Which flower is like a rose?

The queen of flowers, no doubt, is considered a rose. But this beautiful woman with thorns has a very tender and touching competitor - eustoma. The flower is like a rose to such an extent that it has "pseudonyms": the eustoma are referred to as Irish, then French, or even Japanese, rose. The second botanical name of the plant is lisianthus.

The flower comes from South America, but breeders around the world took a serious interest in it and in a short time brought out dozens of varieties and hybrids. In nature, the eustoma blossoms into blue, purple flowers, but thanks to the efforts of scientists today the plant pleases us with white, red, pink, cream, gently lilac, apricot or bicolour petals. On a smooth stalk without thorns matte glossy leaves glisten, a few flowers and unopened buds appear on the branch.

The plant is valued by the flower growers not only because it is very beautiful. The property for a long time to preserve freshness in a cut form in Europe put eustoma in the top ten colors intended for sale. It should be noted that this flower is like a rose and its magnificent fragrance!

How to grow an eustoma

The flower is dwarfish and tall (from 25 to 80 centimeters and even higher). The plant can be grown in the garden, on the balcony and as an indoor flower. A rose-like bud will open in a magnificent double flower inflorescence if the green pet receives proper care and love from its owner.

If you decide to give life to this wonderful flower in your garden or at home, you need to better understand and study all of its needs and "whims". Do not believe the rumors that it is too difficult to grow a flower that looks like a rose. The eustoma reproduce by seeds. Because they are very small, they are sold in the form of pellets.

For seedlings, special conditions must be created. If you want to decorate the summer garden with lisianthus , the seeds should be planted in winter, because a luxurious flower will blossom only after six months. And for roomers it does not matter. Choosing seeds, it is only necessary to pay attention to the fact that they were low-growing varieties, otherwise the pot will have to place a reliable support for an adult plant.

Features of care

The way the soil is prepared for seedlings, also this flower is like a rose. Peat with a small amount of sand is best. Some growers use peat tablets. Containers with planted seeds should be covered with a polyethylene film. Seeds poklevyvayutsya at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. When the seedlings appear (this will happen in about two weeks), the film should be removed and the lamps set with bright lighting so that the stems do not stretch. Spring, basking in the sun, shoots start to grow faster. Watering a small eustoma must be very careful, but while the seedlings are resting under the film, watering is not needed - the seeds are pretty moisture condensate. An adult flower also does not require abundant watering, it is enough to protect the earthen litter in which the eustoma has nestled, from drying out.

Special fertilizers will help protect seedlings from diseases: foundation stone, zircon or epin. A picket of growing plants is done a month and a half after they ascended.

The houseplant is transplanted into a permanent pot in phase 4 of the present leaves. A small layer of expanded clay is poured on the bottom. At the time of the appearance of real leaves, lisianthus is planted and on the flower bed. The flower loves sunlight and fresh air, so a house plant in summer is better to move to a balcony or garden.

Fine twigs eustoma will not only decorate your house, but also will embellish any celebration, be it an anniversary or a wedding, after all, this flower is like a rose!

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