The drug "Zinctal" from hair loss: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications, side effects, price

Is "Zinctal" effective against hair loss? Reviews about this drug, we will introduce a little further. Also, you will find out whether he has any contraindications and side effects, how much it costs, how to take it, and so on.

Composition, description, shape, packaging

The preparation "Zinctal", the composition of which we will present below, is available in the form of round and biconvex tablets of pink-violet color, covered with a shell. On sale they come in blisters or polymer banks.

This agent contains such a basic component as zinc sulfate heptahydrate . As auxiliary ingredients in the preparation include povidone, potato starch, magnesium stearate, talc and lactose monohydrate.

As for the shell, it consists of macrogol (polyoxyethylene glycol), hypromellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), titanium dioxide and varnish azorubin.

Features of the drug

Does "Zinctal" help against hair loss? Experts say that this medication has an effect similar to vitamins. It makes up for the lack of trace elements (in particular zinc), and also stimulates metabolic processes.


How does the drug "Zinctal"? Zinc is a very important microelement, which is present in many protein complexes. It regulates the central processes of metabolism, or rather, the synthesis of the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

This element is indispensable for the proper functioning of such metal enzymes as alcohol dehydrogenase, carboxypeptidase A, alkaline phosphatase, carbonic anhydrase, RNA polymerase and others. It supports the correct structure of nucleic acids, proteins and cell membranes.

Vitamins "Zinctal" promote the growth and development of cells, provide twilight vision, improve the immune response and the immune system as a whole, as well as taste and perception of odors.

Zinc in the human body allows you to maintain an acceptable level of vitamin A in the blood, increases the duration of insulin action and simplifies its accumulation.

Inflammatory skin diseases and severe hair loss are the first indications for taking Zinctal. It can be used for both therapy and prevention.

Zinc deficiency

The drug "Zinctal" from hair loss (reviews about it we will introduce a little further) really helps. After all, the lack of this element worsens the physical and psycho-emotional health of a person, which can not but affect its appearance.

The lack of zinc in the body causes a violation of appetite, difficulty in remembering and concentrating, distortion of taste, night blindness and slow healing of wounds. In addition, the deficiency of this element lowers humoral and cellular immunity, leads to cerebral and mental disorders, promotes the emergence of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, the pathology of carbohydrate metabolism, prostatic hypertrophy, pregnancy pathology and hypogonadism.

The lack of zinc slows the growth in children, causes skin disorders (for example, alopecia, acne) and increases the absorption of harmful to the body cadmium. In excessive doses, this element inhibits the adsorption of copper.


Where is the absorption of the drug "Zinctal" (the price of the drug will be presented below)? Regardless of the amount of zinc in food, about 30% of the mineral is absorbed in the duodenum and small intestine. The greatest content of this element in the blood is observed after 120 minutes after taking the drug.

According to specialists, zinc in the human body accumulates in leukocytes and erythrocytes, as well as in muscles, retina, bones, kidneys, skin, liver, pancreas and prostate.

About 60% of zinc interacts with albumin, 39% with alpha-macroglobulin and 1% with amino acids such as histidine and cysteine.

Excretion of the drug is carried out mainly together with feces (about 90%), and also with urine and sweat.

Indications for use

Very often doctors prescribe "Zinctal" from hair loss. Experts say that it is zinc deficiency that leads to nest and malignant alopecia.

This medication is also used for:

  • Complex therapy of diseases that lead to a shortage of zinc;
  • Purulent and pustular acne;
  • Enteropathic acrodermatitis;
  • Prolonged intake of corticosteroids.

One can not help saying that "Zinctal" is often prescribed as an additional remedy for the treatment of poorly healing wounds.

Contraindications for use

When should I not take Zinctal? Contraindications for this remedy are indicated in the instructions. The only case where a given drug can not be administered to a patient is hypersensitivity to any of the medicament substances.

It should also take into account the risk of developing copper shortage with continued use of this element.

Combine "Zinctal" and alcohol is prohibited. Therefore, for the period of treatment with this drug, it is necessary to refrain from taking alcohol and alcohol-containing medicines.

How to take Zinctal?

Before taking this drug, you should make sure that you really need an additional source of zinc. To do this, you should consult a doctor and take all the necessary tests. You also need to read the instructions. In it you can find information about the dosages of this product, depending on the indications.

