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Mark Tishman: the personal life of the singer. Mark Tishman's life outside the stage

Today we will talk about who Mark Tishman is. Biography, the personal life of this artist is now interested in millions of fans of his talent. For the most part his fans. The personal life of Mark Tishman, a young, attractive, talented guy, is covered with a veil of mystery. But the girls who listen to his songs, it does not stop. They want to know by all means about who is the bride of Mark Tishman. Recently, interesting rumors spread in the media. They say that Mark Tishman married! The fans of his talent will be able to read about this and other facts from the artist's life in this article.

Childhood of the future popular artist

It is known that the future singer was born in the city of Makhachkala, in Dagestan, on August 22, 1979. Consequently, the answer to the question of how many years Mark Tishman is interested in is not difficult to find at all. There are suggestions that the guy made his way to the stage thanks to his relatives working in the field of show business. But this is not so. The family of Mark Tishman is very far from the world of music. His father, Joseph Arkadievich, a native of Chernivtsi, worked as an engineer all his life. Mother, Izolda Mihailovna, of Bessarabian origin, a doctor by profession. Mark's older brother, Mikhail, followed in the footsteps of his mother and also works as a doctor. Only the youngest son in the family showed a propensity for music. Parents in time noticed the talent of the boy and sent him to study at a local music school, which he successfully graduated (piano class). At the age of thirteen, a young talented boy won an English language competition and went to the United States on an exchange program for schoolchildren.

Higher education

After Mark received a certificate of secondary education on the family council, it was decided that the ability to learn foreign languages would help him easily enter the Moscow State University. The decision turned out to be correct. Mark moved to Moscow, became a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Moscow Humanitarian University, and after his graduation received a red diploma and a bachelor's degree. In the process of learning he perfectly mastered English and Spanish. Getting higher education in a field far from music, Mark Tishman still found time to practice with his vocal with one of the best teachers of Moscow - Vladimir Khachaturov. After graduating from Moscow State University, he decided to continue his studies at RATI.

The beginning of a creative career

Mark Tishman, whose private life remained in the background during his student years, managed, in addition to studying, to play in a variety of performances. One of his most beloved works was the main role in the musical "Kiss me, Kat", with whom he traveled such countries as the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Israel and many cities of Russia. In parallel, Mark managed to solo in the group "Trade Union", the producer of which was Sergey Kharin. The group did not just successfully perform, but even became a laureate of the prestigious "Sea Knot" competition. In 2006, Mark left the band and periodically appeared on corporations, appeared in serials ("The Gift of God", "Law and Order"), wrote songs that he himself performed. He showed himself as a TV presenter about the fashion, ran the lottery "Bingo-million", and also was a member of the band "Paris". And, of course, he continued to dream of a solo career.

Participation in the "Star Factory-7"

In the summer of 2007, a casting took place on the already beloved television project "Star Factory-7". Mark Tishman also decided to try his hand and sent to listen to the song "I'll Be Your Angel" of his own work, which he already poisoned at the contest "Five Stars" in 2006, but then went unnoticed. This time, the jury evaluated the talent of the young guy, and he was invited to participate in TV air. As a result of the competition, he took "silver". And then another young star, Marc Tishman, began to shine on the stage Olympus. The personal life of an aspiring artist has never before been his first priority, and now, even more so, a wave of career and fame has picked him up and carried him. His compositions "Five colors of love", "I'll be your angel", "Bright flame" sounded in every corner of the country in every musical radio station.

Rapid success

After the filming of the "Factory" followed the "Song of the Year", "Songs for the Beloved", "Two Stars", "Tatyana's Day", "The Night at the First", "Miss Russia" and other projects in which Mark took part. The festival, entitled "Russian Winter", which takes place annually in London, could not do without this amazing artist with irrepressible energy and magnetic charisma.

For 7 months in 2008 Mark toured together with the team of "Star Factory-7" in the cities of Russia and other countries. In addition to performing all his songs, Mark also acted as the host of all the shows.

The achievements of Mark Tishman as author

On the day of the Russian presidential election, on March 2, 2008, a concert with the patriotic title "I choose Russia!" Was held near the Kremlin walls, which was broadcast on the First Channel after the voting was over, at the time when all electoral districts were closed. At this event Mark Tishman sang the hymn "Forward, Russia!" His own work, which broadcast all the morning editions of "News" on March 3rd.

Mark Tishman became the author of another anthem called "Camomile", which he wrote in honor of the state holiday (since 2008) - Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. The wife of the former President of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Medvedeva, highly appreciated the talent of the young artist.

The song called "Closer", which the author wrote for the "BiS" group, immediately fell in love with listeners and, from the very first broadcasts on the radio and on TV, became a superhit.

