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Bake the red fish in the oven. Tips and recipes

Do not think that only professional chefs know how delicious to bake red fish. In this article, you will find the perfect recipe for cooking it. The main thing is not to confuse anything.

Recipe for baked red fish: salmon with lemon and onions

When they talk about red fish, the first thing that comes to mind is the salmon. We'll cook it. So, today we bake red fish in the oven, seasoning it with lemon and onions. The time that takes to create a masterpiece usually takes a little more than an hour. The dish is ideal for a hearty meal, and also serves as an exquisite dinner. This recipe is for two people.

Bake the red fish in the oven. Necessary ingredients

You will need a half a kilo of excellent salmon, a fresh medium-sized lemon, a pinch of table salt, an onion, a little pepper (black ground). For the sauce you need to take four spoons of low-fat sour cream, one garlic clove, a bunch (or less) of dill and salt.

Bake the red fish in the oven. Cooking method

In fact, there is no need for special efforts or skills. The grades of red fish in their taste qualities are original, and cooking it is a pleasure. You can not even use additional ingredients, but with fish, the fish will turn out to be more spicy and, in addition, more useful. Onion disinfects the human body, relieves various infections and strengthens your immune system. Another amazing feature of the onion is that it almost does not lose useful properties even after heat treatment.

Bake the red fish in the oven. detailed instructions

So, take the salmon fillet, pour the sour cream into the bowl, get the lemon, the bunch of fresh dill, the garlic slice and the spices. Lemon is not necessary to clean, in zest contains a lot of useful elements. Just cut it into neat rings. Similarly, cut the bulb (it is, of course, previously rid of the husks). Wash the red fish fillets thoroughly in cold water, then wipe them with dry napkins or a clean kitchen towel. Rub the fish with fine salt from all sides. Take a baking dish in which the fish will fit, and cover the bottom with foil. Put the fish on the foil and cover with onion rings, pepper fillets. The next layer is lemon circles. All this beauty tightly wrapped in a sheet of foil and sent to the oven for exactly one hour. Salmon roasting temperature is 180 degrees. Do not waste time for nothing until the fish is soaked in the aroma of onion and lemon in the oven. Take care of the sauce. First, chop finely chopped dill. Add it to a bowl containing sour cream, stir well. Crush the garlic with a knife or a garlic clutch and add to the sauce. Lightly salt. Put a bowl in the fridge so that the mixture is infused and evenly soaked with the aromas of its ingredients. Check the readiness of the fish. If all is well, then let it cool down a bit, cut into small portions and serve it to the table. Place the bowl with sauce in the center of the table. This dish is perfectly combined with red wine, so if you have a romantic dinner, buy a bottle of this drink.

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