How and for what use "Retasol": customer reviews

Does the drug "Retasol" help with acne? Feedback from those who have ever used this tool will be presented in this article. Also in it you will find information about the composition of this medication, its features and contraindications.

Form and composition of the medicinal product

In what form is the preparation Retasol sold? The reviews say that it can be purchased in the form of a 0.025% solution intended for outdoor use. It is produced in glass bottles in volume of 50 ml, made of dark glass, which are placed in cardboard packages.

The active substance of this drug is isotretinoin. It also includes butyl hydroxy anisole, ethyl alcohol and butylhydroxytoluene.

Pharmacological features of a medical device

What is the purpose of the Retasol solution? The reviews state that the drug is intended to treat acne. It normalizes the terminal differentiation of cells, slows the hyperproliferation of the epithelium of the sebaceous glands, or rather their excretory ducts, and promotes the formation of detritus, greatly facilitating its evacuation.

Due to this effect of the medication, the patient's sebum production is noticeably reduced, its composition is normalized and release is facilitated. Also, the use of this agent reduces inflammation around the sebaceous glands.

With systemic and external use, the solution under consideration has anti-inflammatory, sebostatic, antiseboric, immuno- and kerato-modulating effects. In addition, it enhances the processes of regeneration of the skin.

Kinetic properties of the preparation

When ingesting isotretinoin is well absorbed from the digestive tract. In this case, absorption can increase if the drug was taken with food.

The peak concentration of the active substance of this agent in blood plasma is reached after 4 hours.

The biological availability of isotretinoin is low. This is due to its parietal metabolism in the intestinal walls, as well as the "first passage" through the liver.

The active substance of the agent in question is highly associated with plasma proteins. It is metabolized in the liver with the formation of the main derivative - 4-oxo-isotretinoin. In the process, partial isomerization of isotretinoin to tretinoin occurs.

The final half-life of tretinoin is 12-20 hours. The equivalent amount of this substance is determined unchanged in the feces, as well as in the form of metabolites in the urine.

As for the local use of isotretinoin, in this case its systemic absorption is small.

Indications for use

What is the use of the medication Retasol? Customer feedback reports that such a solution for external use copes well with papulo-pustular acne, seborrhea, pinkheads and perioral dermatitis.

Prohibitions to the appointment of an external solution

In what cases can not use the drug "Retasol" from acne? The reviews say that when applied topically, the agent in question is not absorbed into the systemic bloodstream. But, despite this, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy, with increased sensitivity to the main substance, lactation and simultaneous administration of antibiotics belonging to the tetracycline group.

One can not help saying that oral medications containing isotretinoin are contraindicated for use in severe disorders in the liver and kidneys, elevated lipid levels in the blood, hypervitaminosis A and various neoplasms.

With caution, this medication is prescribed for chronic pancreatitis, cardiac decompensation, liver and kidney diseases, and alcoholic intoxication of a chronic type.

How should I use the drug Retasol?

Reviews (the photo of this tool is presented in this article), experts report that the drug should be used only on indications.

The solution for external use is applied to the skin with a cotton swab. In this case the affected area is preliminarily cleaned with any cosmetic means without alcohol content.

How long should I use the medication Retasol (solution)? Reviews say that the duration of treatment with this remedy is 4-12 weeks. If required, after consultation with a dermatologist, you can re-administer.

If the disease worsens and the development of adverse reactions at 1 or 2 weeks of treatment (for example, when itching, redness, new rashes, swelling of the skin), the use of the drug should be stopped until all negative symptoms subsided. After a while, treatment can be resumed.

According to the attached instructions, this drug should not be applied to mucous membranes, as well as skin areas located near the visual organs.

Adverse events

What negative effects can the "Retasol" preparation cause? The reviews say that when using this remedy, patients often develop local allergic reactions in the form of swelling and itching of the skin, hyperemia, papular rash, headache, photosensitivity and excessive fatigue.

Interaction and overdose

What are the symptoms of overdose caused by Retasol solution? Experts say that they do not have such information at the moment.

The simultaneous use of isotretinoin with other retinoids (for example, Adapalen, Tretinoin, Acitretinum, Retinol) significantly increases the risk of hypervitaminosis A.

This drug is not allowed to be used together with tetracyclines, as this causes a significant increase in intracranial pressure.

This drug weakens the action of progesterone. Therefore, during its use, contraceptive agents containing this hormone should not be used.

The drug "Retasol" together with drugs that increase photosensitivity (tetracyclines, thiazide diuretics or sulfamides), significantly increases the risk of sunburn.

Special Information

In the process of therapy, the patient should not be treated with UV treatment. Moreover, patients are advised to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

In the treatment of Retasol, the patient may experience intolerance to contact lenses.

Safety of use of the considered solution in children and people of prepubescent age was not established.

Analogues, cost

Does Retasol help against wrinkles? The reviews say that this medication does not have any effect on age-related changes in the skin. It is intended only for the treatment of skin diseases, including acne.

If necessary, the drug in question can be replaced with such agents as Retinoic Ointment, Dermoretin, Roaccutane, or Isotrexin.

The price of the "Retasol" solution in the pharmacy network varies between 410-470 rubles per bottle.

Medication Retasol: reviews

Narrows pores and eliminates acne eruptions - this information contains in itself almost all the feedback that Retasol consumers set aside.

The acne medication in question is a very popular drug. Patients claim that he is able to remove acne on the face in just two weeks. However, some reports say that the effect of this drug is very slow. In addition, it strongly bakes and dries the skin.

As for doctors, they argue that "Retasol" has a high therapeutic effectiveness. Especially quickly, it affects the oily skin of the face.

With severe acne, experts recommend using a solution of "Retasol" together with other antibacterial agents or anti-acne preparations.

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