At the end of 2008, the young performer presented to the listeners a few more of his works - songs of his own composition "My Story", "The Girl Victory" and "The Evening. Cold". The last of the mentioned compositions brought the author-performer the prestigious award of the festival "New songs about the main thing".

In 2010, the artist released his first video for the song "Janvari".

Participation in creative evenings

Mark Tishman is actively invited to take part in various events of domestic show business. He acted as a performer at the jubilee concerts of Andrey Dementyev, Georgy Garanyan, Nikolai Dobronravov, at the festive show of the famous designer Valentin Yudashkin. Evenings in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky, Mikhail Tanich and Lyudmila Zykina were also decorated with Mark's songs. At the last concert, Mark Tishman acted as a presenter.

Fan club of the artist

After the famous success of Mark at the "Star Factory", he found thousands of fans around the world who teamed up and created the international fan club of Mark Tishman with the interesting name "Marquis of the Angels". As part of the activities of this institution, parties are held - the participants meet, communicate, organize meetings with Mark. The fan club also produces souvenirs.

Career of TV host

Mark Tishman, who has already established himself as a talented and promising young performer, managed to show himself in a different role. Today, the artist is increasingly invited to various events as a TV presenter. Although he himself admits that he hates this work. He is more inclined to write songs, sing, listen to how his creations are performed by other artists.

In the summer of 2008, he, together with Churikova Yana, spent the Graduation Ball at the State Kremlin Palace. And in the autumn of the same year he became the presenter of the tenth anniversary ceremony of awarding the national premium "The Goods of the Year".

In November 2008, again in the company of Yana Churikova, Mark Tishman successfully held a jubilee concert of the ensemble "Melody" and jazz musician Garan Giorgi in the Kremlin.

On December 5th of the same year 2008, in the team of such famous stars as Alexander Tsekalo, Vera Brezhneva, Garik Martirosyan, Zhanna Friske and Yana Churikova, Mark acted as the leading popular festival "New songs about the main thing".

The spring of 2009 brought the hero of our story and his partner on the stage Nonne Grishaeva a victory in the contest "Two Stars-3". Many attributed the novelists to the novel, but, as Mark Tishman himself says, personal life and work are those things that he will never combine.

November 9, 2009, paired with Tatyana Vedeneeva Mark led a jubilee evening of Alexandra Pakhmutova, where he sang "Russian waltz." On November 17 of the same year, the young man held a ceremony of awarding a prize in the field of aesthetic medicine "Golden Lancet" with the daughter of the famous surgeon Jana Laputina.

Among other things, Mark Tishman and Diana Shpak became TV presenter of the cycle of the program "The Treasure of the Nation" on the First Channel.


The artist pays special attention to supporting charitable projects. He became the host of the concert "Country of Resurrection" on the eve of the national holiday - the Day of National Unity, November 2, 2009. Already on November 8 he participated as an artist at the concluding charity concert of the festival called "Radiant Angel". Also, the guy took part in the action "Sunny Day", which was conducted by Svetlana Medvedeva together with the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives.

May 9, 2010 Tishman participated in the charity concert "Song of Victory", dedicated, as you might guess, to the Victory Day. There the artist sang the song of Lev Leshchenko.

Cooperation with other artists

In the arsenal of the artist there are already joint works with such world-famous stars as Patricia Kaas (performed the duet composition La Chance Jamais Ne Dure, to which the Russian text was written), Joseph Kobzon, Tamara Gverdtsiteli (acted at the creative parties of the poet Dementyev Andrey) and singer InGried (Recorded a joint song). Also, the artist sang a duet with Victoria Daineko, Alexei Vorobyov, held a joint tour with Zara on the largest cities of Israel.

In search of creative realization

Mark Tishman is looking for different ways to develop his talents. In 2010, he voiced the role of the Vector in the sensational cartoon "The Ugly I". Yaroslav Turylev, the director of dubbing, spoke of the artist as an industrious and very positive young man, whom she was pleased to deal with. During the performance of the tasks of the actor of dubbing, he closely collaborated with Leonid Yarmolnik, with whom they continued their joint work at the presentations of the animated film.

Since 2010, Mark Tishman is a participant and a member of the jury of the project "The Property of the Republic".

And in 2013 Mark became a participant of the show "Repeat" on Channel One.

Mark Tishman: biography, personal life

Currently, Mark Tishman is single. Despite the fact that he promised the press that he would certainly create a family before the age of 33, this has not happened yet. Therefore, fortunately the fans, among other things (fame, talent, charm, attractiveness), he is also an enviable groom. And what does Mark Tishman think about it? Personal life for him is something special. The guy follows the advice of wise Omar Khayyam and prefers to sleep alone than with anyone. Mark Tishman's wife, as he himself said in one of the interviews, should be a gentle, tremulous woman, to the extent of falling in love with him. And again: his chosen one must necessarily have the business of his life, burn them, be a diversely developed personality.

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