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Evgeny Bolotov is a man with a giant lip. The ugliest person

Sometimes on the street there are such people, at the sight of which you want to go to the other side of the road and cause ghost hunters - they look so terrible. And it's not that Mother Nature has deprived them of beauty, but that they themselves do it all with themselves. Now the brightest representative of people who are experimenting with their appearance is a young man named Evgeny Bolotov.

Problems from childhood

Evgeniy from childhood was a very shy guy, and in his school years he had no friends. Eugene could not stand studying, for him the school was equated with a real concentration camp, and he often skipped.

The desire to somehow self-fulfilling came in very young years, but his parents forbade him to change his appearance. Then the guy became addicted to piercing, often repainted his hair. This parents could still endure and counted on the fact that the son will come to his senses and will again be a normal person when he grows up.

After graduation, the unique child left at the behest of parents to study at the academy, but soon she was abandoned. He made his choice at the age of eighteen, thinking that he was already quite grown up and could make his own decisions.

Unmanaged son

Eugene, now known as the "platypus man," was a perfectly normal outwardly guy, but he did everything in his power to prove to his parents what is an independent person. He dropped out of school, because he believed that management or another profession he absolutely does not need, and he will be able to achieve success in another direction, through his own modification.

Parents and grandmothers groaned and gasped when the guy came with new "ornaments", but still eventually reconciled, as they understood that it is simply impossible to manage this person. Now there is harmony in their family, and the guy is accepted as he is.


Now the guy is distinguished not only by strongly stretched lips, but also earlobes, nasal septum. His first "decoration" guy chose stretched lobes. He admits that those that are now available are too small, only 16 millimeters, and there were forty-three. He was just young, frostbitten, had to be sutured.

Then he switched to his lips. The lower lip was first affected by the change when the guy inserted a disc into it. Bolotov admits that this is only the beginning. The lower lip of the guy is already stretched to 60 millimeters, and the upper one - to 33, but he dreams about two hundred!

Later, the young man switched to the nasal septum, which did not give him rest for his appearance. Now it is almost nonexistent - it is so stretched.

Tattoos on the eyebrows Eugene did a long time ago, he still has a drawing on his arm, leg, partly on his back, but he dreams of a tattoo on the whole body. He says that in clothes he feels naked, he wants to completely close the body, so that even the smallest part of the skin is tightly wrapped.

On the lips of Eugene's own discs, he is proud of it, creates their different colors, which, like costumes, changes for every suitable occasion.

By the way, he completely rejects campaigns to professionals, and stretches the skin on his own. He likes the process itself. Evgeny Bolotov says that his body is plasticine, from which he molds what he wants. Tattoos prefer to do in the salon of the master, as he himself does not know how to fill in the drawings.

Why "platypus"?

Evgeny Bolotov is a body-modifier, that is, a person who experiments with his own appearance. He chose a nickname - Platypus, which from English translates as "platypus". He liked these Australian animals since childhood, and he even created a group on the Internet with the same name. All people who are similar to Eugene come there.

Eugene Bolotov himself says that he does not dream of completely turning into this animal, but he really liked him very much.

Is it difficult to communicate with people with this appearance?

Stretched lips, dreadlocks, tattoos - it's all like Zhenya Bolotov. He says that many people make fun of him on the street, they point a finger at him. It is easy for him only in Moscow, St. Petersburg, but in his native Perm he has to completely cover his face with a scarf to avoid silly questions, for example, how he manages to eat, talk and so on. In the evening, Evgeny Bolotov prefers to stay at home, because he is afraid of meeting with informal people or just "right" boys. He believes that these people are able to tear it to pieces.

With girls, the guy does not have any problems, he has become popular on the web, and the most attractive representatives of the weaker sex call him real handsome, especially eye. For more than a year, Eugene has been communicating with a girl and says that their relationship is serious. She does not make him stop in "self-improvement", loves to kiss!

How does the guy eat?

At first, the stretched lips prevented normal eating, this continued until the guy was not used. However, he still completely changed his diet and now prefers only raw vegetables and fruits.

Once, carried away by raw food, the guy almost died, skinny to thirty kilograms with an increase of one hundred and seventy centimeters. In this form, he was taken to the intensive care unit. Then he did not eat anything but fruit, did not even drink water. Now he included in the diet raw vegetables, sprouted buckwheat, began to drink water. Coffee, tea, boiled or baked products simply ceased to exist for him. To date, Bolotov weighs 57 kilograms.

How does Bolotov make a living?

The ugliest person, as many people call him, does not starve, as he earns himself. He lives with his parents, but does not allow himself to be supported. The guy is engaged in manufacturing designer discs for the lips, ears and other parts of the body. He makes them on his own lathe for himself and under the order.

Eugene also works as a model! He is invited not only to pose in front of photographic lenses, but also to fashion shows. He admits that he took a modeling business in his own way, and he is ready to work on the invitations of designers.

Now Bolotov has a new passion - he began to engage in bodybuilding. Photos with the appeared muscles and relief cubes can be seen on his personal page, or by joining the group of "platypuses".

Opinion of psychologist

And yet such a modification pushes thoughts not on the absolutely normal mental state of a person. Here we have collected all the reasons that, according to the psychologist, could encourage the guy to such a fanatical change in appearance:

  1. Glory, a lot of money. This is the very first reason, called a professional. The psychologist says that this kind of business is equated with the trade of one's own body. In this case, a person can not do anything else and decided to get fame and good money by changing his appearance. Indeed, Evgeny Bolotov receives good royalties for photography, his plans include becoming the "face" of some famous brand.
  2. Sadomasochism also has a place here. Eugene said that he stretches his skin, and it gives him pleasure. Picking your own body, giving yourself pain, seeing your own blood - these are all signs of a serious mental deviation.
  3. Unhealthy pride is the third reason. If a person seeks to make a "piece copy" of himself, admires his achievements in the mirror, this indicates that he is a sick person, too in love with himself.
  4. Sexual problems hidden deep in the soul. Perhaps the guy in the past someone was very upset, caused a psychological trauma, denied the relationship. Evgeny Bolotov could become a kind of person only because somewhere in the bins of the soul is not sure of its attractiveness, male power.

Anyway, this guy is not the only one of his kind. More and more young girls change their appearance, but in fact they unknowingly disfigure themselves by pumping their face with Botox. They think that they look amazing, in fact, it's just awful. Everyone who aspires to change something in himself should think many times, turn to specialists, in order to get rid of feelings of inferiority on the root.

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