To enjoy a successful harvest, you need to know how to properly cut grapes

Proper pruning plays an important role in the care of the vineyard . Therefore, it is necessary to know how to properly cut grapes, since for a grape organism this is a rude interference. Its resistance to diseases and pests is weakened, and vitality is reduced under adverse environmental conditions. And only the knowledge of how and when to cut grapes will significantly soften the consequences of this impact.

The purpose of trimming the vine is the good development of fruit-bearing shoots and obtaining the maximum yield.

Before you start pruning, you need to clear the base of the bush and remove the thin unimproved shoots and upper dew roots. Such preparation is necessary, since it will be difficult to properly cut grapes without it.

For pruning a grape bush, a convenient and sharp grape pruner is useful, after which a clean, neat cut remains. When pruning grapes, adhere to some simple rules.

It is necessary to determine the length of the trimming: the thicker the shoot itself, the longer it is necessary to cut it off, and if it is weak, it is cut short. The cut is made above the ocellus by 3 cm, along the internodes.

In order to form a fruit link, last year's vine is cut out completely. One of the shoots, grown on a knot of substitution, is cropped according to the type of the fruiting vine, and the second is made by a new bough of substitution, and it should be on the outside of the center of the bush.

Fruit link is formed from the lower last year's shoots, if at the very bough the shoots did not appear or developed very weak.

The only shoot that emerges is pruned on a replacement bough, and for a fruit link choose a strong, developed shoot from last year's vine.

If it is necessary to cut out the shoots completely and remove the perennial parts of the grapes, the cuts are made directly at the base, avoiding leaving the stumps, trying to make the cutter as small as possible. To do this, its wide blade refers to the part that is left, and the narrow one to the part to be removed. Cut perennial bushes with a garden saw.

Many gardeners argue on the topic of what time of year and how to properly cut grapes. Some consider it wrong to prune the vines in autumn, as the risk of plant deaths increases during the winter, others do not support spring pruning because of possible complications.

Pruning of grapes is not carried out in early spring. The place of the cut will not have time to clog up, and the juice will be beaten from the wound. The vine will run out of juice and dry, after which it will have to be cut. Also, the probability of getting an infection from a dirty secateurs or from the ground to a cut vine is great. Then it will be necessary to cut out the vine and part of the bush, where the infection will penetrate.

Such pruning should be carried out in the second half of June, when the juice will finish and when the leaves of the grapes will fully grow. Then cut off the vines and sleeves that died during the winter and spring time.

In ordinary natural conditions, grapes, like any liana, stretch along bushes and trees, trying to grow in length and up. We also need, guided by the knowledge of how to properly cut grapes, how to properly tie it, turn an uncontrolled vine into a fertile bush of grapes, having its own, specially arranged place.

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