Tablets "Zinctal", analogues of which are presented below, should be taken orally. They do not need to be chewed. You can take this medication with or without food. Its dosage depends on the patient's goals:

  • With a strong hair loss, enteropathic acrodermatitis and nest alopecia, children over 4 years old, as well as adults are prescribed 1 tablet of the drug three times a day. After the improvement of the condition, this dose is reduced to 1 tablet twice a day, and then to 1 tablet once a day (until all the signs of the disease disappear).
  • With malignant alopecia, patients are recommended to take 1-2 tablets three times a day. As for children older than 4 years of age, with the same diagnosis they are given 1 tablet three times a day.
  • When purulent and pustular acne, pimples and other rashes on the skin, adults are prescribed 2 tablets once a day, and children over 4 years of age - 1 tablet a day.
  • With the usual shortage of zinc, adult patients are recommended to take 1 tablet of the drug three times a day. After the disappearance of all symptoms of micronutrient deficiency, it is permitted to administer the drug in the amount of 1 tablet per day. As for children, with this diagnosis they are given 1 tablet of the drug per day.

Cases of overdose

Now you know how to take Zinctal. Dosage of this drug should be observed. When taking elevated doses, the patient may experience such unpleasant effects as watery or bloody diarrhea, burning in the throat or mouth, dizziness, belching, hematuria, jaundice, convulsions, pulmonary edema (eg, chest pain, difficulty breathing), collapse, Vomiting, anuria and hemolysis.

If such reactions occur, the victim should immediately drink milk or water, and then intramuscularly or intravenously enter the calcium dihydrate salt of ethylenediaminetetramine acetic acid in an amount of 55-75 mg per kg of body weight per day (should be divided into 5-6 procedures). To carry out such rehabilitation measures should not more than 5 days.

In case of overdose, it is prohibited to induce vomiting, and also to wash the stomach.

Adverse Reactions

Now you know the purpose for which the drug "Zinctal" can be prescribed. The indications of this medication were listed above.

In some cases this agent causes the following side effects:

  • Leukopenia, which is accompanied by an influenza-like syndrome;
  • Nausea, heartburn, diarrhea;
  • Decrease in the level of copper in the blood, general weakness and sideroblastic anemia;
  • Metallic taste and headaches (very rare).

Drug Interactions

What should the patient be informed before assigning him a "Zinctal"? Side effects, manifested against the background of taking zinc, require the drug to be discontinued.

Also, we should talk about the drug interaction of this drug:

  • Thiazide diuretics increase the excretion of zinc together with urine.
  • "Zinctal" reduces the absorption of tetracyclines, and also slows the absorption of copper, especially at high dosages. Therefore, zinc should be taken 120 minutes after the mentioned funds.
  • A diet that contains a lot of bran, dairy products and whole grain breads, greatly reduces the absorption of zinc. In this regard, this drug should be used after 120 minutes after taking these ingredients.
  • Ingestion of a large amount of iron can inhibit the absorption of zinc. Therefore, the exposure between these drugs should be about 120 minutes.
  • Folic acid slightly attenuates the absorption of zinc.
  • Chelation drugs and Penicillamine reduce zinc absorption. The period between receptions of these funds should last at least 2 hours.
  • "Zinctal" reduces the absorption of fluoroquinolones, as well as quinolone-containing antibacterial agents.
  • The combination of vitamin preparations containing zinc with "Zinctal" can contribute to the development of symptoms of overdose.

The drug "Zinctal". Price and analogy

The cost of this drug is quite high. For 25 tablets you have to give about 280 Russian rubles. When hair loss experts recommend taking 2-3 tablets a day. Thus, one package of a vitamin remedy is enough for only 8-10 days, although a full course of therapy requires a longer medication intake.

What can replace the "Zinctal"? Analogues of this remedy are also designed to eliminate the zinc deficiency in orgasm. The most popular and affordable substitute for "Zinctal" is a drug called "Tsinkit."

Reviews about a vitamin remedy

"Zinctal" in the pharmacy is easy to buy, because it is sold without a prescription.

This drug has a fairly large list of indications. In connection with this, a lot of different opinions are left about him. Most of them are positive.

When using the drug as a remedy for hair loss, it manifests itself very effectively. The patients' reviews report that after a full course of therapy they completely stopped the process of baldness. Although it should be said that in some cases this medication has no effect on this problem. Experts argue that the lack of effect can be associated with another cause of hair loss.

Also, quite good reviews about the drug "Zinctal" are found from those who used it from acne, acne and other rashes on the face and body.

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