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Today it is impossible to imagine a user of a modern PC and the software installed on it without using a printer, because the use of paper documents and photos has not been canceled yet. Probably, that's why it is worthwhile to figure out which program for printing documents and photographs is suitable for each particular case best. At the same time, it will be possible to understand the main opportunities offered by applications of this direction.

What capabilities should any program for printing documents and photos have?

First of all, we note that in the software today you can find a large number of various utilities that help to optimize the process of printing documents, images or photographs. Naturally, you can find simple utilities for printing, say, a plain text document. And sometimes it is required to use professional and semiprofessional utilities to ensure the quality of printing.

Thus, it immediately becomes clear that also a program for printing text documents, as a rule, should be limited to a standard primitive set of functions. Judge for yourself, because when you print text from Notepad using a conventional laser printer, nothing supernatural from the application is, in general, not required. It all comes down to correct display of text on paper even with an inferior printer.

Situations where powerful utilities are required for printing

It's another matter when graphics are sent to print, for example, a high-resolution photo created with the help of a modern digital camera. In this case, the program for printing photos should have advanced features. This applies, by the way, not only to improved color rendering, but also some additional features for editing and preprocessing images.

Naturally, many can immediately exclaim that the most universal program is Adobe Photoshop. Let's disagree with this, because initially this software package is designed specifically for editing graphics, and certainly not for printing. In addition, among software products designed specifically for printing, there are more powerful utilities that allow to optimize the process so much that they are actively used on digital printing electronic equipment in modern photo studios.

In addition, such applications are used when creating and printing posters, postcards or large format posters, which can not be done with the simplest means.

The simplest programs for printing text

Among the simplest programs, you can select standard text editors such as "Notepad" or the simplest office text editors like WordPad.

Such applications, although they are not specialized utilities, nevertheless appeal to the printer installed in the system directly, allowing you to get, so to speak, a paper version of an electronic text document.

Program for printing Word documents

With office applications such as Microsoft Word, things are much more interesting. In addition to Word itself, which, like with primitive text editors, allows you to instantly print documents, you can find quite a few specialized utilities for improving the quality.

This is due to the fact that the word processor itself is capable of combining both text and graphics in documents. That's when the graphics are present, third-party utilities show themselves much better than the standard Word application. In addition, sometimes utilities may be required to print specific documents with non-standard formatting.

One of the most interesting is the WordPage program. It is very easy to use. The main purpose is to optimize the printing of books and brochures that were created in Word. The application allows you to print, for example, two sheets of A5 format on one sheet of A6. In addition to all, the application has support for two-sided printers, which, naturally, not only optimizes the process itself, but also reduces the time spent for this.

Utilities for printing photo on documents

No less interesting is some kind of program for printing photos for documents. A good example is the application Studio Pro, which allows you to prepare a photo for a document in a few minutes by template.

In the application itself, you can adjust the image, adjust the brightness and contrast, make full control of the position of the pictures on the sheet, etc. In addition, this utility can be used as a means of managing modern cameras and even changing their basic settings programmatically.

The most interesting thing is that in this package there are two more powerful utilities. This is StudioUEC for automating the process of capturing and software input of a universal signature for electronic bank cards, and StudioTW (the so-called Twain module), which is very often used to issue a driver's license by the relevant government services. As you can see, each program for printing photo documents (rather, documents with ready-made photos) is interesting and unique in its own way.

The simplest application for printing photos

As for software packages for working with photos, they can be roughly divided into two large categories: applications for home use and professional or semi-professional utilities for working in studios. Among the simplest products for the ordinary user, there are programs like Studio 2.0.0, Pics Print, Photo Print Pilot, PrintStation, MultiPrint, etc.

Each utility of this type allows you to make preliminary editing and processing of photos, import them from a hard disk, optical disc, removable USB-media, etc. The same utility Studio 2.0.0 has the ability to place several photos on one sheet. Programs such as Photo Print Pilot can complement the selected images with effects. For example, it can be a beautiful border selected from a list of templates or created from another photo. Here, as they say, the user only needs a flight of fantasy, well, but the means for the programs themselves are just enough.

Studio applications for professional printing

As for the most powerful applications, here, of course, you can note such software packages as ACD Photo Sale, ArcSoft PhotoPrinter, etc.

But now, according to many professionals working in photo studios, the palm tree belongs to a unique software product called SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro. Its capabilities are such that, in some moments concerning the editing and preparation of photos for printing, this application can be quite serious competition to the same Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes surpass it.

Not to mention the photo, we note also the fact that this program for printing photos is capable of even more. The fact is that with its help you can easily print even watermarks, and this is an impressive indicator. Naturally, this requires not some simple printer, but modern professional equipment.

The only thing that grieves, it's just that, alas, almost all applications of this type are paid and cost about 30-60 US dollars.

Programs for working with PDF-documents

Now a few words about universal documents in PDF format. If someone does not know how the program for printing PDF-documents can use the universal software package for scanners ABBYY Fine Reader, capable of converting scanned paper Talmuds into documents of this format, as they say, on the fly, and then print them out, while retaining Original formatting, color rendering, etc., then there are a lot of possibilities. It is interesting.

Another interesting program for printing PDF documents (and not only) is the FinePrint application, which is a universal printer driver. The program can not only create PDF documents, but also manage all printing parameters, including printing multiple pages on a single sheet, creating printed forms and forms, setting binder padding, scaling large pages and images in standard paper formats, combining multiple print jobs In a single document, printing booklets and postcards, the use of watermarks and headers in print with the indication of time or date, changing the color image to black and white, and much more. Total not listed.

Here it is worth noting one more feature. Not to mention the possibility of using two-sided printing to save paper, you can include a special system of saving ink cartridges.

Creating Stamps

Separately it is necessary to tell about what the program for creation of stamps of standard samples represents, which then will be made by industrial way. One of the most simple and accessible to the ordinary user is the utility Stamp 1.3 with the Russian interface.

Although the application itself has only its own templates, which is a sin, many users on their basis successfully forge official stamps and seals. If you dig a little in the templates and perform simple actions, you can achieve an amazing result. In the application there is even a blur function, which makes it look like a forged seal or stamp more realistic. In addition, this program for creating seals and stamps is released in a portable version (Portable), which eliminates the need to install it on the hard drive. In other words, you can run it from a regular flash drive whenever and wherever you want.

In principle, you can use the so-called "cloud" programs, the essence of which is that the user needs to go to a specific site and, following the instructions step by step, create a print layout on-line. But such a method did not receive special propagation.

The result

Here, in fact, is a brief overview of the applications that you may need to optimize printing. Which program for printing documents or photographs will be used depends on the specific case and on what result is required to obtain.

Incidentally, it is worth recalling that the printer here plays an important role. So you have to pay attention to it. It is clear after all that the simplest laser "old man" is suitable only for text documents. Even inkjet printers for printing photos are not always suitable. To get quality photos, you need a good photo printer, not to mention the professional equipment that is used in photo studios.

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