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A recipe for rice paper with a filling: four different dishes

Rice paper is a thin, transparent and edible dough, which is made from rice flour with the addition of water. From such a product it is possible to prepare a huge number of different dishes, differing in their special flavor and delicate, rich taste. Let us consider several of them in more detail.

Rice paper: recipes with photos

As a rule, dishes using this product are made very quickly and easily. After all, rice paper is used as a basis, in which it is possible to wrap absolutely any stuffing.

Recipe for rice paper with potato filling

To prepare such a delicious dish, you need to boil a few potato tubers, and then mash them hot, adding fatty milk, salt, pepper, chicken egg and butter. To this dinner acquired a special flavor, in puree you can additionally pour the browned onions and carrots. After this, it is necessary to soak the rice paper in water at room temperature, and then lay on it 1 large spoon of crushed potatoes and wrap it in an envelope. Then the resulting briquettes should be fried from 2 sides in vegetable oil until the appearance of a crispy brownish crust.

Rice paper recipe with fruit and honey sauce

To prepare such a sweet dish, you need to wash and clean the following fruits and berries: mangoes, bananas, kiwi and strawberries. All products are recommended to cut into cubes, and then mix them together with chopped soft cheese "Bree" and mint leaves. After that, it is necessary to moisten the rice paper, put into it one large spoonful of fruit filling, wrap it in the form of a roll or envelope and lightly fry in butter. To make a sweet sauce, mix the liquid honey, vanillin and lemon zest, and then pour all the formed briquettes.

Rice paper recipe with beef liver

For such a hearty dinner, you need to buy fresh beef liver, which you need to wash, chop and lightly fry. Next, the meat should be cooled, chopped in a blender and add to it a thin onion. Mixed ingredients must be sprinkled with salt and pepper, and then in an amount of 1-ounce large spoon to lay on the soaked rice paper, which is recommended to wrap and fry in a frying pan on 2 sides.

Rice paper recipe with salmon

To prepare this dish, you need to clean the salmon from the skin and bones, cut it into portions, then sprinkle with lemon juice and season with salt. Next, the fish should be wrapped in rice paper and fried in a frying pan with butter until the crust appears. Such rolls will serve as an ideal snack for a festive table.

Correct feed for dinner

Filled rice paper, the recipes of which we reviewed above, can be served to the table in both cold and warm forms. It is worth noting that similar roasted crispy briquettes can serve both as a side dish, as an independent dish, and even as a dessert. Thus, rice paper is a universal product that helps to quickly and easily prepare an original, delicious and sufficiently satisfying lunch.

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