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Work for the summer: References, Grade 9

With the onset of summer, schooling ends, and happy children receive three months of free time. But this does not mean that you can forget about studies until the first of September. список литературы, и 9 класс в этом не исключение. Every year for the summer holidays students are given a list of literature, and the 9th grade is no exception.

Reading in 9th grade

The 9th grade is considered the final stage of the main school. After it is completed, some of the children continue their education in school, and the other goes on to continue their education in special educational institutions.

включает в себя множество больших и серьезных произведений русских и иностранных авторов. The list of the literature of the 9th grade includes many great and serious works by Russian and foreign authors. и запомнить весь необходимый объем за учебное время просто невозможно. It is simply impossible to read and memorize all the necessary volume for school time. список литературы на лето для 9 класса. Therefore, teachers always give students a list of literature for the summer for grade 9.

In the 9th grade, literature lessons of Russian poets and prose writers of the 19th and 20th centuries and foreign writers are studied.

XIX веке. Most of the literature, mandatory for reading, was written by Russian writers in the XIX century. This is due to the fact that it was during this period that many works were created that became classics not only in Russia but also abroad. It was at this time that their imperishable creations were written by Pushkin, Lermontov, Chekhov, Turgenev and many others.

Required to read

включает в себя в первую очередь множество произведений отечественных писателей-классиков. The summer list of literature for the 9th grade includes, in the first place, many works by Russian classics. All the works submitted for compulsory reading are dealt with in class. Many of them write essays.

включает в себя много произведений русских и зарубежных классиков. List of works on literature for grade 9 includes many works of Russian and foreign classics. А. С. Пушкина и его знаменитый роман в стихах «Евгений Онегин», А. С. Грибоедова с его комедией «Горе от ума», А. Н. Радищева - «Путешествие из Петербурга в Москву», М. Ю. Лермонтова с романом «Герой нашего времени», Н. В. Гоголя и его великие и незаконченные «Мертвые души». Among them, we can mention AS Pushkin and his famous novel in verse "Eugene Onegin", A. S. Griboedov with his comedy "Woe from Wit", A. N. Radischev - "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", M. Yu. Lermontov with the novel "The Hero of Our Time", NV Gogol and his great and unfinished "Dead Souls".

"Eugene Onegin" - one of the most famous works of Alexander Pushkin, for which the opera was even staged. In the process of studying this novel in verse, you can include operatic fragments in lessons to better understand the meaning.

On these works, you can even conduct a readers' diary, which briefly describe the story, list the main characters, give them characteristics. The diary will help you better remember the reading and make it easier to write essays and tests in the future.

You will also have to read the works of AN Ostrovsky, LN Tolstoy, FM Dostoyevsky, IS Turgenev, MA Bulgakov, MA Sholokhov. включает также рассказы А. П. Чехова и А. И. Куприна. The list of the literature of grade 9 includes also the stories of AP Chekhov and AI Kuprin.

On the work of Bulgakov's "Dog Heart" was shot the film of the same name. In literature lessons, you can set aside time and watch it. After viewing it is desirable to discuss what he saw, compare the book and the film.

« Матрёнин двор» и И. А. Бунин - «Темные аллеи». Required for reading in the program of grade 9 AI Solzhenitsyn with the story " Matryonin Dvor" and IA Bunin - "Dark alleys."

Foreign literature of the school program is represented by works by W. Shakespeare, D. Salinger, E. Hemingway and J. B. Moliere.

For extracurricular reading

The above mentioned authors and works are given for compulsory reading, but acquaintance with Russian and foreign literature is not limited to this list. To get better acquainted with the works of great classics, it is worthwhile to allocate time and read additional books. Each of them goes to the school of knowledge of the student, enriching him.

Extra-curricular reading helps to broaden the horizon, develops oral and written language skills, replenishes vocabulary. 9 классом список литературы можно пополнить такими произведениями, как «Севастопольские рассказы» Л. Н. Толстого, «Роковые яйца» и «Дни Турбиных» М. А. Булгакова. Therefore, before the 9th grade, the list of literature can be replenished with such works as L.N. Tolstoy's Sevastopol Stories, M.A. Bulgakov's "Fatal Eggs" and "Days of Turbines".

В. В. Маяковского. Also do not forget about the poems of Alexander Pushkin, NA Nekrasov, KN Batyushkov, AA Akhmatova, AA Blok, SA Esenin, MI Tsvetaeva and B V. Mayakovsky. Some of the works will have to be learned by heart, so it will be prudent to do this in advance and save valuable time in the school year.

Foreign literature for additional reading

Literature classes often arrange out-of-class readings, offering pupils the choice to read any works. Then they can ask for essays or discuss what they read in class. Foreign literature is rich in great works, so do not forget about it.

Before the 9th class, the list of literature for reading for the summer can be replenished with works by V. Hugo, W. Shakespeare, O. Balzac and R. Bach.

Do I have to read summer books?

Many people think that you should not give assignments for the summer, and in such a large amount. It would seem that in summer you need to rest from school, why read it? In fact, assignments for the summer are not mockeries of teachers, but, on the contrary, help in learning. The list of works that must be mastered for grade 9 is very large, and it is very, very difficult to read all this for the time allotted for study.

Therefore, to then in the school year not to sit at night over books, trying to master the work overnight, one must read in the summer.

How to have time to read everything and do not forget

To read all the given books, it is necessary to make a daily routine and include in it a mandatory reading item. It can be divided into a couple of hours a day. It is desirable to make notes in pencil in the book, leave bookmarks, marking such important moments as the characteristics of the main characters, the relationship of the author to the hero of the work. Such notes will help in the future to save time and quickly recall the contents of the book.

могут помогать детям в этом деле. Parents can help children in this matter. But do not strictly control the reading, turning it into coercion. This should give the students pleasure, because only then will it be useful. Periodically you can ask a teenager about what he is reading a book and what he plans to read further. Then ask briefly to retell the story, ask about what opinion he had about the work, liked the book or not. This way of testing will help the student to better understand and memorize the reading and turn reading into an exciting game.


Reading is a great gift that is given only to people. With its help, you can mentally move to the distant past, learn about the lives of various people, plunge into the whirlpool of events. Reading helps develop the imagination, expands the vocabulary and replenishes the luggage of knowledge.

So do not take this as an unpleasant duty. In any case, compulsory literature should still be read. So why not take reading in the summer as a fun game?

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