Burberry Sport - perfume with character

The large English company Barberry makes luxurious clothes, original accessories and elite perfumes. Its founder is Thomas Burberry, who opened in Hampshire in 1856 a small manufactory. In the early years of its existence, the company produced outerwear for men and women and was a supplier of gabardine uniforms for the army. After the end of the war, the population was interested in the products of this company.

In the design of Burberry products, the brand's trademark is often used - the fabric in a large cage using yellow, red, black and white.

Perfumes from Burberry are "perfumes in a cage". Today the company is the leader of British and European fashion. According to the firm's specialists, perfumes are an important accessory to the clothing produced. Therefore, in the design of perfume from Burberry is often found already known to you a cell.

Perfumes of the company fully correspond to the style and image of Burberry, which is based on luxury, elegance, classic, flavored with eccentric chic. According to experts in the field of perfumery, one of the most successful developments of the company were men's and women's fragrances Burberry Brit. They were designed by the famous designer Natalie Gracia-Quetto. Flavor and fruit notes were used for the basis of the fragrance. The aroma is opened with bright and sensual notes of peony, refreshing lime, sweet vanilla, juicy pear, green almonds and thin beans. This The combination of ingredients allowed to create a powerful, fresh and energetic fragrance. It surprisingly combines tenderness and dynamism.

In 2010, the company released the double smell of Burberry Sport. The novelty complements the collection of sportswear of the famous brand. This is the embodiment of dynamics, movement, unrestrained energy, a healthy lifestyle.

Burberry Sport for Women is a cheerful floral fragrance created in collaboration with perfumers Beatrice Piquet and Olivier Polja. The composition effectively opens with notes of juicy mandarin and sea salt crystals. In the heart of the fragrance you will feel the shades of magnolia, petigrena, honeysuckle. The base is built on a dry amber, musk and cedar. Burberry Sport fragrances are available in combination with shower gel and body lotion.

In the early spring, when the air is clean and transparent, there is an irresistible desire to put on sports clothes and run along the embankment. Perhaps the creative director of the brand, Christopher Bailey, sought to convey such feelings to Burberry Sport. He believes that the new fragrance is not very suitable for a solemn event - it is too emotional, the company created spirits that remind of rest, walks in the fresh air.

Both aromas of Burberry Sport combine ginger spices. In a man's perfume, it sounds stronger. In the beginning, you can feel the notes of ice cream ginger, wheat grass and grapefruit. Perfumers sought to create a special smell with a solid sporting, marine character. The refreshing breath of the ocean is felt in the trail of the composition - dry amber, musk and cedar. They smoothly change the notes of the heart, which are represented by chords of red ginger, sea, juniper berries.

Barberi sports are perfumes designed for people who are strong in spirit. They enjoy life and strive to make it more beautiful.

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