What is the tax on an apartment for pensioners?

Is there an apartment tax for pensioners in Russia? This question interests many. And not always directly beneficiaries. In practice, this issue is being handled by relatives of older people to avoid paying taxes on the apartment. But is it worth it? Are people who have gone on a well-deserved vacation have certain privileges in respect of real estate and property in general? This is worth talking about. After all, the nuances of our today's question are not known to everyone. Most often no one is aware of them.

Is it always pay

First, you need to find out whether there are benefits for pensioners in respect of taxes on real estate (apartments) or not. If not, in which cases is it worth making the appropriate payments.

It is sometimes difficult to answer this question. After all, much depends on the specific situation. The property tax (apartments, houses, cottages) is a very subtle moment in the Russian legislation. And it is possible to draw appropriate conclusions only in view of all the attendant circumstances.

In any case, we can say for sure - the tax on an apartment for pensioners, in principle, exists. But it is not always paid. And there are many points that help to get benefits or completely free you from paying. All this is to be seen further.


For example, there is a so-called property tax. Among the population, it is better known as a property tax. Most often it affects apartments and houses. Requires annual contributions from taxpayers.

But not in our case. Tax on the apartment for pensioners (property) is completely absent. In any case. Only a few know about this. And the tax authorities continue to send out the relevant payment documents year after year, which are paid. To stop this phenomenon, it is usually necessary to apply with a statement and proof of their benefits. Remember, the property tax is not paid by retired people at the moment. Never ever. With no exceptions.

Buy working

The next situation that can affect real estate is its purchase. Very often, citizens are entitled to a deduction from the transaction. And the tax when buying an apartment by a pensioner is not paid. Working older people are entitled to an appropriate deduction for the specified period of time.

This is a very simple process. For him, you will have to produce all the declarations, as well as certificates of expenses, about the right of ownership. And you will receive 13% of the transaction made back.

In practice, this possibility is used very often. No one wants to let it go. But it is advisable to hurry up - the pensioner will have only 3 years to make a request for a tax deduction from the purchase of an apartment. After this period, this right is burned. And it will not be possible to return it in any way.

For non-working

By the way, the apartment tax for pensioners who do not work, also has its own nuances. If an elderly person suddenly buys a property, he can receive, as in the case described above, a corresponding deduction. In this situation, many conditions will have to be taken into account.

For example, you can draw a deduction for any year preceding the purchase, but not more than 3 years. In addition, you are entitled to a refund of 13% of the transaction. And thus the maximum sum of a deduction can not exceed 2 million rubles. These are the rules that exist in modern legislation.

Please note, if a citizen who has gone on a well-deserved rest buys not an apartment but a land, then he must pay all taxes in full. In this respect, the state does not give any concessions. Land tax is paid by all taxpayers in full. And it does not matter who you are - a pensioner or a working citizen.


Often, older people agree to sell their property. This is a very common case. And many people wonder whether it is necessary to pay tax on the sale of apartments to pensioners. After all, such citizens do not pay any property taxes!

It does not change anything. The property tax (real estate) has nothing to do with the contract of sale. According to modern laws, all taxpayers must pay income taxes. That is, those that are accrued for income received by citizens.

Nobody frees them of pensioners. It turns out that even older people should fully pay income tax. It appears when selling real estate or any other property. You can not get away from him. In Russia, this rule applies to all taxpayers.

How much to pay

How to calculate the tax on an apartment? Everything is very easy and simple. We have already found out that when buying an apartment, all pensioners have the right to regain a certain amount of money spent on the transaction. But what about the sale? How much to pay? What will be the tax on the apartment in this case? The calculation is extremely simple.

It is enough to turn to modern legislation. In Russia, the income tax, as you know, leaves 13%. Just this amount from the transaction will have to be transferred to the tax authorities. There is a small exception to the rules, when this payment has no sense and legitimate reasons. And not only with respect to retirees. But about him a little later.

How much should you "repulse"? There are 2 different values of real estate - cadastral and market. In this sense, it is difficult to answer. According to the laws, 13% deduction should be made according to the cadastral value of the apartment. But they think otherwise in the tax authorities. And require a recalculation of the market price of the apartment. Do not settle for this, this is a direct violation of your rights. Remember, calculations are conducted only by cadastral value. From these data, it is necessary to "repulse" pensioners.

An exception

What was the exception? The tax on an apartment for pensioners at sale can be absent. This has already been said. But you need to observe one holy rule. Which one?

The property must be in the elderly person at least 3 years old. It is desirable that this period was longer. In this case, the income tax from the transaction is not paid. So, there will not be any monetary charges from the pensioner when selling an apartment. Very good news for those who for a long time did not dare to this kind of deal. You will receive all the funds received in full. There is nothing difficult to understand in this. Just remember - to sell an apartment without paying taxes for the transaction will have to wait at least 3 years from the date of acquisition of this property.

How to qualify for benefits

The last question remains. We figured out when there is a tax on the apartment. Benefits for pensioners are also provided. To receive them, you need to contact the tax service with a specific list of documents. And to claim their rights. What is the order of treatment? What do you need to receive benefits for real estate for pensioners? Take with you:

  • Application for a privilege (if there are several possible options for obtaining a tax credit, only one is chosen);
  • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • SNILS;
  • Bank account details (for deduction);
  • Documents confirming your preferential rights;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • Information on income and pensions;
  • Certificates of ownership.

It's all. With a full list of documents, you should contact the tax authorities at the place of your residence (or residence). And you will be given the proper privileges. If you need to draw a deduction of funds for property tax, then to all the above securities, attach payment documents and declarations confirming the overpayment. For the last 3 years. That's all. Now we know everything concerning tax payments for pensioners regarding apartments and real estate in general. By the way, if it is a question of the transport tax elderly people, as a rule, pay only 10% from the sum specified in the document. Or nothing at all, if the machine is equipped with a low-power engine.

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