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The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Here we watch films, work, communicate, develop ourselves, and this is only a small part of what the global network gives. All this diversity is available only through various services and information sites. In order to visit this or that site, you need to use the browser. And for the formation of a collection of selected sites, the bookmarks bar is perfect. This function is built into most modern browsers by default. It optimizes the work on the Internet, while reducing the time spent searching for a particular resource. In other words, you can put your favorite site in the bookmarks bar, and it will always be at your fingertips. Among other things, modern Internet browsers are equipped with the top bar of bookmarks, which hosts those sites that you view most often.

Many manufacturers of Internet browsers describe in their manuals the rules of using and adding sites to the bookmarks bar. But in this article, we'll talk about common, common to many browsers, the moments of adding sites to favorites.

Among modern browsers, the leading place is occupied by Chrome - Google's own development. It was created in September 2008, but only by December of the same year a stable version of the product came out. To date, the number of its users reaches 300 million, which is why it occupies a leading position among modern browsers.

At the end of March 2013, Chrome's share in the browser market exceeded 35%. It is noteworthy that it is often updated, allowing it to increase its level of security. In addition, this browser has the maximum level of interactivity, for example, when visiting a site, the user will be warned if this resource is in a black database. This database is formed by Google to warn Chrome users about phishing sites that may contain malicious software. Among other things, Chrome has a high speed of performance, this is achieved by the fact that under each tab the browser creates its own separate process. At the same time, if one of the tabs "hangs", others will continue to function.

The Chrome bookmarks bar has a permanent connection to Google servers, which allows you to store all the browser settings on your account, so you can access the database of your favorite sites from any computer.

There is a slightly less popular browser - Mozilla Firefox. At one time he held a leading position, but the latest updates made him a very "heavy" application, which affected the usability of the not for the better. The Firefox bookmarks bar is stored on the local computer, and before formatting the disks, you will need to backup the databases of selected sites.

We recommend using the Chrome browser in your work, its bookmarks bar and speed of work are suitable for most everyday tasks. And for sophisticated users it is possible to install a variety of extensions.

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