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Genealogical tree by own hands: selection of information, correct construction, design ideas

A pedigree tree is a graphic diagram that reflects the structure of a whole family or of a single family. In it you can see complete information about all relatives and trace their connections. In ancient times, the family's family tree was portrayed as the present. In it, the roots denoted one common ancestor, and the branches - its descendants. It is not very difficult to make such a tree. The most time-consuming process is collecting information.

The history of your family is interesting

Many seek to learn as much as possible about their descendants. Such material is considered particularly valuable. It's very interesting to make a family tree with your own hands. It will be a real surprise for the whole family. Of course, you can ask for help from professionals, but it's better to do it yourself. So you can not only save a fairly large amount of money, but also get real pleasure.

Why do we need such a job?

Building a family tree is necessary in order to learn the whole chronology of the family. It not only preserves the memory of ancestors, but is also a specific symbol of the connection of several generations. Knowing the history of its kind is very important for every person. Regardless of what people were ancestors, they still play an important role in the life of the family. Creating a family tree with your own hands will help you to know the whole history of your family name. It is a wonderful opportunity to get the necessary information and to order it in a certain way. Each scheme has its own hierarchy, and it must be properly organized. You can start from the oldest or, conversely, from the youngest relative.

It all starts with love

It is in the family that this wonderful feeling begins to emerge in the child. Here the kid learns to correctly treat people and understand family ties. All unite with themselves by common interests, love and, of course, kinship. That's why the genealogical tree is better to do with your children. After all, they must understand from an early age that their family is a very important environment for the preservation of cultural values and their transfer to future generations. Here the personality of the baby is formed. And since ancient times it was the tree that was considered a symbol of the continuation of the family. Today, psychologists are concerned that many children do not even know their parents' names. Some do not know their patronymic and surname. There are also those who find it difficult to answer the question about the profession of their family members, while others can not name the address by which they live. The concept of "genealogy" begins to be forgotten, and many family traditions are lost .

Genealogical tree by own hands

This scheme is very important for the baby. So he will understand that he is a part of a whole family. When a child sees her every day, he will remember all the family ties of his family and learns its history. Very soon the child will begin to be proud of his family and surname. Before you make a genealogical family tree, you need to consult with all relatives and connect them to work together. So the family will rally even more. You can just take a Whatman paper and draw a tree on it. Of course, it is better to collect photos of all family members and arrange them in a certain order. It is clear that the child must necessarily know about them all. But if there is no such possibility (hardly, let's say, in the XVIII century someone was photographed for memory), then you can just make the appropriate inscriptions explaining who the child belongs to one or another representative of the family line.

Decor in the interior

A great idea is to put a family tree in the children's room. Today, there are many options that perfectly fit any interior. They will become a symbol of the integrity of the whole family. You can hang photos on a tree in a special frame. Sometimes babies themselves with pleasure themselves depict the drawings of their relatives. So do not throw such an idea. Well, if the fantasy and does not at all lack anything, you can download the template on the Internet and fill it yourself.

Historical value

Today the importance of the family is discussed with the children already in the kindergarten. Therefore, parents are often asked to make a family tree with their own hands together with their children. Such work is very useful both for kids and for parents. It's good, when everything that can remind of the past is stored in the house. These may be the first drawings of children, toys, which were played by grandmothers, Christmas garlands, mother's books and other things in childhood. Babies need to instill a careful attitude to the past, to the history of their kind. The genealogical tree is a wonderful way to visually demonstrate to your child photos of ancestors and tell about who they were.

Take up work

Today many families diligently collect all the material about their relatives. However, many simply do not know where to start, where to get information. First you need to find photos of all family members. To this end, you can turn to older generations for help. They are very careful about such things and will certainly help in this matter. Also they can store various documents, in which there are some information about the possible relationship. If nothing is found, you can just talk to them. Surely they remember their ancestors. Modern opportunities make it possible to draw up such a scheme in a professional program. With it, the information can be edited and periodically updated. But for children it is difficult, it is better to make a poster only with the mention of direct ancestors and place it in a conspicuous place. Making a genealogical tree with a baby, you need to take photos of them on which the person's face is clearly visible (if, of course, there is such an opportunity). Color paper and stickers are also useful. As a basis, it is better to use cardboard. It is dense and will last much longer. The adult can first outline the tree trunk and its branches. You can also prepare flags in advance in which the names of relatives will be written, scan and print photos so as not to spoil the original, and choose stickers, for example, in the form of flowers or fruits, to demonstrate the connection between family members. After that, you can invite the baby to work. First you need to show him all the photos and talk about kinship ties, and then ask the child to stick them to the appropriate places. Next, you need to place the checkboxes with names, and then display all the family ties using flower-stickers. A small fidget will definitely have to like such an occupation, and he will gladly take up work.

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