Muddy urine - an excuse for immediate medical advice

It's no secret that for most patients, especially men, there is an inattentive attitude towards your own health. According to statistics, for consultation with a doctor, if urine is found during urination, immediately one of the ten representatives of the strong half of humanity will turn. There are many reasons for this state of affairs - employment at work, frequent stresses and overwork, but men forget that this symptom can indicate inflammatory and infectious diseases of the urinary system and genital tract, malignant and benign neoplasms, traumas, pathologies of the blood and lymph vessels.

The appearance of cloudy urine is a visible symptom of ill-being

In any case, muddy urine, which appeared even as a single symptom, indicates a clear problem in the body of a man. The most frequent cause of this symptom are inflammatory processes in the lower parts of the urethra and infections that are transmitted sexually (venereal diseases).

In the first case, cloudy urine in men appears against the background of complete well-being and the patient can not recall predisposing factors that preceded the appearance of this symptom. In the second case, the patient may recall that for some time before the appearance of visible turbidity in the urine, he had unprotected sexual contact - almost all venereal diseases have a latent incubation period of varying duration.

For sexually transmitted infections, it is characteristic that even in the absence of adequate therapy, cloudy urine may disappear for a while, but with the action of any provoking factor (hypothermia, nutritional error, alcohol abuse), this symptom will appear again. The disappearance of such a complaint in the patient does not indicate a recovery - the disease simply turns into a chronic stage and its destructive effect on the body continues, which often leads to the development of early and late complications.

What should I do if urine becomes cloudy?

Nevertheless, answering the question - why urine is turbid, it should be noted that such a symptom can appear briefly and with urinary diathesis, urolithiasis and in traumas of almost any department of the urethra. But in this case, usually in the urine there are other pathological impurities, most often - blood and mucus. In any case, to clarify the diagnosis is required to consult a qualified urologist, venereologist or andrologist - the appearance of any changes in color, odor and transparency of urine indicates a developing in the body of trouble. The doctor will necessarily inspect, and also recommend the necessary laboratory and instrumental examination.

The first test, which will need to be done if a cloudy urine is detected for the first time, is a clinical urine study, but the doctor must necessarily explain to the patient the rules for the preparation and collection of biological material for the study. When preparing for the collection of the analysis, it is necessary to hold the toilet of the external genitalia and to collect only the average portion of urine for the study. If changes are detected, the doctor can recommend a urine test for Nechiporenko, for Addis-Kakovskiy, a clinical blood test, and other diagnostic tests.

After completing the complex of primary examinations, the doctor will either be able to diagnose the patient and prescribe a treatment that will help to eliminate such a symptom as cloudy urine, or send a man for in-depth examination in specialized medical centers.

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