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Smartphone Fly 452: review, specs, reviews

The British company-supplier of digital technology Fly has not bad proved in the Russian market. She once took the lead in selling mobile phones. To date, the authority of the company is not overwhelming, but still the company has a considerable percentage of sales from the total. Mainly thanks to the budget segment. To this category, by the way, is the Fly 452, whose review will be presented in the article. Let's first talk briefly about this model.

Basic provisions concerning the apparatus

Fly FS 452 is a classic example of the ill-considered, short-sighted policy of the company, which has to do with device names. Prefixes IQ and EVO are so widespread among the devices of the British company (moreover, they are still combined with three-digit numbers) that it will not be difficult to mix up one smartphone with another. And how to remember what is needed, among such a variety? First of all, it is necessary to answer the question of whether we need it at all? Why all this is said? To the fact that recently the British company FLY applies a policy of similarity not only to the names, but also to the technical characteristics of their offspring. Each subsequent device starts copying the previous one. Something like this can be seen in the company Microsoft. If we briefly talk about what the Fly FS 452 has to offer, then, first of all, it should be noted the low cost. The device is based on the operating system of the "Android" family, has a quad-core processor, one gigabyte of built-in short-term memory and a fairly good basic camera that records video as Full HD. And now let's proceed to a similar analysis

Fly 452: characteristics. the main thing

The device belongs to the class of smartphones operating in third-generation cellular networks. The LTE module is missing. Although for such a price it is not at all surprising. The device carries on board not the newest, but still current version of the operating system. This is the "Android" version 4.2.2. The device can easily cope with multitasking. Form factor is a classic variation, that is, the case we have is a monoblock. In the mode of alternate use in the device, you can use two SIM cards.

The situation with memory

The Fly 452 smartphone has one gigabyte of built-in short-term memory and 16 gigabytes of flash memory. It should be noted that in many models that enter the same niche market, you are unlikely to find identical characteristics. Much more often, these are smartphones with a maximum of 8 gigabytes of long-term memory, designed to store multimedia information.

With the "operative" there is nothing extraordinary. Everything is as usual. And if so, the indicator of long-term memory immediately cuts off a considerable number of competitive models already at this stage. Therefore, you can talk further by looking at a limited number of smartphones. It is unlikely that someone will disagree with the fact that this is an important parameter when choosing a device, which is planned to be used not just for calls. Once you decided to buy the device for eight thousand rubles, it's clearly not about some voice calls and text messages in question. So, in addition, we can embed memory cards of the standard MicroSD with a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes. However, until this point, as the reviews show, not all buyers reach. Often, the provided space on the phone is enough even for whimsical users.

The Fly 452 smartphone differs from competitive models with this indicator, but with RAM is not so rosy. The fact is that you need to take into account the fact that part of this volume is spent on maintaining the operating system and the user interface. Usually, devices with such an amount of "RAM" leave 600 to 700 megabytes of memory for applications. But in this model, this indicator is at a lower level due to the fact that the consumption of resources by the shell has not been optimized by software engineers. Nevertheless, this does not always prevent the device from working in multitasking mode without failures. Rather, failure itself is an exception to the rules.


Phone Fly 452 is equipped with a display with a diagonal of five inches. If we talk about the screen matrix, then it's IPS. The display itself is good, quality is felt. We have become accustomed to the fact that compared to previous generation smartphones, the bar was raised, and the resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels does not surprise anyone. And this, among other things, the quality of HD. Fly 452, the price for which is from seven to eight thousand Russian rubles, has a capacitive touch screen with built-in function called "multitouch".

Scaling an image is only two tapes, while the device processes several simultaneous touches. By the way, the developer did not say anything about any additional protection. Therefore, if you want to protect your device from unintentional damage, we suggest purchasing a case for the Fly 452, as well as a protective glass or, in the worst case, screen film.

