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Military duty is a citizen's duty

As part of the generally accepted duty, military records list all men who have reached the age of conscription. It is allowed not to call the following categories of citizens into the ranks of the army:

  • Exempt from military duties in accordance with the law;
  • Who are in military service;
  • Those in custody;
  • women;
  • Permanent residents of the administrative border of Russia.

The first registration is carried out during the period from January 2 to March 31, exactly the year when the adolescent reached the age of 17 years. This is the first point in the life of a man in which his military duty is expressed. It is implemented by a special commission created in the administrative education at the place of residence. As for the female, the entry of them into the register occurs after the receipt of a certain military registration specialty during the calendar year.
Those selected for service in the ranks of the army are required to undergo special training, as required by the general military duty. This training includes:

  • Obtaining initial knowledge of defense;
  • Familiarization with the basics of military service in any educational institution;
  • Training in military specialties;
  • Medical examination and examination;
  • Military-patriotic education;
  • Participation in medical and recreational activities.

Preparation of the future soldier for service takes place in two periods. First, in the pre-conscription age, you want to get a general education, focus on physical training, determine personality inclinations. Citizens of older years are already familiar with the notion of "military duty" and are on the roster, their preparation is much more focused. They get acquainted with the content of the present service, with the basic requirements that they impose on the state of their health and the psychological qualities of the soldier.

There is such a thing as voluntary preparation for military service. As a supplement to military duty and military service, it is capable of providing:

  • Enthusiasm for military-applied sports subspecies;
  • Training in programs with an army bias;
  • Gaining knowledge to achieve officer reserve ranks.

The military duty of full-time students on a state basis (training of officers) helps to maintain the stock of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They have the right to conclude a contract with the Ministry of Defense, according to which, they can be trained at the military department of their educational institution, and in the future - carry the service of conscription.

The training program for officers provides for 30-day training, which can be considered military. For the period of these mass events, students are called cadets. Unlike other types of training, such specialties as "Navigational Aviation", "Navigator Aviation", require a longer collection period - 75 days.

During the training period, cadets take examinations, examinations, and after completing the whole program - final examinations held in the military unit or university. Students who have successfully passed the disciplines are given officer ranks, and the former cadets are included in the reserve. The further appeal of these citizens (as a military duty) is regulated by the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.

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