Program for modeling: volume objects, architectural projects, interior, clothing

3D modeling is a common and very interesting direction in computer graphics. They start to be engaged for different reasons and with different intentions. But whatever the goals, persistence and talent, without specialized software is indispensable. The program for modeling is the base through which the user will learn to create masterpieces.

Blender 2.50

It is widely believed that "free cheese is only in a mousetrap", and therefore - software for which you do not have to pay - a software with a dirty trick. Blender 2.50 is a pleasant exception, it's a free, but pretty good simulation program.

Perhaps the secret is that it is a program from the Linux OS, the Windows version of which is in no way inferior to the original. And Linux programs, as you know, are always of high quality, accessible and open source.

Have Blender 2.50 and other advantages of Linux utilities: it does not take much space on the computer's hard drive, does not require a powerful processor and is generally unpretentious for configuration - it can work even on a weak netbook.

Functional features

With regard to functional features, everything here is also on the first one, and on the second one, and on the subsequent looks, everything is quite good: "Blender 2.50" provides a full range of possibilities for 3D modeling, including working with particles, wind simulation, fluid flow effects, structuring and Deforming not only solid, but also soft bodies, editing surfaces from curves, and so on.

Proceeding from all of the above, we can conclude that "Blender 2.50" is an excellent choice for those who really want to learn 3D graphics and at the same time not to pay for programs for 3D modeling. The interface of the application is not simple: you have to deal with the abundance of functions. However, it's worth it.

3DS Max

3DS Max is a widely used program for modeling. It is paid, but on the Internet, it is not difficult to find free repacks, and even portable versions (that is, not requiring installation). The latter, by the way, is very well-made - it works even on old PCs with Windows XP.

In 3DS Max you can simulate, in fact, anything, but what it was created for is, of course, architectural modeling. The projects of future buildings in the program are very convenient to create - they are quite possible to "revive" them with lighting, small details, composition. All this is available with the help of a clear functional interface.

In view of the prevalence of 3DS Max, it has good support, from time to time there are updates, modules and plug-ins that allow it to be positioned as the best software on the market. This is an interior modeling program, and an application that allows you to create models of volume objects, natural landscapes, haircuts and hairstyles - the application is very wide.

"Interior Design 3D 2.31"

Since we are talking about the interior, we can not fail to mention the "Interior Design 3D 2.31". This is a specialized interior modeling program. Its main advantage in its simplicity: in just thirty minutes it is possible to build a model of apartment redevelopment, even if the application was launched for the first time.

"Design of the Interior" is designed specifically for users who do not know either the base of graphic design or the skills of 3D modeling - it has a collection of more than 100 materials for decoration and furniture, which allows even a simple inhabitant to use it for the intended purpose without understanding the little things that He will not need any more.

Well, for those who plan to continue to design interior, the program will be a wonderful starting point, clearly showing what to expect from the chosen specialization. This program for modeling is shareware and is supplied by the developer of AMS Software.

Virtual Fashion Professional

In addition to interior design, there is also a clothing design, for which the developers also did not forget to release the software. As you can see, 3D modeling software has its own specifications, and such "giants" as "3DSMax" or "Blender" can be used by professionals of any areas of 3D design, while smaller utilities are oriented to one of the spheres.

So Virtual Fashion Professional - a program for modeling clothes, which was created for famous fashion designers such as Gucci, Prada and La Perla.

Graphic editor "Virtual Studio Pro" works with two-dimensional, and with three-dimensional models. Creating items of clothing is supposed to be step-by-step. A very simple and intuitive interface provides fast and high-quality 2D and 3D modeling.

In the list of features a wide selection of textures, dressing models with one click and more.

Marvelous Designer

A quality product in the software market is the Marvelous Designer. This is also a program for modeling clothes. It supports both polylines and drawing with free strokes, curves, seams and so on.

The advantage of Marvelous Designer is its integration with other common applications in the field of 3D design: already discussed above, "3DSMax", Maya ("May"), Poser ("Poser"), Lightwave ("LightWave") and others. This allows you to complement and modify the simulation. The work program is a package with the possibilities of developing patterns and sewing, fast and accurate drapery, support of many physical properties, characteristic for various fabrics, morphing and rendering.

Marvelous Designer ("Marvelous Designer" - "Stunning Designer") multilingual interface, including Russification, it is compatible with all versions of Windows, starting with XP. It is released in versions of Personal (Personal, Single-User) and Enterprise (For organizations, multi-user).

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