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Gender education of your baby

Our current modern world is very volatile and dynamic. He dictates to us his laws and rules, sets priorities. In a society there are global social changes that are not by our will often lead to a breach, and even a complete destruction of the usual stereotypes associated with a purely masculine or purely feminine behavior.

To date, gender relations are very democratic and this has led and continues to lead to partial feminization of men and to the so-called women's affection. Now there is almost no condemnation of the swearing and smoking of representatives of the weak half of humanity, many women occupy leading positions and positions in the society of men, there are almost no occupations and positions that only a woman or, conversely, only a man can do.

This question was extremely interested specialists. After all, the very "erasure" of the boundaries between a man and a woman occurs, and this has a detrimental effect on relations in the family and on the health of the nation as a whole. Scientists tackled this issue closely, after which it was decided to introduce a new term "gender", which in English means "sex."

Gender education of the child is a difficult task, but it is fully feasible for every parent. It is designed not only to help the child realize himself as a representative of a certain sex, except that the child should have a clear concept: "I am a boy / I am a girl, and I have certain social roles, character traits and behavior."

During the Soviet Union, gender education was not taken into account at all, there was no separation in development according to gender, boys and girls received equal education.

In our time, the gender education of preschool children and schoolchildren in the lower grades is a matter that is given special attention in both kindergartens and junior schools. Without any doubt, the education of girls should be different from the education of boys, not only in style, but also in the composition of the training material itself. Parents are often frightened by the term "gender pedagogy", although, as you saw, there is nothing complicated in this.

Experienced and progressive teachers try to separate the educational process of the kids as far as possible. This, of course, is correct, because, as proved by science, the basic skills and principles of behavior are laid in a man at the earliest age, and later to change something in the mind of the baby will already be quite difficult, and sometimes absolutely impossible.

Probably, it is not necessary to dwell on the characteristic features, principles and key points of gender education of your baby. Simply put, in educational institutions and in the family, the boy must be educated in order to become a real man, gentleman and protector, and the girl after a few turned into a caring mother and keeper of the hearth.

Gender education is a time-consuming process that requires full commitment and a huge amount of strength and attention. If you are lucky, and in the kindergarten there is a similar separation, it is important that you continue to adhere to the same line and at home. Otherwise, the child may develop such contradictions in his head that the entire process of education will simply go wrong, because The greatest authority for crumbs is, after all, not a teacher in a kindergarten, but a native mother and father.

In our time in big cities, it is not uncommon to consider separate gardens and schools for boys and girls. Of course, one can see both its pluses and minuses in this, but gender education is called upon to solve the world's threat of "depersonalization" of the sex, it will allow to grow and educate real men and women endowed with the right values.

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