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What books are recommended for children of 10 years?

Every conscious parent wants to give his youngest child only the best and most useful. Since we ourselves are not able to present all the information about the world around us, our children's books for children of 10 years become irreplaceable helpers in this case. It's about works for this age range that we'll talk about.

Why is reading important?

To date, the book is a source of information, because it is beautifully illustrated and carries a large amount of useful information, forms a world view and participates in the development of character. Thanks to reading, the amount of information increases in children, the child begins to perceive different patterns of behavior, learns to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Books teach friendship, learn to achieve goals, beat different life situations. Such benefits become our loyal friends at difficult times when we must find the only existing solution that will allow us to get out of the current, as a rule, difficult situation.

Aksakov's works are an excellent choice

Which books are for children 9-10 years old Can I recommend? Why not pay attention to such a work of S. Aksakov as "The Scarlet Flower", which is one of the most wise and kind fairy tales? Here the author tries to raise charity and compassion. Good conquers evil, but is not that what we need to teach our children?

What kind of meaning did the writer want to put in the image of a scarlet flower? This botanical specimen is a symbol of real strong love. Under her influence, any person is transformed, becomes better, kinder. Compassion, love and kindness are the basic human feelings that can change not only the inner world of your offspring, but all around will make it more beautiful and better.

Learning to be responsive and loving nature

What other interesting books for children of 10 years can be advised? It is worth mentioning the work of Gabriel Troepolsky, which, perhaps, is familiar to everyone - "White Bim, Black Ear". The author shows us that kindness and attention generate such important characteristics of a person as reciprocity, sincere love and devotion, teaches Be kind, sympathetic and honest.

After reading this work, the reader begins to understand that our younger brothers should be treated with kindness, love and affection. After all, we are responsible for those whom we took and tamed.

In conclusion, I would like to note that White Bim, Black Ear is one of many works about nature whose main goal is to teach people to love, respect and protect the nature that surrounds us.

All of us - come from childhood

If you select books for children 10-12 years old, pay special attention to the work of Mark Twain "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". This unique thing can be read endlessly, to return to it again and again. And each time the reader will find something new for himself. If you decide which books for children of 10 years must necessarily be in the library, then this is the place to put on the honor. After all, even the most vivid, unusual and impressive works of us all the same over time are forgotten. And it happens, you look at your bookshelf, you read the names of the familiar authors and the names of their immortal works, and it seems that you remember exactly what this book is about, but, alas, the memory has faded pretty much over the years, and from the first lines you again sink In an extraordinary invented world, which is so amazing and tempting that the reader instantly finds itself beyond reality. So it will be with your child. From the first lines the reader is immersed in the world of adventure, full of colors and impressions. Probably, many of us were the same Tomas Sawyers in childhood. Perhaps not so bold, desperate, skilful at inventions, not so alive, not so bright, but still much of the invented Tom Sawyer is or was in each of us. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" will not leave anyone indifferent. It seems that fate does not send a hero to the hero, on the contrary, he experiences destiny. Many of his actions, we would call senseless, but the hero firmly believes in his ideals, is confident of his victory. And this can not but delight the reader. And I want all of us, at least sometimes, to remember that we come from childhood, where the world remains always sunny.

Learning to value friends and love nature

Books for children of 10 years are not limited to the above works. For example, Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling also takes pride of place on the shelf of any schoolboy. This is the story of an Indian boy named Mowgli, who was raised by wolves. He grew up in their pack and ate milk of a she-wolf, which replaced his mother. Mind and courage allow him to survive in difficult conditions in the jungle. Here he finds not only loyal and kind friends, but also patrons: Akela, Balu, graceful panther Bagheera and boa Kaa. A brave Mowgli is waiting for a lot of dangerous adventures, overcome by loyal friends and following the Law of the Jungle. The book about Mowgli captures the description of exotic nature and animals, whether it be a graceful panther or an unwieldy bear. Reading this book, the child begins to believe in the beauty and harmony of the world.

Learning to be kind and merciful

Recommended books for children of 10 years include the work of Mikhail Gershenzon "Robin Hood". This is the hero of all known legends. For several centuries, his figure attracts the attention of famous artists. About him they write literary works, make films, put on performances, and his popularity does not fade. There are many artistic versions of Robin Hood. This is a kind archer who lived in the woods with his army of shooters. He was brave and noble, he fought cruel injustice, defending the poor. He was called a robber from the Sherwood Forest, who took away purses from the rich and generously distributed money to the poor. He is merciless towards those who deceive and plunder the people, and always stand up for the protection of the destitute, the weak and the poor. And also Robin Hood - cheerful and witty, bold, fair and rather resourceful. The book teaches us how to be kinder and gentler in relation to each other, recalls charity and compassion.

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