosions.
  • Remove the interface - nohud.
  • Add power to all the "Saints" - dlc_super_saints.
  • Change the time of day - ticktock.
  • Clear the sky - clearskies.
  • To cause a heavy rain.
  • Make cloudy weather - Overcast.
  • "Turn on" a light rain - lightrain.

In general, you can always diversify this and so incredible game with the help of special teams that will be able to add a drop of "madness" to the passage. Should you use these commands, choose you. We, in turn, wish a pleasant and easy game and new incredible adventures.

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