How to make a slideshow yourself

To date, few people can be surprised only, even if by quality and original, photographs. It becomes important the very manner of their submission, and therefore many citizens prefer to create clips, videos, presentations and so-called slideshows.

Section 1. How to make a slide show. We define the concept.

Before I tell you how to make a slide show, I would like to devote some of this article to the definition of this concept.

It is a kind of presentation video, including photos selected in advance. The main feature of the latter is the replacement of each other in a carefully and very individually selected order. In addition, it is customary to make this presentation with the help of modern computer applications, and also impose music.

Although I will immediately hasten to assure that the availability of high-quality photographs and an ideally recorded music composition is far from a guarantee of success. Those who want to create something really original, will have to include imaginative thinking and maximum imagination. In this and only in this case, the transitions between the frames will be smooth, the design of the photos will be interesting, and the resulting slide show will result in the impression of something unusual and exciting.

Section 2. How to make a slide show of photos and why we need it.

In general, it seems to me that the slide show made from the pictures provides an opportunity to combine in one whole all the pleasant memories of some unusual event.

Qualitatively and, as the saying goes, with a soul, the slide show can later perform the role of a so-called virtual photo album, which you can easily send to friends via e-mail or post on Internet pages.

If you achieve beautiful transitions and add emotionally colored music, then you can turn the viewing of pictures into an exciting and interesting pastime.

In most cases, before making a beautiful slide show, the author must set himself a certain task and answer the question about what he wants to get as a result. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the most common topics for this type of presentation are the following:

  • A love story with a happy ending;
  • Noisy corporate holidays;
  • Wedding or wedding;
  • Family celebrations, holidays and anniversaries;
  • Presentations as a report on visited exhibitions or held promotions;
  • Children's pictures: matinees, birthdays, trips and walks;
  • Excursions and travel;
  • Various kinds of events, for example, graduation, school ball, last call, party, etc.

Section 3. How to make a slideshow yourself and is it possible?

There is an opinion that in order to get a high-quality virtual photo album, you must always seek help from professionals. I'll hasten to assure you that this is nothing more than a delusion.

To create a slideshow, you only have to go through several stages:

1. Decide on the choice of a special program. There are a huge number of them and each offers users a huge range of functions. Personally, I prefer to use AMS Software. This application has everything in order to create a quality and memorable slide show. I choose pictures, add musical accompaniment, I impose inscriptions and that's all! The video is ready!

2. Note that you will need to calculate the time. Optimal is the display of 12 to 20 images per minute. Plus, do not forget about the duration of the music, otherwise it may turn out that you have not shown all the desired pictures yet, and the musical accompaniment was over.

3. For the display, you should naturally try to choose the best quality images. In extreme cases, they can be edited (for example, AMS Software allows it to be done), to add or add dynamic effects.

4. Beforehand, consider the scenario of your future slide show. Divide all the photos into thematic blocks and achieve smooth transitions between the slides.

5. Without slogans and headings, the slideshow can not perform an informative function. This will make viewing difficult and may cause boredom among viewers.

6. Music should be in harmony with the plot of the presentation. If necessary, the audio can be trimmed.

And, finally, the key moment in how to do a slide show is editing. In order to "revitalize" the presentation, use all sorts of motion effects, decorative elements and options for transitions between images.

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