"Market Play" Error 963. Error Code 963 in the "Play Store": what to do? How to fix error 963 in the "Play Store"?

Unfortunately, there is still no official list of Google's bugs. Therefore, to find out the reasons and look for ways to fix it is necessary for Android users. One of the most common problems is the "Play Store" error 963. Today we will find out why it arises, and what to do in such a situation.

What's happening?

As a rule, "Play Market" produces an error 963 when installing or updating various programs. A message appears on the device screen indicating that the system could not load the application. It looks like this:

In most cases, this occurs when the software is downloaded to an external drive - that is, to a microSD drive instead of the internal memory of the device.

Possible reasons

Let's find out why the "Play Store" error occurs. There are only a few reasons that can trigger its appearance:

  • The client cache is full. When you download any applications to Android, temporary files remain in your phone or tablet memory. Their number is constantly growing, and after a while it can become critical. That is, the error arises because the system simply has nowhere to write down data about the new version of the application.
  • Problems with the SD card. Most often, it is because of them that error 963 occurs. Here, there are options: either the memory card itself is faulty, or the data transfer to the USB flash drive fails.

  • In some cases, the issue may be related to updating the version of Google Play itself. The fact is that unlike all other applications it is updated automatically in the background. Errors occur if you used the "Market" at the time you downloaded the new version. Due to the fact that some files are active, the system can not overwrite them, and the update is not installed correctly.

It is worth saying that error 963 can occur on any Android device, regardless of the amount of memory and version of the operating system. Fortunately, in most cases, the problem is solved in just 15 minutes.

Error 963 in the "Playmarket": what to do?

There are several ways to solve this problem, depending on the reasons for its occurrence. Unfortunately, it is possible to establish the exact cause only in an experimental way, in turn trying various options for correction.

Clearing the cache

The first thing to do if you see the error code 963 in the "Play Store" is to delete temporary files and data from memory, that is, clean the application cache. How to do it?

  • Go to Settings> Applications, and find the Play Market tab on the All tab.
  • The screen will display all the information about the program. Find and click the "Clear cache" button.
  • Go back to the list of all applications and go to the program, at the start of which an error occurs.
  • Uninstall the application cache.

Additionally, you can clean up temporary files in the Google Services Framework and in the Google Play Services. After that, try to start the program again and check if the error message has disappeared. If not, proceed to the next option.

Transfer to internal memory

As you already know, the "Play Store" error 963 can occur due to a malfunction in the operation of the flash card. In this case, the solution may be to move the application to the internal memory of the device.

To do this, go back to "Settings", open the list of all applications, find the one you need and click on the "Move to internal drive" button (in different versions of Android the text may differ slightly). Do nothing and do not press until the process is complete. Then try again to update the program through the Play Market and run it.

Disconnect SD card

Error code 963 in the "Play Store" can indicate a problem in the operation of the flash drive itself. If the previous options did not help, you should try to temporarily disable MircoSD. The main thing is to do it right.

  • Go to "Settings"> "Memory".
  • Click the "Unmount SD card" button.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Pull the USB flash drive out of the slot.
  • Re-enable the device.

Now try again to update the application that gives the error. If after this everything works fine, you can insert the card back. But pay attention: if errors continue to occur, and the phone or tablet slows down, then, most likely, the flash drive will have to be replaced.

Uninstalling Play Market updates

With the error 963 often encountered users who have installed "Market" version 6.1 and higher. It may be necessary to uninstall the latest updates and return to an earlier version of Google Play in order to restore normal applications. You can do this in the same place where we cleaned the cache ("Delete Updates" button). Confirm the deletion and wait until the process is complete. Please note that it may take several minutes. As always, we conduct a test and try to update the program that interests us. If it does, then there have been compatibility issues.

Reinstalling a Problematic Application

This is another option you should try if you have a "Market Play" error 963. If the store itself opens normally, you should completely delete all data about the application from the phone and SD card, and then try to install it again. Unfortunately, some information may be lost.

Radical method: reinstall the Play Market

This option is suitable only for those who are at least a little versed in computers and technology. The fact is that you can not reinstall the "Market" in the usual mode. In order to do this, you need root-rights.

Help: root-access (superuser rights) is a special mode that allows the owner of the Android device to gain full control over system files with the possibility of editing and / or deleting them.

The first thing you need to do is install one of the many programs for root-rights on your smartphone or tablet-for example, Framaroot, Root Genius or Kingroot.

Then we proceed as follows:

  • Run the program and get the superuser rights.
  • Delete the Play Market.
  • Search the web and download the apk-file of the "Market". Use only reliable sources and be sure to check the file for viruses.
  • Transfer the installer to the phone's memory.
  • Run the program and set "Play Store" again.

After that, you need to wait until the store itself, as well as other applications will be updated, and only then try to open the program you are interested in.

What if nothing helped?

If all the recommendations on how to fix the error 963 in the Play Store were useless, we will have to move to even more stringent measures, since here we are talking about serious system damage. In this case, you can try to perform a full reset of Android with the removal of all files and return to the factory settings ("Settings"> "Restore and reset").

In a pinch, you may need to re-flash the device, but before this comes extremely rarely. As practice shows, most applications are restored after cleaning the cache and removing updates.

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