Autonomous work

As a power source in the device we have a lithium-ion battery. It is designed for a capacity of two thousand milliamps per hour. Actually, this is not so much, although with reasonable use the device will be able to live the whole day. If it is actively used, the charge will be reduced to the minimum value for a period of five to eight hours. Well, this is what the developer said, by the way. The indicators are as follows. In third-generation networks, a smartphone works up to four hours, from a Wi-Fi access point for five hours. Video and music, respectively, can reproduce 5 and 20 hours. And 8 - in the mode of continuous conversation. As we see, the indicators are not sky-high and are inherent, rather, the gray mass of models, which are literally teeming with the budget segment of the mobile device market.


Much more interesting is the situation in this category. The smartphone, which we are talking about today, is equipped with two cameras: the main camera and the front camera. It is very interesting that a phone with a value of about eight thousand was built-in a lens that takes pictures with a resolution equal to thirteen megapixels.

If you talk about the functions that the device has, you can select the digital zoom, as well as the function of automatic focusing on the subject of photography. The video is recorded as Full HD. This is 1920 at 1080 points. Near the lens of the main camera, you can notice an LED flash. By the way, here is a small problem. It sufficiently illuminates objects within a range of up to two meters. Next, almost nothing is visible. But due to the fact that the section is slightly recessed inside the case, the lighting turns out to be uneven, which leads to the appearance of greenish traces left on the photographs taken. If you often shoot in low light conditions, take this fact into account. In the rest, the photos are of good quality for a device of this class. Now let's talk about the front camera. Something special about it can not be said. She makes good photos, but this is typical for lenses with a quality of 1.6 megapixels. So nothing new.

Multimedia features

There's nothing out of the ordinary here either. Inside the device, software is already built in, such as players for video and music. There is also an analog radio. About the camera, we have already said that it makes images and shoots video, but what formats of images are read by our device? This is, first of all, JPEG. Next comes the PNG and the triple closes the GIF format. On this list ends.

Let's move on to the video. It's simpler here: only 3GP and MP4. But the list of readable audio formats is impressive. But since the overwhelming majority of files are recorded in MP3 format, we will not list the rest. It will be logical only to recognize that the files recorded through the recorder will also be recognized by the device, since this software is built into the software. By standard, only TXT is perceived from textual extensions.


As mentioned before, the device has a built-in Wi-Fi module. It works in the ranges b, g, and also n. There is also "Blutuz" version 4.0. The navigation capabilities are represented by a GPS receiver, which works surprisingly accurately and deftly. To synchronize with a personal computer or laptop, there is a MicroUSB standard port, and to connect a wireless stereo headset there is a 3.5 mm format input. Here, in principle, everything that this model of the smartphone can boast of. We remind once again that the device works in second and third generation cellular networks, but due to the lack of an LTE receiver, work with 4G is not possible.

Overall dimensions, equipment

At a height of 145 millimeters, the width and thickness of the device, respectively, are 72 and 85 millimeters. The mass of the device is 158 grams. In addition to the smartphone itself, the package includes, of course, all the necessary documentation. This is an instruction manual with a brief user manual, a warranty card for a period of two years, a certificate of conformity. Immediately you can find an energy source, represented by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity equal to two thousand milliampere per hour. For connection to a personal computer, a standard MicroUSB-USB 2.0 cable is included. Wired stereo headset is present.

Fly 452. Reviews

Judging by the comments of those people who purchased this model of the smartphone, the main problems of the device are in its software. If you install a custom firmware instead of the factory firmware , some problems can be solved. This applies primarily to the volume of the phone itself. Nevertheless, the claimed 13 megapixels camera does not pull even after installing the appropriate software, although it makes quite good shots. Yet something is missing, and this is a fact.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are sometimes missing color indicators that would indicate that voice calls or text messages have been missed. But this problem is solved by installing the application from the store. It will highlight the screen in that case. Another drawback is the lack of RAM at a very high workload. Although the multitasking mode is claimed, the very concept of multitasking is extensible. You can use three applications, or ten. It is clear that the performance in these two cases will be different. Among the advantages - a quality screen and a good processor.

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